With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, many of us are left scrambling with what to get our significant other and our loved ones to mark this celebration. If you’re not sure whether you can get a last-minute present that strikes the right note, fret no more. While surveying people to find out which were their favorite holiday gifts, we’ve been able to identify which gifts are best for each occasion, including Valentine’s Day.

Here are the best gifts for Valentine’s Day that are sure to impress this year:

1. Ring or bracelet

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, or so the tagline goes. This might continue to be true for Valentine’s Day as jewelry is the favorite gift for this romantic occasion. A bracelet, a pair of earrings or a ring – did we hear those wedding bells toll? – can do the trick.

But as you know, V-Day is a lot more than a romantic celebration. It’s about celebrating love and showing appreciation to our loved ones. If you’d like to brighten your best friend’s day without breaking the bank, you could make gift her a homemade bracelet using your crafting supplies. Especially since the pandemic hit, many people turned to crafting as a hobby. So why not go through your stash of crafting supplies – whether you keep them at home or in self storage – and get started on this project!

2. Surprise date

Things might make gifting tangible, but experiences are a wonderful way to show your love. Take your loved one out to dinner – the most traditional type of V-Day experience – but make it a surprise. Pretend you have nothing planned for the day until the big reveal comes: You’ve decided to take them to their favorite restaurant or to that new one in town you’ve always wanted to try together. This is sure to make it a day to remember!

Valentines Day dinner date

3. New phone

No matter what, you can’t go wrong with a new gadget. Has your significant other not made the switch but hinted that they would like the new smartphone and you’re thinking of surprising them with it? It might just be what they need right now. But if you’re not sure whether a new phone is the best pick for your partner, you can consult the list of the best 2023 gadgets.

4. A bouquet of red roses

You can’t go wrong with roses to brighten your loved one’s V-Day! Nothing spells love and romance better than these classic flowers. Whether you gift your significant other a bouquet of flowers or you’re buying them for your mom, the gesture captures the essence of this time of the year.

Valentines Day roses

If your best friend loves flowers, why not get them a potted plant in bloom? It will be a much more long-lasting gift that’s sure to be appreciated.

5. A teddy bear

Giving a teddy bear for Valentine’s Day is a way of showing affection and love to a loved one. It serves to remind us of things that can put a smile on our faces – relationships, childhood and all the warm memories that they exude. It is the one gift that can make children and adults happy for Valentine’s Day – perhaps your family made it a new tradition to gift them to children on this joyous occasion.

6. Family time

Tangible gifts can be wonderful, but nothing beats quality time with your family. Giving the gift of time is probably one of the best things you can gift your loved ones. Spending time together enjoying your favorite hobbies or simply having a quiet night in can be the perfect gift, especially if you have busy schedules and you don’t get to enjoy each other’s company much.

7. Chocolate and candy

Valentine’s Day is a time to indulge a little, and what better way to do that than to gift your significant other chocolate or other candy? Fun fact: This is a tradition that stems back to the Victorian age when Cadbury introduced the heart-shaped box chocolate for this occasion. The famous Hershey kisses came on the market a little later, in 1917. But adults aren’t the only ones who have a sweet tooth. Children look forward to this time of the year to gift each other candy, a small token of friendship.

Valentines day chocolate

8. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are another popular V-Day gift choice. You can’t go wrong with that pair of shades that your significant other has been talking about for a while. This isn’t a traditional V-Day gift, so this time, you’re guaranteed to surprise them. There’s no better present than the one you’re wishing for!

9. Cash

If V-Day caught you by surprise and you didn’t have the time to search for a meaningful gift, why not gift your loved ones cash? It’s a win-win situation for everyone: They get to spend on something they truly like and you escape the anxiety of getting the wrong present. Many times, cash is a lot more appreciated.

10. A puppy

Animal lovers would be delighted to get a dog for a Valentine’s Day present. Especially since many people opt to work from home, having a pet around is a sure way to brighten their day. It makes for a cute coworker jumping with you on a Zoom call – a lot of us have experienced this type of interaction firsthand, right?

Which gift(s) did you pick for this year’s Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments section below.


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