Lansing is the capital of the state of Michigan and is a place that blends a moderate cost of living, job opportunities, entertainment and more. If you’ve just moved here, you’re probably prioritizing finding a home and a job. However, to get a better handle on how you organize your space and your belongings, you could probably use self storage. While the service is mostly used during times of transition, such as moving, it can also assist you in keeping a more organized and clutter-free home after you’re settled into your new home. Renting a self storage unit in Lansing, MI, can cost between $25 and $500/month, depending on unit size.

Let’s take a look at how self storage can help the city of Lansing:

1. Residents

Here’s how self storage can help you if you’re a Lansing resident:

  • Homeowners

Single family units make up the bulk of the housing options in Lansing, MI, and so do homeowners, based on U.S. Census Reporter data. If you own a home here, you’re likely to find use for self storage.

Most people turn to the service when moving, but it can be useful in so many other ways if you own a home. Even if home sizes are trending larger, you can always use more space to fit all your belongings. You can, however, temporarily part with some of them to avoid cluttering your home. Turn to self storage to keep bulky and seasonal items such as clothing, home décor and outdoor gear. You can retrieve them later when you’re ready to use them again.

Residential street in East Lansing, Michigan
Residential street in East Lansing, Michigan

Working from home is another instance when you can use self storage. Making room for your home office means the furniture and other household items sitting in there need a new home. You can put them in storage until you need them again. You can also use self storage when you’re about to move in with your parents to form a multi-generational household.

  • Apartment dwellers

If you live in an apartment in Lansing, you might find self storage to be helpful. Whether you’re in-between moves or you’re downsizing, a storage unit can hold a lot of the belongings that can’t fit into your new abode. Rent self storage to also keep belongings that don’t see everyday use, such as décor and bulky clothing. This way, you can get a better handle on organization and keep your home clutter-free.

2. Students

Lansing is home to several higher education institutions, such as Michigan State University, which has one of the largest campuses in the country. The university offers over 200 programs of study and is the only university to have three medical schools. Located in downtown Lansing, the Thomas M. Cooley Law School is the largest law school in the nation. Western Michigan University, Central Michigan University and Davenport University (Downtown Lansing) are some other local institutions.

Linton Hall on the campus of Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
Linton Hall on the campus of Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

Students can turn to self storage to make better use of their living space. Whether they live in a dorm or an apartment with roommates, putting seasonal items in storage can help them better organize their space. Moreover, during the summer, when school isn’t in session, they can put their belongings in a storage unit instead of moving them back home. It can save them a costly and logistically challenging move. When the new term resumes in the fall, they can retrieve their items.

3. Health care facilities

Lansing is home to several health care facilities, including Michigan State University’s Sparrow Hospital and the College of Human Medicine and College of Osteopathic Medicine, also associated with the university. There’s also the McLaren-Greater Lansing Hospital, also affiliated with Michigan State University and the University of Michigan.

Self storage can come to the aid of these medical institutions. For instance, medical devices and paper-based records can sit in a storage unit instead of taking up space in the main premises of hospitals and health care facilities.

4. The local library system

You can also find the Library of Michigan and Historical Center in Lansing, which doubles as a library and research center. The library is among the genealogical facilities in the country. Additionally, the Capital Area District Library offers 13 branches in Ingham County, with branches in downtown, East Side and South Side in Lansing.

Libraries in Lansing might find self storage a useful service, especially as new books are likely to arrive on a regular basis. They can keep some of them in storage, preferably in a climate-controlled unit, that’s best suited to keep the integrity of books.

5. The Lansing construction industry

With the remote work trend here to stay, many office buildings and other types of buildings tend to remain unoccupied in Lansing too. To put them to better use many of them were converted to apartments to respond to the local need for housing. As such, close to 290 apartments were added to the local inventory thanks to adaptive reuse, the highest number in the state of Michigan.

Lansing, Michigan city at sunrise
Lansing, Michigan city at sunrise

Construction companies taking on the conversion projects could also make use of self storage. Instead of transporting tools and building materials to the work site every day, they’re better off keeping them in a storage unit close by.

6. Lansing cultural event organizers

Lansing has a lively entertainment scene meant to bring locals and out-of-towners alike together for festivals celebrating food and more. The Common Ground Festival has a history of 20 years, and it brings musicians to the Adado Riverfront Park in downtown Lansing. Also, the annual Silver Bells in the City Electric Light Parade can be seen through downtown one week before Thanksgiving.

Cultural events have the power to bring the community together, but they also require resources to put together. Managing logistic challenges can also include turning to self storage to keep musical instruments, chairs, tables and other items needed to organize an event.

7. Performance venues

Lansing is also a rich place when it comes to theatre and other performance arts. The downtown area is home to the Riverwalk Theatre and the Lansing Civic Player. You can also find the Peppermint Creek Theatre Company here. The Icarus Falling Theater group is another venue where you can see live performances. For ballet fans, the Greater Lansing Ballet Company puts up both ballet and dance shows.

For costumes, props and other performance-related items, theaters, dance and ballet companies can turn to self storage. These items can be kept in a storage unit during the off-season. This way, they are protected from the harms of fluctuating humidity and temperature.

8. Museums

Visiting museums is just another way to get to know Lansing and the city doesn’t disappoint. There are several museums that you can visit with your family. The Impression 5 Science Center is a children’s science center housed in a historic factory. You can also find the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame dedicated to the achievements of local women. To find out more about Lansing’s contribution to the development of the automobile, head out to R. E. Olds Transportation Museum. Moreover, sitting in the historical Turner-Dodge Mansion, the Turner-Dodge House museum is a repository celebrating Lansing’s early pioneers.

Lansing’s rich and varied museum scene can also benefit from self storage. Exhibits that aren’t on display can sit in storage until they’re ready to take up center stage in the museum again. This helps to ease the strain on the storage space many of the museums can confront themselves with on the premises.

9. Sports teams

Some of Lansing’s sports teams include the Lansing Lugnuts, a minor league baseball team that plays home games at Jackson Field. College sports, affiliated with Michigan State University, cover men’s and women’s sports too. Lansing Community College sponsors sports too, with the Stars winning titles in softball, basketball, cross country and marathon.

During the off-season, local sports teams can put their sports equipment and uniforms in storage. Besides offering a place to keep them, a storage unit is a safe space for these items, helping to maintain the integrity of the equipment until they’re ready to be used again.


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