Moving-in day is both an exciting and a challenging time. Whether you just left your parents’ home or you’re starting a new college year, you will want to ace your organization game. At this point, things get complicated because you have to figure out how to make all your belongings fit into your new living space. Rest assured – there are many ways in which you can make organization and storage feel like a breeze. Here are 16 clever storage solutions that will help you make the most of your dorm room living space.

1. Under-the-Bed Storage Bag

Making good use of vertical space is a good place to start. First, get bed lifts to allow for more room under the bed. Then, you can look into an under-the-bed storage bag that will keep your clothes neatly put away. With this storage solution, your garments will thank you for keeping them safe from dust. Also, the see-through top side of a storage bag, for instance this one you can find at Wayfair for under $10, makes for an interesting feature, allowing you to easily identify its contents. Also, if you are still not able to accommodate your bulkier and seasonal items in this way, you can simply find a self-storage unit to keep them in. You can also store your belongings over the summer there in order to avoid the hassle of an out-of-town move only to repeat the process when the next term begins.

2. Drawer Cart

Your bedside area packs a lot of storage power. Instead of getting a nightstand, use a drawer cart. It’s a versatile storage item that can be easily moved and can fit in practically every room. It comes with clear drawers to increase visibility of the contents. Use the top of it as a lamp stand and a place to store small and attractive items.

3. Double Hanging Expandable Maxbar

To make the most of your closet space, consider investing in a double hanging expandable rod. It’s easy to install – you move the existing rod higher and make room for the new one on the lower end of your closet. It could really be a win-win for your wardrobe: you get the upper rack for shirts and pants and the lower one for skirts and other wardrobe items.

4. 8-Shelf Organizer and 2-Drawer Set

Give your closet a makeover by getting a shelf organizer. This sturdy item attaches to your closet hanging rod with Velcro-style straps and comes with reinforced shelves. You will have easy access to your sweaters and shirts. Add the two storage drawers and you instantly create space for accessories, undergarments and socks, while saving space in the process. They come with a nifty fabric handle for easy access. No assembly is required, so you can simply hang it in place.

5. Plastic Storage Bins

Closets come in all shapes and sizes, which is why it’s important to assess whether the space allows for extra storage. If your closet can accommodate them, plastic storage bins are a nice addition to this space. They can hold towels, accessories and books. And if you go for the clear and stackable ones, there’s no need for you to wonder about the contents of each container or where a specific item is located – that scarf you love is right there, easy to see.

6. Mesh Hamper

Keep your laundry in one place with a mesh hamper. It’s the perfect solution to help you store and organize laundry before and after each load. Additionally, it comes with carrying straps so it can be taken effortlessly from your bedroom to the laundry room. The hamper is lightweight, and it folds flat for convenient storage, in the unlikely event of it ever being empty.

7. Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

Your closet door is prime real estate space for an over-the-door shoe organizer. With 16 deep pockets for 8 pairs of shoes, this piece protects them from damage and all that pesky dust. Installation is easy – no hardware is needed, you simply hang it up using the hooks. It’s a great way to keep your shoes in pairs and within easy reach when you’re in a hurry.

8. Dorm Desk Bookshelf

Your books and school essentials will fit nicely on this desk bookshelf. It can be placed on top of a desk and helps to keep your notebooks, books and stationery organized in one spot. The wider center space allows for an open workspace, all the while keeping your study materials accessible as you do your schoolwork.

9. Wire Desk Organizer

While larger items attract your attention faster, it’s important to plan for smaller articles too. Pick a multi-compartment wire desk organizer to keep your documents in order. Smaller stationery items can find a home here too. Store your pencils, paperclips, scissors and tape in one place, so they’re easy to find.

10. Hook Organizer Rack

Not unlike your closet entrance, other doors in your home can accommodate an over-the-door space saver rack. It attaches easily to any door and features 6 hooks with grips to help keep items in place. Coats, belts, scarves, and other clothing items can also become a part of your space-saving strategy.

11. Storage Ottoman

Piles of magazines cluttering your living room? You can simply tuck them into a storage ottoman to clear out some space to make extra seating room for your friends. What’s more, you can flip the top over and create an instant tray for your drinks and plates. This accent piece currently on sale at Kirkland’s comes in cream and blue prints and helps bring your room together.

12. Over-the-Fridge Adjustable Mini Shelf

Your kitchen could also use an organizational revamp to make the most of the available space. A great addition is the over-the-fridge mini shelf that you can use to store your microwave, toaster and other small kitchen appliances. Shelf bars allow venting for electronics. For smaller items, you can add wooden shelves with a polished veneer top that will prevent them from falling through the shelf bars.

13. Steel Wire Shelving with Wheels

With student rentals comes limited storage space, which means you might want to make your own pantry station within the kitchen. This is where a steel wire shelving unit with wheels comes in useful. Besides regular pantry items, your pots and pans can also sit comfortably here. Remember to keep your baking ingredients, mixes and other condiments neatly stored in containers that can find a home on the shelving unit. This shelving unit is wheeled – so it can be easily moved around your kitchen.

14. Expandable Kitchen Organizers

You never fully appreciate the size of your kitchen drawers, which is why it pays off to have an expandable kitchen organizer. It is made of natural bamboo to increase its durability. The 6-compartment structure will accommodate your flatware comfortably, and you can adjust its size to fit the inside of the drawers. Now, you never have to scramble through the contents of the drawer in order to find the silverware you need.

15. Honey-Can-Do 7-Pocket Shower Tote

Sharing a bathroom with your roommates can turn into an opportunity to get creative with storing your bathroom essentials. You can keep them on the go with this portable shower tote. It is made from durable mesh that washes easily and can hold your shampoo, shower gel and other bathroom paraphernalia. This hanging shower tote can also accompany you when you camp or go out of town, saving you precious packing time.

16. Bath Storage Cart

Towels and other linens also need a home inside your bathroom. A bath storage cart with plenty of room will cater to that need. This Ikea slim cart consists of two shelves to help you organize your bathroom essentials and to offer you quick and easy access to them. Featuring four swivel casters, it’s easy to move the cart whenever necessary.


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