Staying at home can be fun. Aside from the usual binge-watching and exercising, board games can turn evenings into times of fun and relaxation for the entire family.

Here are five easy steps to create an entertaining game room in your home:

1. Clear the way

Decide which room of your home to turn into a game room. It could be a spare bedroom, a den, the basement, or even your living room. Then, clear the way. You need space to set up a large table and shelves. If possible, leave some empty floor space for those games that require people to move around, like charades or Twister.

Pack away the existing furniture and other items that don’t serve the room’s new purpose and put that stuff in self storage. Now that you cleared the way, it’s time to come up with a good set-up for the game room.

2. Pick the right table

The most important part of a game room is a large table that allows the entire family to gather around. It provides space for all the tabletop games, cards, dice, tiles, and other accessories. Round and oval tables are a great option, as they’re more comfortable for players and have smaller footprints.

Obviously, if you already own a nice and sturdy rectangular table, you can use it. There’s no need to get a new one. One thing is essential. Make sure you have a seat at the table for each family member plus a couple of extras for guests.

3. Install shelves and cabinets

You need plenty of space to store board games and other entertainment items like books or toys. Consider installing floor-to-ceiling cabinets or a shelving unit on one of the walls. They give the room a sleek, contemporary look, take up little floor space and provide plenty of storage.

4. Video games – yay or nay?

Most parents probably agree that kids have too much screen time right now. It’s up to you if you want to include video games in your new game room. However, there are plenty of video games that are entertaining and educational. Also, it’s a good idea to keep video games outside of children’s bedrooms in areas where you can supervise them. So, consider adding a TV and gaming consoles to your game room. You could also use the TV for family movie nights.

5. Make it cozy

A game room needs to be fun, cozy and inviting. Include a small sofa in the room if possible. If there’s not enough space for a sofa, arrange a cozy corner with large pillows, beanbag chairs, and blankets. A thick, warm carpet is also a good addition to the room, making it comfier to sit and play on the floor.

The best games for stay-at-home evenings

Now that you arranged your cozy and cute game room, all you need to do is stock it with exciting and interesting games. From beloved classics to the latest hits, here are some perfect games for good old family fun:

  • Monopoly

No game room would be complete without the famous Monopoly, entertaining for kids and parents alike. One game usually lasts for hours, it holds everyone’s attention and exercises all sorts of skills, such as budgeting and negotiating.

  • Chutes and Ladders

We recommend this one for families with preschoolers, as it allows them to practice counting and logic, but it doesn’t require reading. The game manages to capture the interest of children around three years of age and older.

  • Exploding Kittens

This hilariously funny card game is ideal for families with older children. Up to five people can play – or six if you got the extension – and it’s never boring.

  • Clue

This is another beloved classic. With Clue, players solve mysteries and compete with each other to solve it first. The latest editions contain two versions, the Mansion Game and the Boardwalk Game. It’s suitable for children ages eight and up, and three to six people can play per game.

  • Catan

The intricate strategy game ensures hours upon hours of fun for the entire family. In Catan, you get to build roads, towns and cities, and you can negotiate trades with other players. The manufacturer recommends this game for players ages 10 and up. You can also get several extensions if you want extra adventures.

  • Charades

You can purchase a charades board game or you could simply use one of the many online websites or apps to generate charades words and phrases. Just make sure to adapt the prompts for the age of the players. If it’s too difficult for the children, they’ll get bored.

  • Twister

Twister is a great idea for those long winter afternoons indoors when your kids have too much energy. Redirect that energy into a game of Twister that will keep them occupied for hours.

  • Jenga

The gravity-defying game is excellent for developing children’s fine motor skills and also their focus and coordination. So, a Jenga set is a great addition to your game room.

  • Mouse Trap

The collaborative element of the game will get your kids working together – and that’s a huge plus for all parents. The game is fun for a wide range of ages, from kids as young as six or seven to teenagers and even parents.

  • Battleship

Battleship is another classic crowd-pleaser. This strategy game is a must-have in your game room. Just make sure to keep all your battles on the board and not in real life.

With a little bit of work and with some home reorganizing, you’ll be able to carve out space for your very own game room at home. Once set up, you can enjoy many hours of family fun.


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