Keeping tidy is no easy task – even more so when talking about our closets. But a cluttered closet comes with a wide range of problems none of us want, from permanently feeling like you have nothing to wear to being overwhelmed. Next, we’re looking at 10 closet decluttering tips that actually work.

1. Love or let go

Know what you love from your wardrobe – and as for the rest, learn to let it go. “Love or let go” is basically the mantra you’re supposed to follow for a perfectly curated closet, whether we are talking about your blazer collection or your goes-with-everything pair of dangly drop earrings.

2. Describe your style in 3 words or less

Next, stick to the clothes, jewelry pieces and accessories that fit that style. Keeping it simple and limiting the styles in your wardrobe will make your entire closet more versatile. Everything will be easier to match and effortless to wear when you have a defined style that suits you.

3. Try on your clothes

In order to make the right decisions, take your time – and that means, try on everything you own. How do you feel in each item of clothing? Confident, attractive, comfortable? If it meets all the criteria, it’s a keeper. Save nothing but the best.

4. Opt for a uniform

The easiest way to get dressed in the morning while also making sure you look the part is to rely on a uniform. This uniform has to be suitable with your lifestyle, whether you are a CEO in the business world or a stay-at-home care worker. Whether your uniform looks like a classic button-down, blazer and pencil skirt or skinny jeans and a funky tee paired with slides, what matters is that your wardrobe includes at least 3-4 versions of this look – the kind of look you can always count on.

5. Switch to slow fashion and quality clothing

Basically, don’t buy trends. Fashion crazes fade right away and trendy pieces are never good long-term investments. This rule applies to both clothing and jewelry. It is always safer and smarter to opt for classics rather than the new “it” items celebs are sporting. So, stick to your pair of trusted stud earrings and say “no, thanks” to massive chain jewelry that isn’t versatile in order to keep a curated closet.

6. Be brutal

When it comes to donating (or converting your old clothes into cleaning rags), there’s no time to get sentimental. Be brutal, be highly critical, and be smart. Make appropriate piles including for donating and for throwing away (if beyond repair), and only keep the items that look fab, bring you joy and work with your lifestyle.

7. Curb your temptation

When you’re following the wrong influencers that promote shopping for trends instead of quality classics, the temptations are high. Advertising adds to this problem. So if you are committed to keeping a closet in line with slow fashion principles, then following inspirational, sustainability-focused influencers is the way to go.

8. The “30 wear” test

Whenever shopping for something new, there is a simple test you can apply in order to decide if the item is worth your investment. Ask yourself: “Will I wear it 30 times?”. If the answer is YES, go ahead – it means it is a versatile piece that will get a lot of use.

9. Rent out special occasion wear

Following on the previous point, many things in your wardrobe probably get worn far less than 30 times – or even less than 5. In such cases, the financial investment is simply not worth it, plus you may want to avoid contributing to throwaway fashion. The solution: rent out special occasion wear instead of purchasing it.

10. Don’t reclutter

Now that your closet is looking neat and tidy and the curated wardrobe contains pieces you truly love, don’t fall back into cluttering habits. Stick by this simple rule: ‘one in, one out,’ which means that buying something new should push you to get rid of a similar older item. Fact is, the system of keeping a neat closet does not work unless you can visibly see progress – and accumulating more than you are donating will look again like clutter in no-time.


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