When it comes to an impressive backyard, it’s not the size that counts. Even if you haven’t been blessed with a sweeping garden where you can display all the colorful flowers you want, your petite plot of land can be made to go a long way. Firstly, don’t treat this like an annoying challenge, but consider it a fun design opportunity and create your own charming hideaway. You can either hire a professional to help you maximize the potential of your space, or you can practice your own design skills, since smaller scale options for garden styles are limitless. Here are a few tricks to help you make a statement out of your small backyard.

1. Define its function

A large backyard can be easily used as a multipurpose space, but when you only have a smaller piece of land it is very important to create a clear sense of purpose. Start by thinking about the ways in which you’d like to use your exterior. Do you want to make it an extension of what is going on in your home and set up a nice dining table for warm summer nights? Do you prefer a private retreat, or will you use it for entertaining your friends and family? Would you like to make it a kid-friendly space and assemble a cute swing set?

Once you limit the purpose of your space to what feels essential to you, you’ll realize that decorating a small patio or backyard can be even more fun than having to deal with a huge piece of land, not to mention it is much less expensive to spruce up.


2. Light it up

A little bit of illumination goes a long way, especially for a small terrace. Since the warm weather has us all wanting to spend more time outside, it’s essential to create a visually appealing oasis in your yard where you can unwind after a long working day. Even though a few candles can be incredibly relaxing, you should never restrict yourself with regard to mindful landscape lighting. One thing you can never go wrong with is a couple of pretty strings of lights to make your backyard look magical.

If you want to brighten things up from above, you can either hang some strands of lights over your cozy outdoor furniture or use a tree as a base and drape the strings across to the roof of the house. Adding radiance to your yard can also be achieved by stringing light orbs across the fence or by creating a moonlight effect with the help of lights placed high up in the trees. The possibilities are endless, and with just a little creativity you can create a unique ambiance in your outdoor space.


3. Opt for smart storage

The first thought that comes to mind regarding backyards is that they can provide the much-needed extra storage we all desire. However, if your outdoor space is already limited, pay attention to how you organize it so that you make the most of your time spent there. You definitely don’t want to clutter your yard with unpleasant-looking storage bins or bulky sheds. Gardeners need a place to keep their equipment, so instead of stashing all your yard tools and outdoor equipment in the backyard, put them in a storage unit close by and keep only the things you use on a daily or weekly basis. For all the outdoor furniture, cushions, lamps, toys or tools that need a place to reside in when you’re not using them, you should opt for smart options that take up little room and don’t interfere with the aesthetics of your space.

One of the most efficient options is investing in outdoor furniture that serves two purposes at once, such as lounge chairs or benches with hollow space underneath, perfect for some storage in disguise. If you want to start a bigger activity, perhaps something all the family can take part in, browse through the multitude of videos online and go for a DIY project for even more satisfaction at the end.

backyard storage

4. Incorporate greenery

A small yard doesn’t mean you have to give up on your plant-loving side. If you have always dreamt of planting your own trees, you can do it within a limited space too, as long as you choose the ones that don’t grow too wide, such as dwarf varieties of shrubs or columnar evergreens. This will not only give you a charming landscape, but it won’t eat up all the precious square feet of real estate.

You also want to add some natural color without taking up too much space, which can be done by growing your garden vertically with the help of wall-mounted flower-pots, hanging baskets or stacked crates of greenery. You can easily create the same breathtaking effect of a garden with many layers of plants by paying attention to depth and dimension. Select a handful of plants with various textures, place the bolder ones lower and the lighter ones on top, and voila, you have successfully created your own dainty, eye-catching garden.

plants in backyard


5. Add the WOW factor

Last but not least, you can turn the compromise of settling for a smaller outdoor space into a favorite feature of your home by making a statement out of it. Limited land doesn’t mean being limited to a few plants, a couple of trees and maybe some outdoor furniture. Get out of your comfort zone and choose something extravagant that you’ve always wanted, such as your very own sauna. There are plenty of compact size saunas that are perfect for the tiniest of backyards. Treat yourself with an at-home detoxifying corner and invest in an outdoor cabin where you can sit back and relax any time you want.

jacuzzi and spa in backyard

All in all, bigger doesn’t always mean better. If it’s designed right, a small backyard can be put to great use and it can have more style than a huge garden. Design it so it fits your needs and matches your lifestyle and personality, stay organized, incorporate things you’ll actually use and turn your petite plot of land into a magical retreat.


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