Key takeaways:

  • Arlington, VA, is the best city for newlyweds, thanks to a combination of factors including lasting marriages, housing, employment, recreation and more
  • The East Coast and the West top the charts, being home to 9 of the 10 best cities for new couples in 2022
  • Lincoln, NE is the only Midwestern city to make the top 10

With the wedding season in full bloom, many Americans are excited to tie the knot and start their married lives together. Love might be what gets you to say “I do,” but once the confetti settles, it’s time for newlyweds to think of a place to settle down. Many couples enjoy starting afresh in a new location, and that location often becomes one of the building blocks of their relationship. Areas rich in job opportunities, housing options, entertainment potential and plenty of other family-orientated people can easily offer the right context for newlyweds to thrive.

But can all places cater to the needs of newlyweds? To see where the chances are brighter for a young couple, we’ve looked at the largest cities with a population of over 200K and ranked them based on the potential of a place to foster financially sustainable routines in an amenity-rich environment that invites an active lifestyle. Specifically, we factored in data related to marriage and divorce status, incomes, housing availability and costs, employment rates, cost of electricity and gas, access to restaurants, indoor and outdoor recreation opportunities, air quality and online interest for couple-oriented activities. We’ve also considered self storage, as newlyweds will often need to combine the contents of two residences into one, losing some living space in the process.

After factoring in all these metrics, Virginia emerged as a true sweetheart state for newlyweds. The state took three of the 10 best spots for newlyweds – including the number one position – with California and Arizona close on its heels, each occupying two positions in the ranking. While each of these locations possesses distinctive appeal, what they have in common is that they can all successfully combine housing, employment and recreation opportunities in a great environment that supports young couples.

In addition to these hotspots, there are some strong contenders in other parts of the country as well, for example Seattle, WA, and Lincoln, NE. Here’s a closer look at the best cities for newlyweds in 2023, in case you’re looking for a new place to call home after tying the knot.

Arlington, VA, steals the #1 spot for newlyweds, with two other Virginia cities also opening their arms to new couples

Arlington stands out as the best city for newlyweds, reinforcing the state’s slogan once again: “Virginia is for lovers.” The city distinguishes itself thanks to a mix of factors that support relaxed lifestyles, including high incomes, a strong job market, plenty of housing options and great recreation opportunities. As it turns out, 44% of the population is married and, at 9%, the share of divorced population is one of the lowest in the country. 25-44-year-olds make up 39% of the local population, making it easy for young couples to socialize with like-minded peers. At 2.1%, the unemployment rate is also one of the lowest in the country, an indicator that the job market is strong and can support the local population well, with the public sector and the burgeoning tech market providing enticing employment opportunities.

In fact, at $134K/year, the household income of people most likely to get married (25- to 44-year-olds) is one the highest in the country, much above the national average that is now sitting at $77K/year. Local newlyweds also stand a good chance at finding a home, with about 0.5 unit per capita available in Arlington.

Recreation is often a big part of newlyweds’ lives and living in Arlington offers plenty of ways they can enjoy their free time. With 2.3 restaurants and 0.3 amusement/recreation venues per 1,000 people, be they bowling alleys or country clubs, Arlington is an excellent city to have a date night in. Young couples can also easily stay in shape here, especially with Arlington ranking as one of the best cities for leading an active lifestyle. There are also 2.5 improved trails per 10K people, with the famous Mt. Vernon Trail and the Potomac Overlook Trail standing out as top options for getting out and about.

Another Virginia city where young couples benefit from a perfect background is Virginia Beach. This coastal hotspot will have newlyweds feeling like they’re living a perpetual honeymoon, as amenities abound. Newlyweds are in good company here, with a little over half the local population being married. Also, a third of the locals are aged 25-44, giving them ample opportunity to find similar married couples to befriend. With a 2.8% unemployment rate, Virginia Beach is a prime spot to find work, with real estate, defense and tourism as the main economy sectors locally. After securing employment, finding a place to live is probably next on the list of priorities for a new couple. There are about 0.4 housing units per capita in Virginia Beach, and with a median price of $239K, homes cost below the national average. Renting a 2-bedroom apartment costs about $1,600/month, well within the budget of 25-44 year-olds, who bring home over $82K/ year per household. The electricity bill costs an average of around $184/month and a gallon of gas currently comes out at $3.6. And speaking of expenses, renting a storage unit in Virginia Beach, VA, costs around $113/month, less than the national average of $127/month.

For a night on the town, you can find plenty of restaurants to grab a bite in as there are 2.4 dining venues per 1,000 people. The equivalent figure is 0.3 for amusement and recreation spots per 1,000 people — which can include marinas, golfing courses, country clubs, bowling centers and more besides. For anyone who wants to spend time in nature, Virginia Beach is rich in ways to enjoy the great outdoors. The city boasts an impressive 6.5 parks per 10K residents and offers 0.2 miles of car-free roadways per 10K people in the parks. If playing volleyball is more to your liking, the city has about 1.3 nets per 10K locals.

Happy Young Couple Holding Hands Runs out of Their Home onto the Terrace with the Seaside View in Virginia Beach, VA

Virginia Beach’s inland neighbor, Chesapeake can tug at the heartstrings of freshly wedded couples in search of a place to settle down that combines a great mix of amenities. It boasts one of the highest rates of married people (54%) in our ranking and also a low proportion of divorced population  (12%). Locals in the age range where most marriages occur (25-44 year-olds) make a sizeable $95K/year per household, which means they have more disposable income to dedicate to couple activities. That’s because the city excels at entertainment, with 1.8 restaurants and 0.2 amusement and recreation venues per 1,000 people. Young couples can also enjoy the outdoors and spend quality time together here, as the city boasts an impressive distribution of tennis venues (4.4 courts/10K people) and basketball courts (12 hoops/10K locals). Pickleball is also popular here, with 1.3 courts available per 10K residents. And for those looking to go hiking, biking or to simply exploring a nature trail, Chesapeake has about 3.4 parks per 10K locals.

CA’s Irvine and two Silicon Valley cities get high marks for newlywed-friendly settings

Dreamy California is not far off the radar of newlyweds, with Irvine positioning itself as a particularly desirable place for those looking for a fresh start in a new location. The odds are in favor of those saying “I do” here – half of the population is married, and the city has the second-lowest share of divorced population rate among the cities in our study. Housing is pricier than is usual for a Californian city, but the high annual household income of about $119K/year helps to offset it. And if newlyweds consider renting, Irvine is not only great as a city where you can put money aside when you live in a 2-bedroom apartment, but it also excels in terms of apartment amenities.

For city-like entertainment, couples can sample the varied dining options, whether they go for Brazilian, Mexican, Indian, Japanese or Vietnamese food, to mention just a few of the options from the rich culinary tapestry of the city. Variety is complemented by the large number of venues in town, with about 2.4 restaurants per 1,000 locals, above the national average of 1.7 per 1,000 people.

Happy couple sitting outdoors on terrace restaurant, talking in Irvine, CA

Irvine shines for its natural landscape and the outdoor opportunities it affords couples who enjoy staying active in nature. In fact, Irvine is the best city in our ranking for the availability of basketball hoops, with about 17 of them per 10K residents. Moreover, it comes second for its improved trails, with 14.6 miles of manicured trails per 10K people, where couples can hike and mountain bike thanks to the City of Irvine’s dedication to outdoor programs.

As a San Jose suburb, Fremont is the closest city in the area to the Silicon Valley network or business, and its various job opportunities in tech lay the groundwork for an excellent place where new couples to plant roots. As it turns out, Fremont has the highest share of married people, with 62% of the population living in matrimony and the lowest percentage of divorced population (6%) in our ranking. Thanks to the area’s incredible employment opportunities, people aged 25-44 in Fremont bring home the fattest paychecks, amounting to an average of $186K per year per household. With a high income at their disposal, young couples can spend time together whether they go to bowling alleys, golf courses or other places, with the city offering about 0.2 amusement and recreation venues and 1.7 restaurants per 1,000 people.

Still in the Bay Area, San Francisco is not only a popular Californian city to live in but it’s also an excellent location for newlyweds. A high percentage of the population is married (40%) and very few of them break their vows, registering a low percentage of divorced population (9.4%) across the entire population. With a 2.9% unemployment rate, San Francisco is chockful of employment opportunities for young couples, whether they’re looking to get hired in tech, entertainment, finance or another field. While living here isn’t cheap, San Francisco’s 25-44 year-olds earn the second-highest household wages, bringing home $173K per year. Newlyweds also have plenty of options in terms of housing, with about 0.5 units per person in the city. For those going for an apartment, living space can be less generous here, with only 737 square feet offered, below the national average of 887 square feet. Self storage can supplement living space, allowing them to store items that see less-frequent use. Renting a storage unit in San Francisco, CA, costs, on average, $270/month.

When the day’s dust settles, San Francisco is an ideal place for newlyweds to reconnect for a date night. That’s because The City by the Bay has the most restaurants in our list, with 3.8 dining venues per 1,000 people. Golfing, bowling and other activities are also all well within reach for newlywed couples, with around 0.3 amusement and recreation venues per 10K people.

Texas opens its arms to the newly married

For those who’ve recently said “I do,” Texas has more than one location that offers a balanced mix of features meant to entice people who are looking for a fresh start. As it happens, Plano brings the charm of a small town along with big city amenities to the table, making a compelling argument for newlyweds to find their new home here. Close to 60% of the locals are married, one of the highest rates among the 100 largest cities. People in the age range when they are most likely to marry earn close to $100K per year, making living here comfortable. The cost of gas is low here – at $3.7 per gallon – and so is self storage, with a Plano storage unit averaging $106/month.

Getting romantic is easy in Plano, with the city having a high number of restaurants related to population as it numbers 2.7 dining joints and 0.2 amusement and recreation venues per 1000 residents. Plano is also well-equipped to respond to the needs of young couples who are fans of the outdoors. The city boasts about 3.4 miles of improved trails and 4 tennis courts per 10K residents. For basketball fans, Plano has more than 5 hoops per 10K people. Also, when the warm season comes around, young couples can cool off at any of the 0.7 swimming pools per 10K people. Offering a well-rounded living experience, Plano is shaping up to be an excellent place for the newly married, but also as they progress in life, given that Plano is the best city to raise a family in.

Young Smiling Couple Wearing Helmets On Theirs Heads Riding On The Bicycles In Park in Plano, TX

The youthful atmosphere of Austin, known as the “Live Music Capital of the World,” is the best place to be for newlyweds. About 42% of locals are married and people aged 25-44 make up 40% of the population, which places young couples looking to move here in good company. With Austin’s real estate sector booming in the past decade, the city is well-equipped to respond to the needs of those moving here, whether they’re following the popular CA to TX moving corridor or they’re coming here from elsewhere. There are close to 0.5 housing units per person here and even though the cost of real estate is less affordable than it is used to be, the high household income ($89K/year) of the 25-44 year-olds is likely to help them make a good living here. Electricity bills average $153/month and gas is a lot cheaper than in many other places, at $3.5/gallon.

Austin offers a wide range of romantic opportunities for couples, whether we’re talking access to dining venues (2.2 restaurants/1,000 ppl) or amusement and recreation-related activities (0.3K/1,000 locals). Besides golf courses, bowling alleys and country clubs, Austin boasts events such as music festivals – think more than 15 of them a year – that create a vibrant and exciting atmosphere.

Sunny Arizona is where after-the-wedding romance can also bloom

As a city that has seen a serious economic revival, boosted by its warmer climate, a vibrant downtown and a lively entertainment scene, Scottsdale has been showing up as a great place to live, making its amenities attractive to newlyweds too. A little over half of residents here are married and the share of divorced locals is low. Scottsdale boasts the second-highest housing inventory when you factor in population, with close to 0.6 housing units per capita available here. Homes are not cheap, but they’re still more affordable than in other hyped-up places such as the US’s large coastal hubs. In addition, Scottsdale boasts an impressive inventory of high-end apartments, making it a desirable place for multifamily living. The local unemployment is low (2.5%) and incomes of 25-44-year-olds surpass the $100K mark annually, making it one of the best places for newlyweds to realize their earning potential. The average electricity bill hovers around $185 and a gallon of gas costs $3.50, one of the nation’s lowest price tags for fuel.

Newlyweds are best positioned to keep the romance alive here, because Scottsdale comes first for amusement and recreation opportunities, with 0.6 of them per 1,000 people. There’s something to do for couples of every stripe, from attending classical concerts to standup comedy shows, playing escape games, hot air ballooning and more. Arizona’s Boardwalk is the city’s main entertainment location, where shopping, events and dining also take place. Scottsdale is also a great place for outdoor enthusiasts, with hiking (9 miles of natural trails/10K people), swimming (0.2 swimming pools/10K people) and golfing among the more popular activities.

Young couple at golf court

Scottsdale’s neighbor, Gilbert, is also painting a great picture for young couples looking for a place to settle down. It sports the second-highest share of married people (58%), and people in the age range when most marriages occur make up almost a third of the residents. With an exceptionally low unemployment rate (2.4%), the freshly married stand a good chance of finding a job. Besides, they’d bring home a sizeable household income of almost $108K/year, which can help them face the vagaries of a more challenging real estate market. As far as entertainment goes, there are 0.2 amusement and recreation venues per 10K locals and about 1.7 restaurants per 1,000 people here.

Lincoln, NE, is the only Midwestern top-10 city for newlyweds

Lincoln, NE, is the only city representing the Midwest in the race to be the best place for newlyweds. It has been named one of the best places to live in Nebraska in 2023, making it a safe bet for the freshly married starting a new life. A large chunk of the population here is either married (45%) or in the highly marriageable 25-44-year-old age range (27%), providing good company for couples who want to move here. Moreover, the city has one of the lowest unemployment rates on our list (2%), making it a good place to find a job. Homes come with an affordable average price ($207K), which could entice newlyweds looking to own their home. The city combines access to quiet neighborhoods with exciting entertainment opportunities, as there are about 1.8 restaurants per 1,000 people and 0.3 amusement and recreation venues per 1,000 people, making it easy to find places for dining and shopping here.

couple with shopping bags in Lincoln, NE

San Francisco, CA, and Honolulu, HI, cities give newlyweds the most diverse dinner date opportunities

While securing housing and employment are essential to ensuring the livelihood of young couples in any location, having access to activities that help allow couples to spend time together is equally important to their well-being. Therefore, we also looked at the most common Google searches for couples activities, and the winner is “romantic restaurants near me.” While we can’t account for the romantic factor, looking at the number of restaurants gives an indication of how likely newlyweds are to have a variety of options for eating out.

As it turns out, some cities fare better than others at providing a wide palette of dining options. San Francisco, home to several Michelin-starred places, comes first for the number of restaurants related to population, with 3.8 dining venues per 1,000 people. In second place is Honolulu, with 3.5 restaurants per 1,000 people. The city has a unique blend of food cultures, and a Hawaiian chef brought home the James Beard award in 2023. Back on the West Coast, Seattle snatches the third position, boasting 3.4 restaurants per 1,000 people.

Self storage can assist newlyweds in starting a new life

As two people become a married couple, they’re likely bringing the belongings from two households under the same roof, and that can pose logistical challenges. Especially if they go for apartment living, they might not be able to fit all their possessions – for example bulky clothing, outdoor gear or special collections – inside their new living space. That’s where self storage can come in and help them better manage everything. These types of items can sit in a storage unit until they can be used again. Self storage rents vary based on location, with some cities offering more competitive rates than others. Renting a storage unit in San Francisco, CA, or New York City, NY, can be more costly than in other places. If you need a storage unit in Pittsburgh, PA ($117/month), Richmond, VA, ($112/month), Minneapolis, MN ($112/month), or Orlando, FL ($121/month), you might discover that local rates are below national averages.

Self Storage Rates in Largest US Cities

RankCitySelf Storage Street Rate (10x10)
1Tulsa, OK$80
2Oklahoma City, OK$82
3Bakersfield, CA$83
4Wichita, KS$87
5Omaha, NE$88
6Lubbock, TX$89
7Greensboro, NC$93
8Toledo, OH$94
9Louisville, KY$95
10Raleigh, NC$96
10Columbus, OH$96
12Arlington, TX$98
12Memphis, TN$98
14Lincoln, NE$99
15Houston, TX$100
16Durham, NC$101
16Garland, TX$101
16Cincinnati, OH$101
19Irving, TX$102
19Corpus Christi, TX$102
19Baton Rouge, LA$102
19Norfolk, VA$102
19El Paso, TX$102
19Winston Salem, NC$102
19Milwaukee, WI$102
26Fort Worth, TX$104
27Plano, TX$106
27Charlotte, NC$106
29Lexington, KY$110
29Albuquerque, NM$110
31Saint Louis, MO$111
31Fresno, CA$111
33Madison, WI$112
33Minneapolis, MN$112
33Kansas City, MO$112
33Richmond, VA$112
37Virginia Beach, VA$113
38Chesapeake, VA$114
38Mesa, AZ$114
38San Antonio, TX$114
41Cleveland, OH$115
42Colorado Springs, CO$116
43Boise City, ID$117
43Pittsburgh, PA$117
45Dallas, TX$119
46St Paul, MN$120
46Spokane, WA$120
48Orlando, FL$121
48Glendale, AZ$121
50Aurora, CO$122
51Jacksonville, FL$123
52Austin, TX$124
52Tampa, FL$124
52Reno, NV$124
55Buffalo, NY$125
56Tucson, AZ$126
57Nashville, TN$127
58Baltimore City, MD$128
59Gilbert, AZ$129
59North Las Vegas, NV$129
61Phoenix, AZ$130
62Las Vegas, NV$134
63Stockton, CA$135
64Henderson, NV$137
64Newark, NJ$137
66Denver, CO$138
66Chicago, IL$138
68Riverside, CA$141
69Saint Petersburg, FL$142
70Chandler, AZ$143
71Portland, OR$151
72Atlanta, GA$152
73Detroit, MI$154
74Sacramento, CA$155
75Philadelphia, PA$156
76New Orleans, LA$157
77Washington, DC$165
78Irvine, CA$167
79Fremont, CA$174
80Hialeah, FL$175
81San Jose, CA$178
82Scottsdale, AZ$181
83Anchorage, AK$184
84Santa Ana, CA$185
85Miami, FL$186
86Chula Vista, CA$187
87San Diego, CA$189
87Boston, MA$189
89Santa Clarita, CA$194
90Long Beach, CA$195
91Anaheim, CA$197
92Seattle, WA$207
93Oakland, CA$208
94Jersey City, NJ$219
95Arlington, VA$230
96New York City, NY$253
97Los Angeles, CA$265
98San Francisco, CA$270
99Honolulu, HI$276
Source: StorageCafe analysis of Google Ads and Yardi Matrix data


There are many top places that newlyweds can happily call their new home, but what unites them is whether they can combine an environment that provides access to housing, career building and recreational opportunities — including cultural, dining, shopping and outdoor opportunities that eventually contribute to the well-being of the couple as they cover a well-rounded living experience. While some big cities made the cut, mid-size cities were able to score more points for their balanced mix of features ideal for newlyweds.

Check out how each of the largest cities fared in terms of offering a great environment for newlyweds:


What the experts are saying

Here's what two experts have to say about the best places for newlyweds:

Madhavi Menon, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychology & Neuroscience, Nova Southeastern University


1. What are the main aspects of a place that make it great for newlyweds?

Madhavi Menon, Ph.D.
Prof. Madhavi Menon, Ph.D.

For most young couples, living in a place that has ample job opportunities is beneficial. Even though after the pandemic many jobs moved online, a young family will feel more secure if they are living in a city that has multiple opportunities. The neighborhood and more broadly the town or city in which one is living can have a significant influence. The role of the environmental context has long been recognized across many domains of psychology as being of particular significance to an individual. In the mid-20th century, Roger Barker (1966) argued that human behavior was radically situated, or, in other words, one could not make predictions about human behavior unless we knew what situation or context the person was in. This formed the crux of Barker’s ecological psychology school of thought. Other developmental theorists such as Albert Bandura (social learning theory) and Lev Vygotsky (socio-cultural theory) have also considered the environment (which by extension includes the city where one lives) as a crucial influence on the individual experience. Urie Bronfenbrenner (1977) also posited that an individual developed within a context or ecology in his model of human development. Bronfenbrenner's ecological systems theory views development as a complex system of relationships affected by multiple levels of the surrounding environment, from immediate settings of family and school to broad cultural values, laws, and customs. While the family and peers had a proximal ‘microsystemic’ influence, the city had a more distal ‘macrosystemic’ influence.

2. Which city features can nurture long-lasting marriages?

A successful marriage is one where there is a true partnership between the couple, and this can be fostered by prioritizing open communication, mutual respect, commitment, and appreciation for each other. I believe that if these building blocks are in place, the actual city or area in which a couple lives is less important as it has a more distal macrosystemic influence. However, while the location may not directly influence or affect the marriage, it does have a more indirect effect. Safety, community resources, and economic/occupational and recreational opportunities can all help create an environment that is supportive of young families.

3. What advice would you like to share with newlyweds?

The newlywed years are very important and form the foundation for the relationship. There is considerable research that suggests that the early years of the marriage can foreshadow the long-term fate of the union. For instance, Huston’s research (2001) suggests that the intensity of the newlyweds’ romance as well as their expression of negative feelings towards one another could predict if the couple was happy in the marriage thirteen years later (for those that stayed in the marriage), and the status of their marriage prior to the separation/divorce (for those who were not together). Huston and colleagues found that couples who remained married over a period of at least 13 years experienced very few changes over the first two years of marriage in their feelings of love for their spouse, the amount of affection they expressed toward their spouse, and the extent to which they perceived their spouse as responsive to their needs. In contrast, those who divorced experienced steep declines in affection and love over the first two years of their marriage and came to see each other as much less responsive to each other's needs. Thus, based on the research, the early years of the relationship are very important. I would encourage newlyweds to keep all communication lines open, respect each other, and be unconditional in their regard for each other. And try not to sweat the small stuff!

Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil, Ph.D., Relationship and Marriage Counselor and Author of “Make Up, Don’t Break Up”

1. What are the main aspects of a place that make it great for newlyweds?

Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil
Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil. Ph.D.

The aspects that make a place great for newlyweds include having enough activities but not so many that intimacy is compromised by the distraction and distancing. An ideal honeymoon spot is a place for enjoying quiet time and for balancing shared experiences with individual space, for finding peace to nurture the intimacy and getting over the exhaustion from the wedding and all its preparations. It is a place where you can have a choice to chill or to participate in activities, depending upon your preference.

2. Which city features can nurture long-lasting marriages?

Cities that help marriages last encourage shared activities and new experiences, adventure, novelty, excitement, beautiful vistas and nature. Examples include engaging in sports together and being spectators at sports events, watching a play at a theater or going to a museum. A city may encourage sharing new experiences to strengthen compatibility, so a spouse should be open to new experiences suggested by their partner even if they are not usually their style! This builds compatibility, even if the two spouses are not initially so compatible.

3. What advice would you like to share with newlyweds?

The typical honeymoon stage lasts only 18 months - 2 years. Then, a couple needs to recreate those chemicals we make when we are truly happy or in love to keep on “feeling” and falling back in love with your partner. A passionate physical relationship is the ’glue’ in a marriage. Always make time for it — plan it so it happens! Just like you planned it during courtship. Also, fight fairly as you walk in the other’s shoes, bringing solutions instead of blaming. This should be done in the form of weekly ‘check-ins.’

Carol Morgan, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Communication, Wright State University

Morgan Carol
Morgan Carol, Ph.D.

1. What are the main aspects that make a place great for newlyweds?

There is no "one-size-fits-all" answer to this question. Most people would probably say the newlyweds should go somewhere they find romantic. But the term "romantic" is different for everyone. Some couples might love going to a beach and sitting by the ocean. Others might think taking a trip to Venice, Italy is romantic. The most important thing is that both sets of people agree on where they want to go and are excited about it. I would say the main aspect is that a couple should discuss the features of the best place for them and then work together to find it.

2. Which city features can nurture long-lasting marriages?

It's important to never stop "dating" even when you are married. Unfortunately, a lot of people get lazy when they're married and forget to be romantic with one another. So, I would say that any city that features something fun for a couple to do together is important. For some people, that means a big, bustling city with lots of options for activities. But others they may prefer a more rural setting closer to nature. You can really have a date night anywhere you want. The important thing is that both people enjoy doing similar things.

3. What advice would you like to share with newlyweds?

The biggest piece of advice I have is to always put in effort into your marriage every day. Marriages are like plants. You have to water a plant every day or else it will die. The same is true for relationships. You can't just ignore your spouse on a regular basis and expect your marriage to survive. But as long as both people are committed to putting in the effort and staying connected to one another, there is no reason their marriage can't last a lifetime.


This analysis was done by StorageCafe, an online platform that provides storage unit listings across the nation.

With this report, we investigated the best cities for newlyweds. We selected the largest cities with population of over 200K based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau, for which data was available.

We created an overall ranking of these cities from 1-99 based on the following metrics:

Google searches for couples' activities reflect the April 1, 2022 - March 31, 2023 period.

We used the 25-44-year-old age bracket to identify the most likely population to get married since it includes millennials, the generation most likely to marry currently. Additionally, we were able to identify their household income based on a similar age grouping from the U.S. Census.

Data on self storage (rates for a 10’x10’ unit and inventory) came from our sister division Yardi Matrix, a business development and asset management tool for brokers, sponsors, banks and equity sources underwriting investments in the multifamily, office, industrial and self-storage sectors.

Fair use and distribution

This study serves as a resource for the general public on issues of common interest and should not be regarded as investment advice. The data is true to the best of our knowledge but may change if amendments to it are made. We agree to the distribution of this content but we do require a mention in return for attribution purposes.


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