There is so much to do in and love about New Mexico’s capital, Santa Fe. Also known as “The City Different” due to its unique character, Santa Fe is well-known for a lot of fun and interesting particularities. It is the oldest capital city in the U.S., and thus has a rich local history, a variety of cultural influences and world-class signature cuisine. Hundreds of art galleries, historic sites and one-of-a-kind museums are dotted throughout the city, and they all make Santa Fe a great place to live, but also visit.

Being an incredibly rich melting pot, a city of diverse opportunities and things to do, it’s no wonder it continues to attract new residents. One thing that can make moving in easier is self storage which can prove useful both during the move and afterward as you try to make the most of your Santa Fe home.

We’ve listed below the instances when self storage can prove to be most valuable – so you can enjoy all that Santa Fe has to offer.

Exploring fantastic leisure opportunities around Santa Fe

Contrary to what most people think, Santa Fe fosters a high desert climate, making it more similar to a snow-basin than an actual desert. Winters tend to be somewhat cold, but the city gets no less than 300 days of sunshine every year. As a result, locals can experience all four seasons, and consequently, they have so much stuff to do around the city.

On the one hand, summers are perfect for hiking the Aspen Vista Trail or the Hyde Park Road, along with camping, biking and climbing, all while enjoying the stunning natural surroundings of Santa Fe. Golfing is also popular with people in the area as well as rafting on Rio Grande will also be an unforgettable experience.


During the winter, locals trade their hiking gear for skis and enjoy Ski Santa Fe, located only 16 miles away from the city center. You can also grab a snowboard, a sled or try biking or snowshoeing.

In order to be able to enjoy all these opportunities and not clutter your house with winter sports gear or camping equipment, you should consider renting a self storage unit in Santa Fe. You probably don’t need more than a standard 5’x10’ storage unit in order to keep your camping gear, skis or golf clubs safe and out of the way until the next time you need them.

Discover the old pueblo with the help of self storage

If you’re not feeling particularly in touch with nature, that’s okay, you still have more stuff to do and explore than you can imagine. Santa Fe made history in 2005 when it became the country’s first UNESCO-designated creative city. The city is known for its reverence for the arts, and one in ten jobs is actually connected to this field. The creative scene includes several dedicated districts (such as Canyon Road), and it represents one of the largest art markets in the U.S. The local opera is world-famous, and the summer season brings several art markets to the city, including the International Folk Art Market, the Contemporary Hispanic Market, the Santa Fe Art Week and the Indian Market, among others. If you happen to be a creative person passionate about the arts, you can make great use of the city’s self storage facilities in order to store anything from musical instruments, brushes and materials to costumes, paintings and collectibles.

If you’re not the artsy type, you can take your time enjoying the city itself. Like many other cities with a strong Spanish colonial heritage, Santa Fe has a central plaza filled with local restaurants, boutique shops, and street vendors. The downtown area is very pedestrian-friendly and the New Mexican cuisine is hard to beat. If you happen to be an architecture freak, Santa Fe will also amaze you with the unique designs and styles of the old pueblo villages. Furthermore, if you also happen to be a fellow architect, you should know how beneficial renting self storage is, since it’s the ideal place to store blueprints and paperwork, as well as materials and tools.


Make the most of Santa Fe’s housing market by turning to self storage

Santa Fe is divided into 41 different neighborhoods, each offering a different housing situation. Currently, there are almost 700 homes for sale in the city, according to, with prices varying from $40K all the way up to $20M. The housing market is dominated by single-family homes, but you can also find condos and townhouses dotted throughout the city. You might encounter some space-related issues with your Santa Fe home, since average homes in the area barely exceed 1,600 square feet, which is lower than the national average of 1,750 square feet.

If you’re looking to be closer to downtown, where the action is, you might find yourself compromising on space. If you are going for a smaller place, you don’t need to worry about space, since self storage can definitely come in handy. There are no less than 39 storage facilities in Santa Fe, and you can find a standard 10’x10’ unit for $169 per month, on average.

In case you’re looking to store sensitive items and valuable belongings, there are over 150 climate-controlled storage units in the city, and these are perfect for anything from books and clothes to paperwork, collectibles, vehicles and wooden furniture. It is also not uncommon for artists in Santa Fe to store their materials or finished pieces in climate-controlled storage units. Seeing that the city fosters a vibrant art scene filled with hundred of galleries, painters and artists of all kinds, this is a pretty common solution.

Santa Fe businesses can also benefit from using self storage

Santa Fe’s employment market is varied, with good job options in healthcare and government. Tourism is also particularly strong, with more than 1.5M people visiting the city every year, and this, in turn, boosts the retail industry, which brings in around $1B annually. Many local businesses can find respite in self storage as they try to optimize space and workflows. The accommodation and food services sector can use self storage to store hotel spares, rental bicycles, linens, towels, promotional materials, and all sorts of other necessary items. Likewise, the retail industry can benefit from using self storage, as they can safely store stock until it’s ready to be shipped out to shops or customers.

Companies looking to up their game and make sure their belongings are safe can opt for storage facilities with enhanced security measures. Several facilities provide security cameras, electric gates, an on-site manager and other potentially important amenities.


What unit size should I get and is it worth the price?

A 5’x5’ or a 5’x10’ storage unit could be enough for you if you’re only looking to store your sports gear, a few moving boxes and other smaller items. Think of the 5’x10’ unit as a walk-in closet and try to think whether you’d need more space. Going for the traditional 10’x10’ unit will allow you to store everything you could fit into one or two average-sized bedrooms. So, if you need a larger place to store furniture and larger items while switching apartments, this is your ideal size. Larger self storage units (10’x15’, 10’x20’, etc.) will provide you with enough room for the entire contents of a house or regular-sized vehicles.

You could get a 5’x10’ unit for as low as $60 in Santa Fe, while your average 10’x10’ space will set you back around $169. Prices for larger spaces such as 10’x20’ range from $75 to $660. Additionally, think about any amenities you might need – hey can assure you that your belongings are safe and sound. They can also make loading and unloading much more convenient and easier. Thus, consider the need for drive-up access, climate control, security cameras, etc.

Finally, taking into account that the housing market in Santa Fe is increasingly costly and competitive, with prices steadily going up, it is safe to assert that storage space is much more affordable than residential space. Additionally, by renting self storage in Santa Fe you’ll be able to keep your house organized and uncluttered all year round.

With so much to offer in terms of arts, culture, history and food, Santa Fe is a great place to live and visit. Navigating through the city’s rich economy, keeping an organized home and enjoying all that ‘The City Different’ has to offer regarding leisure opportunities will be much easier if you decide to rent a storage space now.


Matei is a creative writer for StorageCafe and has an academic background in urban development, governance and linguistics. Making use of these disparate sources of expertise, Matei has now turned towards the real estate industry, after covering the latest trends and projects in urban planning, regeneration and green city initiatives all over Europe.

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