10'x10' Storage Units

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How big is a 10'x10' storage unit?

A 10′x10′ storage unit has a floor size of 100 square feet and a volume of 800 cubic feet, assuming it has the standard 8' height. This unit can be compared in size with a small bedroom — or you could say it's as large as half a standard garage. It is a handy size if you are switching apartments — or you are downsizing to one — as you can probably get all your belongings into this unit if you stack them carefully. Also, college students can make use of this type of unit to keep their dorm room items over summer — two students could even share such a unit if they don't own too much stuff.

How much can you fit in a 10'x10' storage unit?

These units are ideal for storing furniture from a large living room, two compact bedrooms or a small apartment. The contents of an office — computers, desks, shelves and chairs — will also fit in here. Sports fans and outdoor enthusiasts can use such a unit to store their ATV, plus camping gear and various sports equipment.

The 10'x10' storage unit is also a good fit for large families with not enough space at home for all their belongings. Things like seasonal clothing, extra furniture, holiday decorations, baby items, outdoor furniture, toys, tools, lawnmowers or snowblowers can be stored long-term in such a unit, allowing homeowners to enjoy more space at home.

Can you fit a sofa in a 10'x10' storage unit?

A 10'x10' storage unit is large enough to fit most of the models of sofas and couches out there. When storing your sofa in a storage unit, it is important that you don't stack heavy items on top. Heavy objects stored on a sofa will create dents in the cushions and can also create discoloration in that area.

Can a car fit in a 10'x10' storage unit?

A 10'x10' storage unit is too small to fit most cars, even small, compact ones. You can use this type of unit to store other vehicles, such as ATVs, snowmobiles or motorcycles. In such cases, you'll also have some space left, which you can use to store other belongings you don't use on daily basis.

How do you organize a 10'x10' storage unit?

Start by arranging any large and heavy objects — furniture, appliances, and so on — along the sides of the unit, but make sure your belongings don't touch the walls. Keep an inch or so between the walls and the stuff you are storing. Then, store the smaller and lighter things, such as lamps, decorations, clothing, shoes and so on. Avoid stacking anything on top of upholstered or expensive wooden furniture or on top of electronic devices.

How much does a 10'x10' storage unit cost?

The average monthly rent for a 10′x10′ unit, considering all such units nationwide, is about $127. However, you should know that prices between regions and storage providers vary considerably. If you intend to rent a climate-controlled unit, the price will also be slightly higher.

Do they have specials on 10'x10' storage units?

Yes, many storage facilities provide specials on their 10'x10' storage units, including discounted rates or even a month free when starting the lease contract. Some facilities may include things like a free moving truck when renting a 10'x10' storage unit. Shop around and ask the facility manager to obtain the best possible deal on your unit.

The 10'x10' storage unit is a versatile and popular size, one that can suit your storage needs in a variety of situations, from moving to long-term storage of items you still want and need, but don't use on a daily basis. Most facilities include this type of unit among their unit sizes, so it won't be difficult to rent one located close to your home. If you are storing stuff long-term in a 10'x10' storage unit, it's important that your belongings are covered or put in boxes to avoid any damage. Also, make sure that you are labeling each box. In the case of long-term storage, it's a good idea to drop by your unit periodically (once per month or so) to make sure everything is in good order.