When was the last time you took a good look at your coat closet? Do you even have coats in there or do you just pile cardigans, scarves and umbrellas on top of each other until you forget what’s underneath? It’s probably not THAT bad, but odds are we all need to do a little tidying in our coat closets. Even if you have an entire room dedicated to your entry, frustration can easily occur if it’s not properly organized to make sense to all the household residents. So, regardless of its size, let these five tips motivate you to declutter and straighten up that storage space:

1. Focus on weather-related items

Traditionally, the closet located in the front hall was intended solely for outerwear, namely coats and jackets. However, times have changed. Nowadays, most of us tend to use it as a storage area for the little things that don’t seem to have a proper place in the house. But unless we’re talking about a super sparse wardrobe, the coat closet should only be storing seasonally-relevant gear. The first step is to take everything out, remove the surplus, assess what is used during the current season and put the rest away in another closet or in safe containers. If your space is very limited, don’t hesitate to keep your out-of-season clothes and accessories in a storage unit nearby so as not to overcrowd your home.

2. Invest in quality hangers

Wire hangers are out the window when it comes to your coat closet. You have to pay extra attention to what type of hangers you choose to store your beloved coats, based on how heavy and how sensitive they are. Plastic hangers come in a variety of shapes and colors, and while they may add color to your closet, they’re more suitable for lighter clothing items, such as T-shirts, casual blouses or even jeans. Wooden hangers, however, surely make a statement. These thick, curved hangers are the best choice for suits and jackets, as well as sweaters and knits, as the curves will protect the form of the garment. Last but not least, you can also purchase some multiple and tiered hangers, which are ideal for closets where space is precious or where access is limited.


3. Organize coats by length

Obviously, longer coats and jackets take up more closet space than short ones, but most of the time, we use one shelf and one pole for both, which greatly minimalizes the space. If shorter coats are stored separately on a double-hang section, where they can fit comfortably, not only will there be more space left for long coats, but also underneath, which is an ideal place to put your shoes and boots.

4. Keep the shoes off the floor

Nothing can compare to the relief of tossing your shoes on the floor after a long day of work, but once that feeling fades away, all you’ll be left with is a messy entrance. Even if you arrange them, chances are you’ll drastically reduce your closet’s storage space, which is a big no-no, especially in a small apartment. The easiest way to upgrade your entryway closet space is to invest in a shoe rack, or even build some shoe shelves yourself to fit your mudroom. Make sure you organize your shoes by activity, color, or frequency of use, whichever method suits you best, and you’ll find it much easier to just grab-and-go.

shoe shelves

5. Add purposeful drawers

In case your coat closet is lacking in the shelving department, consider adding a small piece of furniture or some compact drawers where you can keep your small items. Especially during the winter, your scarves, earmuffs or gloves are probably kept together in one place, which makes it ten times harder to find what you’re looking for when you’re in a rush. When each category has its own drawer, ideally with dividers, your seasonal accessories will be much more accessible, and the whole space will be more aesthetically pleasing.

Overall, keeping your coat closet neat and tidy can become a tedious task over time, but it ultimately relies on how creative and resourceful you are. Regardless of the space you have at hand, you can still achieve a spectacular closet makeover by following the simple tips above, and not only will you upgrade your entryway’s appearance, but you’ll cleverly declutter a small part of your home.


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