Your bathroom is one of the more commonly used areas in your home. Often it can get cluttered with your toiletries or an overflowing laundry bin, especially in a smaller area. Here are some ways to keep your space more organized.

1. Use containers

Baskets, bins and trays are a great place to store loose items. Consider using a low-cost cutlery tray to stash your makeup or hairbrush. You can even use boxes found around your house to store cosmetic products, such as lotions. Plastic storage bins are an excellent option, especially since you can easily rinse them out.

2. Install a ledge over the sink

Installing a shelf will give you more room to lay out your toiletries. Consider placing your toothbrush, toothpaste or newly purchased shampoo bottles on it. Having a rack can also be helpful if you share a bathroom with your spouse or kids.

3. Try shallow shelving

Your shelves don’t have to take up a lot of room. Even narrow mantle pieces can be helpful. Your beauty products, such as shampoo bottles, only take up a few inches of space. To further maximize storage, try placing hooks under your sink to hang up your towels. Roll washcloths up and put them vertically onto the shelf.

When organizing your ledge, see if there are any used shampoo bottles or stained washcloths you can get rid of to free up additional space.

4. Make use of reflective surfaces

Add clear glass shelves with a mirrored back to make the room feel more open and inviting. Consider using a framed mirror to add a sense of elegance. They come in a variety of materials, such as wood, glass or aluminum. Also, to let more light in, place your shelves by a window. This can brighten up the room and conserve energy.

5. Be unique

When looking for storage containers, go to yard sales and antique stores. You may find interesting items such as bushel baskets, old milk boxes or cookie tins at a low cost. Craft stores like Etsy can also be great places to find unique products. Also, consider looking on online websites, such as eBay, for vintage items.

These products provide you with additional storage and also add character to your space. Plus, reusing items helps the environment.

6. Add wall storage

To save counter space, get creative with your wall storage. Hanging baskets are easy to install and can hold your toiletries or extra toilet paper rolls. Add a tension rod inside your shower and hang a caddy. This will keep your self-care items all in one easily accessible spot.

Also, consider taking advantage of unused wall space and create built-in nooks to store less frequently used items, like cleaning supplies. Spruce up your walls by using bold paint colors, such as orange or blue.

7. Utilize a tray to organize smaller items

Using a decorative tray can help keep your miniature items organized while adding a touch of style. You can place your body washes or perfume bottles there so they are easy to access but don’t take up a lot of counter space. Trays are also a convenient way to pick up and move multiple items at once. Consider adding a white lacquer tray for a more modern look.

8. Place cabinet organizers on your counter

These are an excellent way to keep your counter functional but still stylish. Plastic bins can help you lay out your cosmetic products for easy retrieval. Also, think about adding a divider to help further separate the items.

Bins help reduce the risk of accidentally knocking loose items off the sink. They also allow you more space to store cleaning products or extra toilet paper.

9. Purchase a suction-cup sponge holder

These items are perfect for holding smaller things, such as makeup. Place it on the wall right above your vanity for easy access and to free up counter space. This will also ensure products don’t get lost in a drawer or cabinet. Another bonus is the holders are easy to install and maintain.

10. Take advantage of cabinet doors

Hanging plastic containers inside your doors adds more storage. They are an excellent place for medications or bandages that take up cabinet space. You can also use these bins for loose objects, such as hair ties, to reduce the amount of clutter. Cupboard door storage is a convenient way to keep certain items out of view but still accessible.

Bathroom renovations to open up your space

While increasing your storage is one way to make your bathroom feel bigger, here are some other ways to open up your space.

  • Get a glass shower door

This can help make the room feel larger, and the reflection from the door can create more light. Also, glass doors let you see objects inside your shower and add a more classy vibe.

  • Add a backlit mirror

This is an excellent way to add natural light. Brightening up the room can give the illusion that it’s a bigger space, which is especially helpful in rooms with fewer windows. Backlit mirrors also conserve energy and can be used as a nightlight.

  • Install tile flooring

Tile flooring is a stylish way to make your space stand out. It is also a durable and water-resistant option. Another perk is the material is cost-effective and easy to maintain. Porcelain or ceramic tiles are both excellent choices that come in various styles and provide resale value to your home.

However, the tiles may be cold under your feet. Consider underfloor heating to add that extra layer of warmth.

  • Match your floor and shower tiles

Consider having your floor tiles extend into your shower. This can create continued lines that add depth to your space. It can also tie your overall design together.

  • Make the most out of your space

Bathrooms often get cluttered with toiletries and towels. This is why it is essential to use the space efficiently. You might also like to have a look at a website such as Renovated, which has lots of great advice. Next time you’re rearranging your bathroom, consider all these tips to help maximize your storage.


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