With the 4th of July nearly here, it’s the perfect time to update your backyard barbecue grill set up – particularly if you’re planning to host a party for your friends and family. Perfectly cooked burgers require a great barbecue grill, so here are your best options right now, based on customer reviews and features:

Best charcoal barbecue grills

Few things beat the smoky flavor of the food cooked on a searing charcoal grill, and many grilling fans prefer to use this classic type of device, as opposed to gas or electric grills. If you’re one of them, you should consider getting one of the following models:

This ceramic charcoal grill will last you a lifetime if properly maintained. The 250-square-inch cooking space ensures that your guests will be promptly fed – no more waiting around for the next batch of burgers or hotdogs. Other great features include a top vent for precise temperature control, the built-in thermometer, and the 2-tier cooking system that allows you to cook various foods at different temperatures simultaneously.

This bad boy holds up to 13 burgers at the same time, which makes it ideal for backyard parties. The porcelain-enameled body ensures that you’ll be able to enjoy it for many years since it doesn’t rust or peel. Also, the material retains heat very well, making it more efficient. The cooking grate is hinged, which makes adding charcoal while grilling a lot easier. In other words, if the first 13 burgers were not enough, you’ll be able to go ahead with another batch in no time. The high-capacity ash catcher adds to the practicality of this grill and makes cleaning it a hassle-free job.

This is another grill that’s big enough for parties, but you can also divide the cooking area in half when you need to, due to its removable divider. The adjustable charcoal trays allow you to play with the temperature and to cook things like meat and veggies at the same time, without burning anything, on the two different sections of the cooking surface. The grill features side shelves and a bottom rack for storage.

Best gas barbecue grills

Gas grills allow perfect temperature control and can be used at a moment’s notice – you don’t have to wait for the charcoal to heat it up. A lot of people enjoy the convenience, making gas barbecue grills a very popular option. If you’re shopping around for one, check out these excellent options:

This barbecue grill has a very generous cooking surface – you can choose between the three-burner and the four-burner models, with the latest providing an almost 100 square inches area allowing you to cook 28 burgers simultaneously. In terms of fuel, you can opt for either liquid propane gas or natural gas delivered by your utility company. You can customize the grill extensively – for example, you can add a side burner or special grates and frame kit that allows you to do much more than grilling – you can also bake, roast, or steam. And, if smart appliances are your thing, you can even get a smart variant of the grill, which connects to Wi-Fi and has an app that monitors your food and tells you when to flip the burgers.

This stainless-steel gas barbecue grill comes with four burners and a 455-square inches cooking area. It works with liquefied gas, and it includes a built-in thermometer, a warming rack, side burner, side tables, and a removable grease tray. The grill ensures even heating and cooking, and the model comes with a unique feature: the lid has a window that allows you to check the food without opening it and losing the heat. The warming rack is great for heating up the buns for burgers or hotdogs. However, if you want to cook a large item, you can simply flip the rack out of the way.

This grill works with liquefied gas also, but, unlike the previous two gas models, the cooking area is not a rack but a griddle, one that can cook up to 28 burgers or 72 hot dogs in one sitting. The griddle offers four heat zones that can be controlled independently, allowing you to cook different types of foods at the same time. The side chopping board and prep area make outdoor cooking easier to manage.

Best portable barbecue grills

Maybe you prefer spending your 4th of July, or your summer weekends in general, not in your backyard, but somewhere in the middle of nature. In this case, you need a barbecue grill that can be easily packed and transported in your car trunk. Here are some of your best options:

This model uses a one-pound propane cylinder and comes with sturdy folding legs that are easy to set up and take down. Although compact and easily transportable, the grill comes with three burners that are independently adjustable, two side tables for food prep and utensils, and an integrated thermometer. The lid locks, to ensure secure transportation, and the push-button ignition ensures that you can light up the grill and start cooking even if you forgot your matches at home.

This portable Weber charcoal barbecue grill is ideal for camping trips – it’s compact and sturdy yet lightweight, and its handle makes it easier to transport and move around. The grill’s body, both the bowl and the lid, are porcelain-enameled, which protects it from rust and peeling. The cooking grate is made of plated steel that retains heat, and it’s easy to clean.

This smartly designed barbecue grill is easily packable – it actually folds flat, which makes transporting it a breeze. Made of stainless steel, it’s built to last, and it works with charcoal or wood. The grill top is quite spacious – about 18×18 inches. An interesting feature, and one that is great while camping, is that you can detach the grill top and convert it into a fire pit. After a nice dinner, you can gather around the campfire for some scary ghost stories!

How to care for and store your barbecue grill

If cared for and stored properly, your barbecue grill will allow you to enjoy many fun cookouts with your family or friends. Here are the basic steps you should take in order to be able to use your barbecue grill in the long run:

  • Clean the grease and ash thoroughly. Otherwise, regardless of how well made the grill is or what material is it made of, some parts will inevitably rust over time.
  • Pay extra attention to the cooking grate and deep-clean it regularly. Heat up the grill to burn any debris or leftover food, then brush the grate vigorously with a stainless-steel brush. You can also use some dishwashing liquid or a degreasing spray cleaner for grills. Rinse the cooking grate well and allow it to dry off completely before closing the grill’s lid.
  • Set up your barbecue grill in an area that’s protected from the rain, like a covered patio or deck.
  • Don’t leave your barbecue grill out in the open during the cold season. You should store it indoors, and a storage unit is a great solution. Taking up a lot of space in the garage for this purpose is not practical. A small, 5×5 storage unit, or a 5×10 unit, if you’re planning to also store your patio furniture or gardening tools, on the other hand, will help you keep everything safe until the grilling season starts again.



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