Maybe you’ve recently been moved to a remote working job position, or perhaps you’ve gotten tired of your boring living room decor. Change is exciting and it can also refresh your energy and health. If you have decided that it’s time to freshen up your space, there are some really great ways to instantly lift your decor from ‘blah’ to voilà!

Working or living in a space that doesn’t make you feel comfortable or happy is hard on your emotions and it can damage your productivity. People who do their jobs with art around them report working 15% faster and feeling empowered and creative. Imagine how much better your daily life would be if you felt inspired by your surroundings?

Ready to change up your boring workspace or your drab living area? This list of great wall decor ideas will refresh your space and brighten your spirits!

Wall decor ideas to refresh your space

1.       Add a large piece

Large pieces of art make a big pop of color on your walls. Adding a beautiful outdoor scene or a large photograph to your wall will lighten your room and make it seem like you are working outside. Adding a big piece of art with bright colors can change your mood from heavy to bright in moments!

Large pieces of art or large images hung on the wall can make your living space or office feel like a whole new place as soon as they are hung up. You can shop for oil paintings created by thousands of emerging artists on online marketplaces like Singulart to get inspired. If you like what you see, you can purchase paintings from the artist directly.

2.       Apply some paint

Adding some paint to your walls can freshen up your space right away. You can also choose to simply paint a single wall a bright accent color. Certain colors can affect your mood differently, so choose wisely!

If you want to add some happiness to your space, consider yellow paint for your walls. If you want to feel energized, paint your walls red. For a calming mood, make sure your paint is blue.

Fancy segmented mirror on a wall3.       Hang a mirror

Mirrors can expand a space, making it seem bigger than it really is. If you have been struggling to make a room feel less claustrophobic, a mirror can solve this problem right away! Mirrors can serve as pieces of art as well because they can be framed in so many different ways. Go simple, or pick something colorful to add a little personality to your space!

4.       Create a photo wall

This is a great way to bring a sense of community or a theme to your room. Missing your friends and family? Hang up a wall of pictures that will spark memories and make you smile. If you have a vision board and want to reinforce your inspiration toward your goals, hang pictures that empower and motivate you. Pick colorful or scenic images to help you relax or feel energized.

5.       Scrapbook your walls

If you like to scrapbook, or you really enjoy eclectic art, you can collect fun and funky items and use them to decorate your walls. Grab a trombone and a sparkly picture frame, or maybe find some antique tools and hang them up. You can choose things that make you happy, or pick a theme for your scrapbook-style wall. This also works great if you want to memorialize adventures or trips that you have been on.

6.       Add a map

Something about a map just inspires planning and energy. Maps are so common in office spaces and in people’s homes because they remind us of travel and adventure. There are many kinds to choose from and you can pick up a map of a foreign country if you prefer. Add a unique frame, and your map could spark memories or plans for new adventures every time you look at it!

Hanging shelves on wall plus green plants7.       Hanging shelves

Have some books that you need to put away? Maybe you feel cluttered in your living or office space. Shelving doesn’t have to be boring. There are many fun and unique shelving options that you can buy to help clean up the clutter and make you feel more at home. Reclaimed wood floating shelves make great locations for pictures or plants, or you can use them to hold inspirational items that help you keep track of your goals.

8.       Plants

While this is not the first thing people think about when wall decor is brought up, plants can offer so many benefits to your space when they are included as part of your wall decor. Plants clean the air, making your room smell better, and because they bring a piece of the natural world into the house they can make you feel calm and safe. There is something primal about adding some greenery to your living space, or to your office, and the sense of nature that they convey can make a dull room feel suddenly alive!

9.       Shiplap walls

If you’re in the mood for a somewhat bigger project, adding shiplap to your walls can change the feel of your room in one easy step. Shiplap feels homey and cozy and is often painted white or another bright color. It creates a sense of space in the room and can be a great pairing with a nice mirror.

10.     Hang some lights

While this might not seem like it will make a big difference to the feeling of a room, adding some extra lights to a dark space can make it seem much bigger and much more inviting. If the problem is that you have too much harsh light in a room, add some strings of lights to the walls or hang up some little sconce lights. These lights will be warmer in color and will invite a totally different set of emotions into the space.

Strings of lights on a wall below chandelierChange can be good!

These simple changes can make your tired or boring room come to life with personality! Bring your dull or depressing living space back to life with some new wall decor. This list of simple wall decor ideas can freshen up any space that needs a little TLC and make it your new favorite place to be.


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