If you’re interested in moving to Lubbock, TX, you’ll discover the city is an excellent place for people who enjoy the perks that come with living in the Lone Star State, but want to steer clear of the hustle and bustle of the big cities such as Houston or Dallas. Nicknamed “Hub City,” Lubbock retains the status of the hub of economic and health care of the region while also having a small-town feel. If you’ve recently made Lubbock your home and you’re all settled into your new abode, consider a less glamorous service – self storage – to help you get a good head start. It’s useful for residents and business owners alike. A Lubbock storage unit is quite inexpensive, renting for $96/month. Let’s take a look at who can most benefit from self storage in Lubbock:

1. Residents

Here’s how self storage can help if you’re a Lubbock resident:

  • Homeowners

In Lubbock, half of the population owns a home, according to data from Census Reporter, and if you happen to have your own home here, you might find self storage a handy service. A storage unit is great to temporarily rehome seasonal items, such as bulky clothing, decorations, outdoor gear and more to make more room for the things that you use in your home. If you work remotely and need to use a home office, putting belongings that used to occupy the current workspace can help to keep your home uncluttered and breezy. You can always retrieve your belongings when you’re ready to use them again.

  • Renters

For Lubbock renters, self storage is also shaping up to be a welcome service, too. You typically enjoy less living space in an apartment compared to a single family home – which takes plenty of planning to make sure all the belongings can fit in without crowding your home. A storage unit can also help you keep items you don’t use every day away from home. Think seasonal décor, bulky clothing, bikes and more. You can retrieve them when you’re ready to use them again, all the while keeping a tidy home.

living room with big window and brown wall interior

2. Students

Several universities and colleges are located in Lubbock, with Texas Tech University being the most prominent. Lubbock is also home to Lubbock Christian University, Wayland Baptist University, South Plains College and Sunset International Biblical Institute. Through the Covenant Health System, the health care provider for West Texas and Eastern New Mexico, a school of surgical technology, school of nursing and a school of radiography are operated locally.

College students located in Lubbock can use self storage to keep some of their belongings away from their abodes. With space being limited in dorm rooms or even in apartments shared with roommates, they can keep bulky and seasonal items in a storage unit to avoid cluttering their living space. Moreover, they can also store all their belongings over the summer when it’s time to go back home. This can save students a costly and logistically challenging move.

3. Local manufacturing industry

Located in the heart of America and also close to the BNSF railway, Lubbock claims a thriving manufacturing branch. Distributors are conducting their business in Lubbock’s Business Park and Rail Port, located just a mile away from the Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport. This makes it easier to ship goods across the country.

For manufacturing businesses, the self storage industry can also lend a hand in easing their workflow. A storage unit can hold excess materials and finished products until they’re ready to go on their next step to reach the customer. This can considerably ease daily operations as it helps companies in the manufacturing business to better manage their space and their merchandise.

4. Real estate construction companies and contractors

In the past decade, Lubbock has had an active real estate development market, with the city seeing notable deliveries across all real estate fronts. The retail sector has been the most prolific, adding about 3M square feet of new space for the 2012-2022 decade, followed by industrial construction with over 2.7M square feet delivered. On the residential side, Lubbock registered over 14K single-family home and 9K multi-family home construction permits. The self storage sector followed suit, adding about 1.5M square feet.

For construction companies and contractors, self storage can also help their business in Lubbock. Keeping building materials and tools in a storage unit near the construction site can help streamline daily workflow. This saves them plenty of time that they’d spend transporting these items from a more distant location.

5. Festivals and event organizers

Lubbock is also home to several festivals and events throughout the year, with the Independence Day festival – hosted on July 4th – being the largest free festival in Texas. There is a morning parade, a street fair on Broadway Avenue and a concert with fireworks for the evening. You can also attend the South Plains Fair, which takes place annually and it includes music, theme-park rides and festival food. Livestock and agricultural contests take place, too. Another notable local event is the National Cowboy Symposium and Celebration, which is dedicated to the Old West cowboy.

Event and festival organizers in Lubbock are faced with the challenge of storing festival gear and other items related to these events when they’re over. And self storage offers the perfect solution: they can keep all those items in a storage unit until it’s time for them to shine again at the following event.

6. Performance venues

Thanks to its rich music history and more, Lubbock has “West Texas Walk of Fame” within Buddy and Maria Elena Holly Plaza located in the Depot District. The city is still supporting the local music scene, with the Cactus Theatre and The Blue Light Live venues. You can also find the Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences, built in recent years. Moreover, the Texas city also has a symphony orchestra, founded in 1946 that’s performing at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center Theatre.

 View of the Buddy Holly Center at Lubbock, Texas
View of the Buddy Holly Center at Lubbock, Texas

When they’re in the off-season, performance venues and their musicians need a place to keep some of the furniture, musical instruments and more. As these items tend to be more sensitive, they need a special place to keep them. Climate-controlled units are ideal for them, helping to ward off the negative effects of heat and humidity.

7. Museums

Lubbock has a little bit of something for history buffs too, with several museums located here. The city is home to the Museum of Texas Tech University, the Silent Wings Museum, featuring the glider program from the Second World War. With its history steeped in music, Lubbock also has the Buddy Holly Museum, dedicated to the history of rock’n’roll.

Local museums can also see the benefits of using self storage. As floor space can only hold so much, there’s a need for extra space to keep items that aren’t on display. This is where self storage can help to keep them safe. Putting them in climate-controlled storage units can help preserve the integrity of historical artifacts.

8. Outdoor fans

Lubbock benefits from excellent weather year-round and a natural setting that encourages exploring and being out and about. That makes it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts to get active and have fun. You can visit the Buffalo Springs Lake, a lakeside park. This spot allows you to explore its trails, have a beach day, go boating and more. Moreover, just a few hours away, you can find Palo Duro Canyon and Caprock Canyon, excellent hiking and biking locations. If camping is to your liking, you can eye the Lubbock Memorial Arboretum, Lubbock RV Park, Maxey Park and other campgrounds.

Exploring the outdoors is fun, but keeping all your gear inside your Lubbock home can pose all kinds of logistical challenges. Instead, you can keep your hiking and biking gear in a storage unit when you’re not out and about. The same applies if you’re considering boat storage – a climate-controlled unit is ideal in this case. If you own a campervan, you can put your RV in storage when you’re not hitting the road, to keep it safe and in good shape.


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