As of 2020, 42% of the labor force works from home full-time. With your bedroom becoming your home office, staying organized is critical. Here are some ways to help you tidy your space.

1. Go Through Your Papers

If you let paperwork pile up, it can create a cluttered desk. It also makes it easier to lose important documents, such as pay stubs. Sort through the stack and put each paper into one of three groups: toss, file, or take action.

Use a color-coded filing system to make each section stand out. For further convenience, consider alphabetizing the folder. Have the system in a location that’s easy to reach from your desk.

You’ll want to keep essential documents, such as client invoices, and have these handy in case there are any questions about billing in the future.

2.  Have a Mail Station

To help control the flow of paper coming into your office, create a mail station. Have a folder for incoming and outcoming mail, documents you want to file, and bills. If you have multiple family members, consider giving each one their own system.

As soon as you receive the letters, place them in their designated folder. Then, once a week, sort through each folder. Hang a calendar on the wall to keep track of important dates, such as bill payments.

3. Design a Printing Station

Designate a space in your home for your printer. If your machine is wireless, you can place it on a cabinet shelf, saving room on your desk. Consider using a bookshelf as a printer stand to maximize your space. While setting up your printer, ensure it can scan, fax, and make copies. If not, consider investing in a multipurpose one.

Along with the printer, keep other office supplies on the shelves. You will want to have an extra supply of paper, scissors, and a stapler on hand. Having an organized space makes it convenient if you need to do any last-minute printing.

4.  Buy Storage Containers

Investing in storage containers will keep your desk organized. Placing items in bins or baskets can reduce clutter. Put smaller containers inside your drawers, giving your space a cleaner appearance. If you have a shared office, look for storage with wheels so you can easily adjust its location depending on who needs the room.

When storing supplies, group them based on similar functions. For example, put all your pens and pencils in one box. Then label the containers to make it quicker to find things.

5.  Take Advantage of Vertical Space

Your wall provides plenty of room to hang filing systems, calendars or whiteboards. Use the whiteboard to write a to-do list, which can help you manage your time more efficiently. You can even add open shelving above your desk. Using your vertical space can prevent you from overcrowding surfaces.

Also, if you have limited cabinet space, consider using metal or plastic wall hooks. These can be used to hang computer cords, keeping them out of your way. Along with functional items, use your walls to hang pictures or inspirational quotes. Family photos or photographic images are also excellent choices. You can even add a clock to help you keep track of time.

6.  Invest in Cubbies

Organizing your supplies in cubicles can give your room a clean feel. The symmetrical lines can even add an elegant look. A cubby provides you with more space to keep personal items, such as jewelry or books. These things can then stay in the office but be stored away during working hours. Look for cubbies with cabinet doors for any items you want to keep hidden.

7.  Decorate With a Desk Tray

If you have limited drawer space, a tray can keep the items on your desk organized. You can place pens on top so they don’t roll around as you’re working. Consider adding a pencil holder to keep your writing utensils together.

A tray also keeps loose supplies in one place, leaving more room on the desk for your laptop. You can also use them to store papers you commonly reference throughout the day.

8. Add a Trash Bin

On busier days you may find yourself snacking in front of your computer. To ensure wrappers don’t accumulate around your office area, place a trash can near your desk. It can also be useful for any crumpled papers or sticky notes.

To add some style to your office, consider a natural fiber basket. You can find a customized trash bin on retail sites like Etsy.

9. Place Floating Shelves

These are perfect options for people with limited space. If your office is located in a room where people tend to gather, you may not be able to expand outward.

Installing floating ledges allows you to take advantage of empty wall space. You can then place extra supplies on top of the shelves, keeping your table decluttered. You can also add some decor, such as potted plants.

10. Hang Up a Cork Board

A corkboard can keep important reminders, to-do lists, and schedules all in one place. You can even pin up important documents, such as office policies. Unlike a whiteboard, you have plenty of space to lay out reminders for the whole week.

If your desk is facing a wall, place the board above it so that you can see it every day. If not, consider putting it on a wall closest to your desk. You want to be able to look at it as you’re working, making it easier to stay on top of important dates.

11. Purchase a Swivel Chair

A swivel seat makes it easier to reach for files behind you. It can also save you valuable working time since you don’t have to get up. Then, when you’re done looking at files, it makes it more convenient to place them back inside the cabinet. This system ensures papers don’t end up accumulating on your desk.

Make sure to find a chair with good lumbar support and armrests. Keep in mind you want a chair you can comfortably sit in for many hours. Consider looking for an adjustable seat. Then, make sure that you can easily reach your keyboard and that your monitor is at eye level. You also want to have your feet resting flat on the ground.

12. Establish a Routine

Once you set up designated spaces for items, implement a routine. Each morning before you start your day, clear your desk. File any essential documents and toss any unwanted papers. Then put away any loose supplies in their labeled containers.

How to Declutter Your Office Space

Working from home comes with its own set of challenges. It can be tricky to balance everyday responsibilities. Having an organized office can make life simpler, though. When renovating the space to make this possible, you can put furniture and other items into a self storage unit, and you can carry on renting this unit to keep your home uncluttered. Then follow our tips for making your office space look nice and neat.


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