When people think about their most relaxing time of the day, they often think about being home, maybe unwinding with family. The place in the home that most commonly has all of this going on is in the living room.

A living room is very often near the front entrance of the home. Therefore, it is one of the first rooms that is seen by the owners, when they come home, and by visitors. For this reason, many people like to set up their living rooms in a super-cozy style.

Even a small room can be a living room. The feeling of a room can be based on practical design and the architecture of the space. So, a living room of any size or configuration can be made into a super-cozy room depending on the décor used there.

1. Fabric

If you have a desire to set the vibe in a small room to ‘cuddling,’ but not to take up too much space, use fabric. Small amounts of material can be placed in different unique locations to give the room an entirely different feel. In a small room, it can even be layered so that its effect is concentrated.

2. History 

Some people are just plain history buffs. They like the way things were and how they looked back then. Old-fashioned, cozy millwork and paneling, and other such features, can turn a living room into a historically themed delight.

3. Holistic 

For those who enjoy interconnecting, holistic living room furnishings give positive energy. They incorporate health, natural materials, raw materials, and wellness into eco-friendly furnishings based on raw fibers and organic textiles.

4. Sectional furniture 

Sectional oversized furniture can make a living room sophisticated and cozy. It gives perfect settings for family nights of TV watching, for visitors to drop by and relax, and for kids to just be kids and have some fun. The oversized furniture comes in assorted colors and fabrics to choose from in order to create the perfect style to enhance the room.

5. Circle setting

Living Room 3 Piece Suite around a Table

Furniture set in a circular arrangement can bring on conversations. It makes for a casual atmosphere and is more inviting. A center table with comfortable matching oversized swivel chairs creates a cozy setting for chats, parties and business talk.

6. Wall fireplace 

An affordable electric fireplace heater in the living room can be added as a focal point and it gives a cozy feel. They can be mounted above the couch on the wall like a picture, and some are even used to replace the TV in the room. Alternatively, they can be placed low on the wall so that a couple of chairs in front get the full enjoyment of the warmth, and a TV can be placed above it. There are many sizes available to fit a wide range of rooms.

7. Natural wood 

Add warmth and an inviting look to a room with some natural wood textures. When these are used in large rooms, they not only decorate the space but can also make it more functional. Nature tends to be seen as cozy, and the look of natural wood inside a home makes it beautiful. This can be done by simply adding large beams, oak floors, or even a table that is made of natural wood for accent.

8. Plants 

When a room is large and there appears to be a lot of open space, it feels empty. Large potted plants that are tall can fill up empty corners, spaces, or just occupy critical space. They need to get light, so be sure to place them strategically to add color and life to a room — they should not overfill and clutter the space, so it can still be cozy.

9. Paint 

In a room that is large and high, paint can change the feel of the size. Painting up to a few inches from the ceiling will make the room appear to be smaller and cozier. If the room is small, painting a few inches of the ceiling around the wall will make the walls appear larger and increase the appearance of the size of the room.

10. Ottomans

There are very large plush ottomans available that are great for storage. They can be used as footrests, coffee tables, and so much more, helping a room look and feel cozy and warm. End tables and coffee tables in a living room may then not be necessary, which gives more space.

11. Seating for two 

What is cozier than just having some time for yourself and one other? Set up the living room with intimate seating arrangements. Party guests tend to break into smaller groups for chats, so the seating can be versatile enough to be moved into groups but also individualized enough to be for couples. Either way, wing-back chairs and loveseats work great for seating two.

12. Pillows 

An inexpensive way to add a little decoration to a living room is pillows. They can be layered for a different kind of look and can be used on all the furniture in the room to show consistency. Pillows come in different sizes, textures, patterns and colors to spice up the room and make it as cozy as you want.

Living room decorated in shades of goldYour cozy living room

A living room is the place in the house used to relax in and to enjoy some togetherness with family. Taking the time to design and make it into a setting that is fulfilling is important for making a house a home. How the living room is decorated and furnished can make it a perfect setting. A super-cozy living room is ideal for a family to watch TV in, but it’s also a great place to enjoy the time when friends come over for a visit.


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