Whether you’ve always lived in Charlotte, NC, or you’ve moved there recently, self storage can assist with extra storage space. If you need to store furniture, appliances or clothing, or if you’re downsizing, setting up a home office or remodeling your home, you’ll find plenty of storage options in the Queen City. The service is quite inexpensive, with a Charlotte storage unit renting for $101/month.

Once you find your ideal unit, you should also consider the security of your belongings. While most facilities have their own security measures in place, you’ll also need a self storage lock for your personal unit. To help you find the ideal lock, we’ve put together some information on why you need a lock, the main types of locks and where you can find them in Charlotte, below:

Why do you need a self storage lock?

A self storage lock is a last-resort security measure you need to have in place to ensure that your stored belongings are safe while they’re in your unit. Self storage facilities have their own security measures in place — from gated entrances with a keypad to video surveillance and security guards — but having a lock on your unit is an extra layer of protection safeguarding your items from potential theft. Some facilities offer a storage lock as part of the rental agreement, while others don’t. Find out what their policy is and plan accordingly.

Gold padlock with code to secure storage

Types of self storage locks

You might be wondering what kind of lock to use on your storage unit when there is more than one kind on the market. Based on the type, the cost can vary tremendously from $5 to $5,000, but you should expect to pay anywhere from $30 to $150 for an average lock. Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of storage unit locks:

1. Padlocks

Padlocks are some of the most common locks — probably the ones you’re the most familiar with. They come in two types: standard and closed-shackle. The standard one has a rectangular base with a U-shaped shackle that clicks into place to lock it. It takes a combination code to unlock it. One major flaw is that the shackle is visible and can be easily broken with a bolt cutter, making it less secure. Alternatively, a closed-shackle padlock has a thicker shackle that’s protected by an outer casing, which makes this type of lock more secure. A closed-shackle padlock costs between $40 and $130.

2. Cylinder locks

Cylinder locks are some of the most secure options for a storage unit. They are probably the most easily recognizable type of lock as they look very similar to ones you have on your front door. Their locking mechanism is inside, making them more secure. They use various lengths of pins that move in a certain way to lock and unlock when the right key is used. They take power tools to install or repair, which means that they take a little more work, but they provide an added level of protection.
Some facilities have already adopted this locking system, especially those that are built specifically to be compatible with a cylinder lock. You can either ask if the facility offers them for sale or you can shop for one elsewhere. A cylinder lock can go for anywhere between $45 and $350.

3. Disc locks

Disc locks come with a locking mechanism similar to that of padlocks, with the shackle mostly protected from exposure. They come with a tight shackle that fits snuggly around the storage unit door, which makes it difficult for bolt-cutting or other potential tampering. Thanks to their typical stainless-steel makeup, the locking mechanism also comes with antipick pins. Their security and ease of use makes them a popular option with self storage facilities and customers alike.

However, they need to be compatible with the door latches of the unit. If you intend to use a disc lock, check with your facility of choice first to see if this type of lock can be used on your storage unit. Rates vary from $40 to $400 for a disc lock.

Combination lock on a self storage door

4. Smart locks

Smart locks are a high-tech option that combines security and convenience for both the customer and the self storage facility. They do not require a physical locking mechanism to be changed or removed, allowing tenants the ability to access their unit through their smartphone or a key fob. They might require the use of an app or even GPS location to unlock the storage unit, some of the features that help to make a smart self storage facility.

Regardless of the type of lock you pick for your storage unit, the choice of metal is also relevant for the type of unit you’re renting. For outdoor units, which are exposed to the elements, go for a brass lock, which is better equipped to withstand heat, cold and moisture. For an indoor unit, you don’t need to worry about exposure to the elements. Therefore, a stainless-steel lock is ideal from the perspective of durability.

Where can you find self storage locks in Charlotte, NC?

Whether you are getting a lock right at your storage facility or buying it at a local store, we’ve narrowed down the list of the best places to find a lock in Charlotte below.

Self storage facilities

Many self storage facilities offer storage unit locks as part of the monthly rent, or they have them for sale. Here are some that come with either option:

1. South End Self Storage

When you’re renting from South End Self Storage, you’re able to buy storage locks from their office. Additionally, the facility offers packing and moving supplies, including box cutters, furniture covers, packing tape and more. You can find small, medium-sized and large units here, which can also be rented online. Moreover, the facility benefits from video surveillance and monitored gate access.

2. Smartlock Self Storage

Smartlock Self Storage offers an electronic smart lock for their units. Locking and unlocking your unit requires you to download the app. No key is needed to access the unit. The facility has two Allen locations that offer round-the-clock access to their units. Climate control and drive-up storage are also available as well as parking for vehicles, RVs and trailers.

3. Mini Mall Storage

At Mini Mall Storage facilities, you can also find storage unit locks for purchase alongside other items. Packing supplies are also available here, whether you’re looking for boxes, bubble wrap or furniture covers. For your peace of mind, the facilities are fully fenced in, come with a keypad entry code at the gate and benefit from video surveillance and alarm systems at a few locations. You can rent month-to-month, and among other features, climate-controlled units are also available.

4. Safe Nest Storage

At Safe Nest Storage facilities, you can also find storage locks at their office to buy for your unit. If you’re moving, boxes, furniture covers, packing tape and more are available. You can rent month-to-month, with contactless storage rental also being available. You can choose from small, medium or large units, based on your current storage needs.

5. Morningstar Storage

Morningstar Storage is another self storage company with a presence in Charlotte where you don’t need to worry about your storage lock. Units come equipped with a cylinder lock, included in the rental price. They also offer packing supplies — from boxes of all sizes to wrapping, tape and a packing supply list. You can rent month-to-month, and you can book your unit online.

Corridor of self storage unit with blue doors

Morningstar Storage has several locations throughout the city. Here is where you can find them:

• Downtown (Lockwood)

Morningstar Storage — 928 North College Street, Charlotte, NC 28206

• Henderson

Morningstar Storage — 5800 West WT Harris Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 28269

• West Sugar Creek

Morningstar Storage — 5641 David Cox Road, Charlotte, NC 28269

• Hickory Ridge

Morningstar Storage — 5800 West WT Harris Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 28269

• Matthews Town

Morningstar Storage — 11145 Monroe Road, Matthews, NC 28105

• Fort Mill

Morningstar Storage — 930 Retail Drive, Fort Mill, SC 29715

Locksmith businesses in Charlotte, NC

Most of them offer locksmith services that include residential, automobile and commercial. Under the commercial umbrella, they provide installation services. This means you can have your self storage lock delivered to your unit and installed. It saves you making a separate appointment for installation if you’re buying the lock yourself. The One Stop Locksmith, A Devine Lock and Key and Magic Lock Locksmith are some of the local businesses that also provide this type of service for self storage facilities that offer locks included the lease. You could also inquire to see if they can install a lock on your unit if the facility you’re renting from isn’t offering this kind of feature.

Local hardware stores

You can head to Lowe’s or Home Depot, among the more traditional choices for a hardware store where you can find a self storage lock. Or, if it’s more convenient, go to a local hardware store in your neighborhood to purchase the lock. You can consider Little Hardware, Potts Hardware or Northern Tool +Equipment to shop for a lock.

While a self storage lock is small, it’s an important part of renting a self storage unit. It is vital to make sure you have the right one for your unit, whether the facility offers it or not, as it can help ensure your belongings are safe while they sit in storage.


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