Your bedroom needs to be the most relaxing room in your home. Even if space is not on your side, you can still get creative with the furniture setup and the organization of your belongings to turn your bedroom into a functional yet pleasing room. Here are some ideas to help you maximize storage in your bedroom:

1. Consider a Murphy bed

A space-saving solution for smaller bedrooms, the Murphy bed is a timeless classic. The original model might have been forsaken in favor of the modern one, as it provides a foldout bedframe that not only saves you space but also changes the daytime look in your bedroom. If you choose to keep it as is, treat the bed framework like a regular wall by painting it, draping it with textiles and decorating it with artwork.

Murphy bed

2. Add a tiny library to your headboard

Why not take advantage of this space that naturally comes with your bed to use it for nifty storage? You can either use a custom-made headboard with shelves or make it a special project if you enjoy dabbling into DYI. A bookcase headboard can not only host books but also all kinds of knickknacks.

3. Use bed raisers

Expand storage under the bed by elevating your mattress with bed risers and turning this space into a hidden storage area. You can place here winter clothes, additional bedding and other items you’re not routinely using. However, you might discover that you still can’t make room for all of your possessions here. Avoid cluttering your home by using self storage to keep items until they’re needed.

4. Make good use of the foot of the bed

Squeeze in a little extra storage space by adding a storage bench at the foot of the bed. It won’t take up much space, and you’ll be happy to have a furniture piece that pulls double duty: You have instantly created hidden storage and you will also have a spot for your clothes for the next day.

foot-of-the-bed bench

5. Turn your dresser into a nightstand

Move your dresser next to your bed and you have instantly created a nightstand! It’s a win-win design choice: You get a spot to keep all your essentials next to you before going to sleep, and you can stash out-of-season clothes and accessories you use less often.

6. Store more in your drawers

With a little creativity, you can organize and maximize storage space inside your dresser. Buy a honeycomb organizer for your smaller items. This way your socks will be easy to find, and each pair will have its own designated spot. If you enjoy a good DIY project, why not make your own organizer? With the help of cardboard strips from an upcycled box, slices of PVC pipe and small organizers, you can keep the contents of each drawer tidy and organized.

7. Explore up all the storage opportunities in the closet

If your closet comes with limited space, you can hang a rod and even add a shelf. If space allows, add a secondary rod for skirts or other short clothing items. To gain additional space, you can use a chain to link hangers together.

organized closet

8. Use tennis balls to store shoes

Your closet doors are the perfect spot to create a new home for your shoes. Attach tennis balls either to the wall — if you have the room — or to the closet door and use them to hang shoes. Due to their round shape and the fuzzy coating, your shoes are protected and can stay in shape. Did we mention this is a great space-saving storage solution?

9. Clothes and accessories can turn into décor

If your bedroom space is in short supply, but your belongings aren’t, why not incorporate them into the room décor? Here are a few things you can do to gain extra storage:

  • Create an open closet
    It might not feel like a great idea at first, but with some color coordination and the right combination of clothing, you can create a stylish new area of your room
  • Put scarves on display
    Turn a clothes hanger into a multi hanger! All you need are some shower rings inserted on the lower bar of the hanger. Use each one as a scarf holder. From now on, you can easily find them and even get a compliment or two from anyone visiting.
  • Line your wall with hats
    Instead of allowing hats to take up precious closet space, create a wall display for your hats using commander hooks. They attach easily to the wall without damaging it upon removal.
  • Show off your handbags on open shelves
    Storing your hats is easier when you treat them as décor. Turn an entire row of shelves into purse city or hang them on hooks if you prefer it.

10. Add a leaning ladder

A slim leaning ladder provides precious storage space, be it for shoes, clothes or other items. You can even hang some of your purses to the sides without adding any additional DIY on your part.

leaning ladder in a bedroom

11. Go for narrow shelves

There are plenty of storage options for the tight spaces in your home. Instead of adding bulky furniture to your bedroom, pick a slim floating shelf to add more storage options for books or other items. If you have room underneath, you can place a basket for a stylish and practical look. You can also install high shelving in the dead space above the doorway to store books or other items that you don’t use daily. They also provide an interesting décor feature.


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