Fashions come and go, and interior design is no exception to that rule. Certain styles of decorating a living room and ways of laying out a bathroom may have been popular a decade ago, but they start to look stale after a while. Anyone thinking of selling their home should therefore consider what will appeal now and in the near future, as potential buyers may not want anything that will look out-of-date any time soon. For example, anyone looking for a smart Arlington home using realtors Northern Virginia Home Pro, would not want to see anything stale!

We describe ten fashions that might be seen in homes today but are probably overdone now. Some looked great once upon a time, others are recent but have already been seen a little too often, and then there are those which are just strange and surely never should have happened! We also suggest some alternative design ideas to replace these trends for any home that is being put on the market.

1: Sliding barn doors

Having one of these in the bedroom or partitioning off the pantry in the kitchen was a very distinctive fashion. It’s a space-saving idea as it doesn’t open out like a regular door, but its very rustic look has always meant it is a feature that can easily begin to look out of place. Regular sliding doors can be used instead.

Sign on a kitchen wall2: The writing’s on the wall!

There’s been a trend for signs in the kitchen, and other places too, with phrases that express some sentiment, perhaps a word or two in French, or maybe something really funny. As a decoration idea, such statements are sure to go out of fashion — jokes certainly do — and may say far too much about the home’s current owner! Remove them before any potential buyers arrive.

3: Farmhouse chic

This is a recent design trend made popular by the Fixer Upper TV series, and featuring light, airy colors and plenty of wood. However, some say it’s already had its day, with darker and burnished metallic shades coming in instead, so these would be preferable to give the most up-to-date look possible.

White sink with subway tile backsplash4: Subway tiles

These are rectangular and usually pale, like the ones used on the New York underground transit system. Some say they are timeless, but this may have been their downfall as an interior design idea — any fashion becomes tired if too many people follow it! Decorating using smaller tiles could be preferable.

5: Moroccan patterned tiles

Bathroom surfaces go through fashions and these tiles were recently a ‘thing.’ But they seem to have been supplanted by a more organic look these days, so that might be a better redecorating idea if selling the property is on the cards. In addition, marble is always a classic look that is appreciated.

Macrame wall-hanging6: Macramé

This textile is made by knotting cords together, and it has had its fans over the years when used for wall-hangings. Bedroom curtains are sometimes made from it but can look tatty and irregular — not to mention dated — and therefore not so appealing to prospective homebuyers. Instead, hang lace curtains and don’t make wall decor too ‘busy.’

7: Color pops on white

White has long been favored by minimalists for living room and bedroom walls, and designers added color pops up there — or perhaps included them as part of a carpet design. But putting small blobs all over the place has been tried in so many ways and larger expanses of color might now please buyers more.

Rose gold taps8: Rose gold taps

These are a fashion that arrived a few years ago with the launch of a popular model of mobile phone in that color. But many designers feel they look like items from a rather low-class gift shop! Therefore, they probably shouldn’t be considered timeless enough to appeal to homebuyers. Revert back to stainless steel.

9: Accent walls

Spending a lot of time deciding what to put up in a small space on a wall to catch the eye has definitely been popular for a while. But this effect can appear too personal, which is not a great look for a house that will be put on the market. Instead, it can be better to decorate the whole wall space uniformly.

10: Chandeliers in the bathroom

The bathroom is a place to get refreshed, perhaps by relaxing in a tub, and not so long ago this might have included gazing up at a chandelier on the ceiling. But this idea lost popularity. So, if someone selling a house hasn’t already replaced theirs with a regular lamp or neutral neon lighting, now might be the time!

Bathroom with a chandelier

There are many interior design trends that have probably had their day. Some were undeniably good in their time, but people get bored of things they have seen too often and want to move on. Some home trends take their inspiration from the culture that surrounds them, and when this changes they also fall out of favor. Then there are those design ideas that most people simply find very puzzling in hindsight!

When a homeowner wants to sell their property, all the factors concerning home design must be taken into consideration in order to wow potential buyers as much as possible. Swapping out some features for the latest designs or carrying out a little renovation to reflect the newest fashions will always be a good idea before putting a property on the market. Self storage can be used to house furniture while renovation projects are under way, and it is also very useful when a seller gets to move to a new home. Finally, during the process of swapping old fashions for new, homeowners might get to learn a little about interior design!


Francis Chantree is a writer and editor for Yardi, focusing on real estate and lifestyle content. He is a former programmer and researcher who exchanged computer language for his greatest passion, human language! When not writing and proofreading text, he can be found gardening and reading.

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