If you’ve thought about starting your own business or you’ve already taken the plunge into the world of freelancing, perhaps you’re looking into the type of workspace that’s ideal for your needs. We each have our own work style, which means we thrive in different environments. The diversity of workspaces out there is encouraging, but that also means that making the right choice for your individual needs has become something of a challenge. Considering some of the perks that come with the work options available might make this process less daunting.

Home Office

Opting for a home office is ideal for those seeking to spend more time with their family. Not having to leave the home eliminates the much-dreaded lengthy commute. This translates into more time for yourself and for your family activities. A home office work environment can be a good fit for a fresh and enthusiastic business owner, for instance one who works primarily online. It allows for a deep focus on work, free from the well-known distractions of regular office settings. This may also result in higher productivity, whether you work with numbers or in a more creative industry. One important by-product of fitting your work style into a home office environment is that it requires decluttering to make room for the work space. The easiest way to do that is to find and rent a storage unit—securing storage close to your home also ensures you have easy access to your belongings as needed.

Private Office

Working from home may not appeal to you, however. Your new business venture or your team’s working style may require the more formal setting of a private office. The renting market offers many options in this sense. For many newbie business owners, an office space provides the right environment to foster productivity, all the while offering a sense of privacy that the home environment might not always guarantee. Also, if the documents you are working with are highly confidential, it may make sense for you to carry out your business in a place which provides greater security.

Coworking Space

Business budgets come in many shapes and sizes, especially when they relate to new ventures. If working from home is not right for you, but renting an office doesn’t make financial sense yet, then a coworking space could be the right solution. Signing up for a coworking membership can save you a significant portion of your spending budget, which you can better invest in your work and in maximizing your profits. You might discover that working alongside another business can inspire you and benefit your enterprise. Even though we live in an era of social media and technology, the power of word-of-mouth communication shouldn’t be underestimated. The other companies’ clients might become yours or they could bring you new business through referrals. If a coworking space is the right answer, you can browse through Commercial Café’s listings to find the best option for your business.

Working on the Go

You may not have the space in your home to set aside for your work, and you may not like the coworking concept. Renting office space may also be above your business budget at this time. If this is the case, then opting for an on-the-go “office” might be a practical solution. Many people find the cozy coffee shop atmosphere conducive to a productive work day. You are working outside your home in a relaxed atmosphere and you’ve also managed to cut down on several business-related costs such as utilities, Wi-Fi, etc. The coffee shop office is also an ideal work-space solution if your work means lots of networking and meetings with clients and collaborators. You can do your administrative work on the go, all the while carrying out your business with the world around you as necessary. With this highly mobile lifestyle, you will need to store your equipment and your growing pile of files and office essentials. This is where putting your things in storage comes in handy. It will help you to keep things on an as-needed basis all the while protecting valuables and sensitive information about your business.

Finding the right space to suit your work style and your business needs is key to your professional success. Whether you choose a more traditional work setting or an alternative one, focusing on your work-related needs will help give your business a great head start. Whatever your business may be, professional activity is quick to create paper work and materials that accumulate over time. Find your best self-storage solution with StorageCafe to keep your business essentials safe, and locate your preferred traditional or coworking office space with COMMERCIALCafé.






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