Formerly known as the gateway to the West, Omaha has now grown into a big city with an inviting small-town feel thanks to a thriving business environment, an attractive cost of living and a growing restaurant scene. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see Americans moving to Omaha to start a new life in the friendly Midwest. The city’s population increased by 5% in the past five years, based on U.S. Census estimates.

If you’re among those relocating here, you probably already have a job and a home lined up to make your move go smoothly. What you should also consider to make the process even better is the use of self storage. It’s a less glamorous service, but it can make a world of difference. You can send your belongings to a local storage facility close to your new home ahead of moving day. The service is inexpensive, with an Omaha storage unit renting for $86/month. But self storage can prove useful beyond moving, from serving as an extension of your home to keeping your small business stock. Let’s explore whom and how the service can serve Omaha below:

1. Residents

Let’s take a look at how residents can use self storage in Omaha:

  • Homeowners

With more than half (57%) of the locals being homeowners in Omaha, it’s worth considering how they can make the most of their homes. Living space is precious, and even with single family living, you can always use more space to keep all your belongings without cluttering the house. That’s why homeowners in Omaha can also use self storage to keep a breezy and organized home. They can keep seasonal décor, clothing, gear and outdoor furniture in storage until they need these items again. Moreover, setting up a home office or a homeschooling room is another instance when the service can become useful.

A neighborhood surrounded by trees next to the highway in Omaha, Nebraska
A neighborhood surrounded by trees next to the highway in Omaha, Nebraska
  • Renters

If you’re a renter in Omaha, you’re likely to enjoy less living space than a homeowner. That’s why finding a way to best use your home space is crucial to keeping an organized home. You can also place household items that you don’t use every day in storage, whether it’s kitchen tools, bulky clothing or your hiking gear.

2. Students

Omaha is a great city to get a college education, with several institutions located here. Many students go the University of Nebraska Omaha or The University of Nebraska Medical Center. Creighton University is one of the top Midwestern regional universities. The Nebraska Methodist College and the Metropolitan Community College also offer a college education locally.

Students can rent a storage unit to keep their bulky clothing and linens, as well as books and other items that don’t fit in their dorm room or apartment. Additionally, during the summer break, they can use their unit to keep all their belongings instead of moving back home. It saves them a costly and logistically challenging move.

3. Large companies

Omaha is known as the home Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway, but there are other Fortune 500 companies here, such as Kiewit, ConAgra Brands and Union Pacific. First National Bank of Omaha, the largest privately owned in the country, is also located in Omaha. Tech companies such as Buildertrend and Hudl are also located here.

For companies that have offices in Omaha, self storage can be a real boon. Office furniture, paper records and other business-related paraphernalia can temporarily sit in storage when needed. It can save businesses precious office space, which can be put to better use and can help them save on rent, as they will not need to relocate to a larger location to fit everything they could otherwise keep in a storage unit.

Aerial view of Omaha Nebraska skyline on summer day
Aerial view of Omaha Nebraska skyline on summer day

4. Hospitals and medical research centers

Omaha is a great city for its healthcare services, thanks to the presence of several nationally-recognized hospitals and medical research centers. The city is home to CHI Health, making it an excellent place for healthcare professionals to find employment. The Boys Town National Research Hospital, the Creighton University Medical Center and the University of Nebraska Medical Center are also among the prominent research facilities.

Local hospitals and research centers can also benefit from using self storage. They can store medical equipment, furniture and paper records away from their main operating center in order to better use the space on their premises. They can always retrieve these items when needed.

5. Construction companies and contractors

Omaha has been among the most active cities for real estate development in the last decade, delivering impressive volumes of new construction across several sectors. Close to 8M sq. ft. of industrial space was constructed from 2013 to 2022 and almost 3M sq. ft. in retail. Self storage registered 1.2M sq. ft. for the decade, too. On the residential front, almost 30M permits were issued for multi-family and single family homes combined.

With construction booming across the city, construction companies and contractors could use a little help to carry out their activities. This is where using self storage can come in handy. They can rent a self storage unit close to the construction site where construction materials and tools can sit until the following day. This way, the construction crew can easily access them with a short trip to the storage unit.

Aerial view of Downtown Omaha, Nebraska in autumn
Downtown Omaha, NE in autumn

6. Performing arts venues

Omaha has a few aces up its sleeve when it comes to the art world. It is home to the Omaha Community Playhouse, the largest community theater in the country. Performing arts are well represented here, whether you’re heading out to the Omaha Symphony Orchestra, the Opera Omaha (Orpheum Theater) or the Blue Barn Theatre, where you can see a Broadway play or a standup comedy show.

7. Museums

Visiting a local museum is another way you can get acquainted more closely with the city. You can admire paintings, sculptures and more at the Joslyn Art Museum. For train aficionados, the Durham Museum is probably the place to be. The Omaha Children’s Museum has been enchanting the minds and souls of children since 1976.

Seeing that exhibitions are shown to the public on rotation, museums can especially appreciate the perks of renting self storage. The service can tremendously aid them in managing collections and exhibits that aren’t on display. Instead of cramming their storage areas, they can keep some items in a climate-controlled storage unit in Omaha. This type of unit provides the right temperature and humidity to ensure that stored items preserve their condition.

8. Sports teams

While Omaha might not spring to mind when you think about sports, there is a lot of sports action locally. The city has three minor-league professional sports. Omaha also hosts the College World Series for men’s baseball at the Charles Schwab Field.

Local sports teams can turn to storage to help them better manage their sports equipment and sports gear. These items can sit in storage during the off-season, in a safe and protected environment until the players are hitting the stadium again.

Whether you’re a resident, a business or represent some public institution in Omaha, you might discover that self storage is a service that can assist you when you need to make the best use of the space that you have to keep belongings, business-related items and more. The service is useful by helping you keep seasonal items and more away from the main space you’re using, whether you’re turning to it to keep your things safe or you simply need a money-saving solution.


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