A well-organized home represents the oasis of calm and tranquility you need, and it also requires less work to keep clean and tidy. The secret of a perfectly organized home lies, as always, in the details – the appearance of clutter and chaos is created by all the things around the house, big and small, that don’t have a designated spot.

Fortunately, there are many solutions that can help you contain the clutter and enjoy a streamlined home. Renting a self storage unit for seasonal items, sports equipment, furniture and other items you’re not currently using will help you create a bit more space in your home. As for the rest of your stuff, check out these unique ideas and gadgets that will help you maintain perfect order and find everything in your house at a glance.

1. Add extra storage to your kitchen with a compact yet sturdy shelving unit

If your kitchen is a little bit small for your needs, or if your appliances take up most of the countertop, a narrow, compact shelving unit can solve your problem. It takes up very little floor space, and can house small appliances such as toasters, blenders or coffeemakers, plus pots, pans, cups and other items.

Kitchen shelving unit

2. Turn inexpensive magazine or file holders into corner shelves

Flip magazine holders horizontally and attach them to the wall, in the corner of a room, creating a smart and compact storage unit for the knick-knacks menacing to take over your home. Pick any type of holders you prefer – mesh, plastic, cardboard or even wood. For an extra touch of glamour, you can spray paint them in your favorite shade, or pick ones that come in colorful prints.

3. Add dividers to your kitchen cabinets

Digging through your cabinets to retrieve one pan that happens to be at the bottom of a large and unstable pile of other pans is definitely not fun. Fortunately, there’s a cheap and simple solution to this problem: use some tension rods as dividers inside your cabinets and arrange your frying pans, cutting boards, and other large and flat cookware vertically. Of, if you want a more aesthetically pleasing product, you can purchase a pan organizer rack.

Kitchen cabinets

4. Undershelves expand the use of vertical space in your cabinets

Most kitchen cabinets are taller than the items you store inside, which means that almost half of the space goes unused. You can change that with the help of under shelf baskets that make the most of the space inside your cabinets or your pantry.

5. Attach shoe holders to cabinets doors

Over-the-door shoe organizers are extremely versatile and inexpensive gadgets that are great for so much more than just shoes. Basically, you can cut them up into various sizes and attach them to the back of every door in your home, be it a cabinet, pantry or wardrobe door, or even actual room doors. They can contain a variety of items that would otherwise clutter your countertops, coffee table, nightstands and other surfaces in your home.

5. Make the most of Lazy Susans

These rotating devices are available in different sizes and styles, and are either simple or tiered. The gadgets are ideal for keeping spices or cans in the pantry, condiments in the fridge, or cosmetics and personal care products in your bathroom or bedroom.

7. Use muffin tins to organize small items

Muffin tins are great for holding your small items. Slide them inside your drawers, and everything from jewelry to craft supplies or sewing kits becomes easier to organize. Whether you’re giving new life to your old muffin tins or purchasing new, inexpensive ones for this purpose, you could also use spray paint to make them look better.

8. Basket up your home

A few baskets attached to a tension rod on the wall, be it in the kitchen, hallway, bathroom or other spaces in your home will pick up a lot of clutter. From keys and glasses near the entryway to magazines and remote controls in the living room, or even fruit and veggies in the kitchen, hanging baskets by the walls will solve a lot of storage issues. And, if you’re not into making your own home accessories, you can purchase similar products online.

Baskets on shelves

9. Get a space-saving shoe rack

Shoes tend to take up a lot of space in your closet, but gadgets such as this creative, space-saving shoe rack will help you keep your shoe collection in perfect order. The rack can easily fit inside a walk-in closet, but you can also keep it in your hallway, the corner of your bedroom, and so on.

10. Use a regular shoe cabinet as a linen closet

If you’re living in a smaller house or in an apartment, you probably don’t have space for a linen closet. However, a narrow shoe cabinet that you can install in the hallway, close to the bathroom, can hold a lot of towels in an organized manner. Simply roll up your towels and arrange them inside the shoe cabinet – one can definitely hold dozens of towels.

Do you have any other ingenious secrets for turning you home into a well-organized haven? Let us know in the comments!


Maria Gatea is a real estate and lifestyle editor for Yardi with a background in Journalism and Communication. After covering business and finance-related topics as a freelance writer for 15 years, she is now focusing on researching and writing about the real estate industry. You may contact Maria via email.

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