The COVID-19 pandemic has been dominating the media for over two months now, which means it has become an unavoidable part of  Americans’ everyday life. But how are we coping with and adjusting to this new challenging reality?

Even though movie theatres are shut down, concerts are postponed, gyms are closed, and schools won’t reopen their gates anytime soon, people came up with creative ways to stay entertained, healthy and well-read during these crazy times. Lucky for us, the technology we have at our fingertips makes it possible to not miss out on anything, so here is what Americans have been up to:

1. Entertainment

With the mandatory shutdown and most people finding themselves forced to stay inside, all eyes turned to TV screens for distractions, and frankly there have never been more choices of what to watch.

According to IMDB, the most popular TV Show at the moment is the Spanish series Money Heist. The thrilling, mysterious and unusual storyline seems to be captivating for many people, and with the show recently starting a new season, it is certainly something binge-worthy.

most popular tv shows

Netflix ratings are once again dominated by Money Heist, the most watched show in April. The second spot in the chart is occupied by the crime-drama Ozark, and third place is taken by the well-known American sitcom Community. Even though it is not a recent release, the series is still a hit as its humor is much needed during these times.

most popular shows on netflix

Other than Netflix, Youtube is another frontrunner when it comes to entertainment options. Vin Diesel’s most recent movie Bloodshot takes first place in the list of the most popular shows.

Surprisingly, 4 out of the top 10 positions are occupied by movies from the previous century, which can only mean that nostalgia has kicked in and people are missing the good old days.

most popular shows on youtube

With more free time on their hands than usual, Americans are combining entertainment with productivity while watching their favorite home improvement shows. The most popular choice is My Dream Home, in which brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott help couples find, buy and transform houses into the homes of their dreams.

top reality tv home improvement

During the pandemic, connectivity stands out as being very important, and gaming is one area in which people communicate and share their passions. According to our research, the most popular game on Xbox is Fortnite, a current favorite among both children and adults. When it comes to PlayStations, however, Final Fantasy VII Remake tops the chart as the most popular game. In second place in both video gaming brands is the world-famous Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

most popular games

2. Health and Fitness

One of the biggest challenges of the quarantine has been staying healthy. We know that there is a direct relationship between our diet, stress levels, physical activity and health. Studies have shown that a stressful and sedentary lifestyle is often associated with an increased risk for any type of disease and a weakened immune system. Even though having to stay inside your home may have enhanced the tendency to be inactive, there are plenty of ways to stay fit and healthy, both physically and mentally, during these difficult times.

Stress and anxiety are rising during the current pandemic, and they can easily damage your immune response unless you find ways to deal with them. If we take a look at the most popular health apps, we can see that meditation has become a favorite activity among Americans. The most downloaded app is Calm, which is supposed to reduce your stress levels, guide you through meditation, and help you relax and get a better night’s sleep.

Apart from keeping your mind healthy, dedicating some time to physical activities is crucial. Physically active individuals are not only at a lower risk, but their overall mood is significantly better than the ones who avoid sports at all costs. You don’t have to go outside to get proper exercise – you can do it in the comfort of your own home. The most popular app in April this year is Weight Loss – Workout at Home. This app has a variety of programs for your specific body type and it shows you how to do your workout at home, with little to no equipment. Until the gyms are ready to open again, take a look at the most downloaded fitness apps in our list and pick your favorite:

most popular health and fitness apps

3. Education

Once entertainment and health are taken care of, there is another important aspect of our lives that has to be monitored during these times, and that is education. School children may have online classes, but they’re not the only ones who need to focus on improving their knowledge. There are plenty of free online courses in almost any domain, as well as many cheap online reading apps where you can dip into your favourite books anytime and anywhere. The most popular reading app on Android is Dreame, which is dedicated especially to female readers and writers who provide captivating fiction. For iOS, Audible Audio-Books & Originals is the most widely chosen, claiming to be one of the world’s largest collections of audible e-books.

most popular online reading apps audible e-books

If you’re looking for some inspiration for new books to dig into, take a look at the most sold and most read books on Amazon. The classic Harry Potter stories stand out in both charts, remaining one of the favorite series for readers of all ages.

most read amazon books

most sold amazon books
Many course providers are offering learning content for lower prices than usual or even for free, so there are plenty of options to choose from if you want to improve some job skills or learn something brand new. Check out the top 10 course platforms for online learning and dive into that subject that’s always interested you:
top course platforms for online learning

4. Home Improvement

Some Americans feel inspired and move on from watching to actually engaging in home redesign projects. We’ve noticed a huge spike in online searches for Lowe’s and Home Depot, indicating people have started new home improvement tasks.

Bedroom Design Gets More Attention During Lockdown

Thanks to this quick Google Trends report we put together, we were able to determine which rooms of the house get more design interest in each state of the U.S. Nationally, it’s the bedroom that wins remodeling competitions, followed by kitchens. In fact, Americans seem to be big fans of farmhouse decor for kitchens as this is the most researched decor idea (~12,100 searches on avg./month) for the spaces where family meals are prepped.

Home offices don’t get as much attention as you’d expect in current times, probably because most people think that working from home is a temporary situation.

More than 50% of the searches involving home redesign by room type involve the bedroom in Yonkers, New York City, Philadelphia, and Plano, with Houston coming in 5th at 49%.
Bedroom ideas searches by city

When it comes to individual states, 11 of them show more than 50% interest towards bedroom redecorating vs. the rest of the rooms in the house, with Mississippi, Kentucky, and Wyoming in the lead.

If you also feel inspired, and you want to give your home a makeover during the lockdown, feel free to unleash your inner interior designer. Start with a much-needed decluttering session, put the things you don’t need in a storage unit and start reorganizing your house with something you liked from one of the shows we have mentioned firmly in your mind.


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