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Small storage units

Small units may be the size of a compact closet and have space for a few boxes and some chairs or other small pieces of furniture. They may also be the size of a larger walk-in closet, and these can accommodate more items.

Small Storage Units

Medium storage units

The size of medium units ranges from being similar to a small bedroom to approaching a full standard garage. They can usually fit the contents of a small apartment, or some boxes and perhaps seasonal or sports items.

Medium Storage Units

Large storage units

Large units can be up to one-and-a half car garages in size. They can usually fit the contents of a three-bedroom apartment, including furniture and appliances. At the higher end, they have room for a large vehicle or the contents of a house.

Large Storage Units

Extra-large storage units

Extra-large units are at least the size of a two-car garage, and they can be used to store vehicles. Businesses can also rent them or store products, materials, and equipment. Some have high ceilings for storing unusual items – yes, even helicopters.

Extra-Large Storage Units

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