Key takeaways:

  • Rose gold is the most appreciated holiday color scheme for the 2021 season with 24 states declaring it their favorite, followed by red and white and black and white, based on Google search results.
  • White is the dominating Christmas tree color, with 41 states going for it, followed by pink Christmas trees in 10 states.

Some Americans have already been enjoying holiday cheer ever since Thanksgiving, but the rest of us – well, it’s not that we’re on the Grinch’s team – have just not found our way to the Christmas market yet. There’s still time.

What’s this year’s color theme for Christmas, you ask? And how can you make sure you’re still fashionable even if you’re doing your decorating a bit late? We’ve done the research for you, and we have made a ranking of the color combinations people are most interested in.

Besides the staples that never go out of style, such as red and green color schemes, each year has its own dominating festive trends that add just a bit more oomph to the holiday decor. To see what’s trending this year, we turned to Google and analyzed online interest for top Christmas themes, specifically search volumes nationally and at state level for October and November 2021. Based on our analysis, rose gold Christmas decorations got most people’s attention this holiday season, while in terms of Christmas tree color, it’s white that tops the preferences.

Rose gold is the number one Christmas decoration trend of 2021

This year, Americans are most likely to go for a rose gold Christmas theme, as this term yielded the highest search volume across the nation. This preference is also reflected at the state level, with close to half of the states leaning in this direction. This modern classic is mostly embraced in the Midwest, where Americans in eight states seem to be the most interested in decking the halls in glitzy gold rose. If you live in Illinois, Michigan or South Dakota, you’re the most likely to style your interior Christmas décor with this fashionable color. We say the soft glam look is a perfect pairing to the snowy Midwestern winter landscape outside!

Red and white decorations for the Christmas tree are also the number one choice for people in 16 states, based on Google searches for the term. The West takes the spotlight for a red-and-white-themed holiday season, with six states going for this color scheme. As it turns out, Californians, Hawaiians and Oregonians are all dreaming of a red-and-white Christmas. The Northeast, the Midwest and the Southeast are also represented among the regions where red and white make the most common holiday decorations colors. The classic beauty of holiday baubles in these colors is greatly appreciated in Minnesota, Louisiana and Massachusetts, among other.

The red-and-white club has a few competitors, namely states where people prefer another color scheme just as much. Besides appreciating the red and white holiday color combination, Pennsylvanians seem to love rose gold just as much when it comes to decking their halls. Likewise, people in Vermont and North Dakota also took a shine to black and white as a color scheme for their festive tree.

Searches for “black and white Christmas tree” also took the center stage this year in no less than 14 states. As it turns out, most states where Americans want to make a splash with black and white decorations are located in the Northeast, but states from the Southeast and the Midwest also lean hard into this trend. Dashing through the homes of New Englanders, you’re most likely to revel in the sight of black and white holiday décor, a combination that marries the old with the new. Moreover, the classic white décor accompanied by black gets the stamp of approval of Americans in Georgia, Arkansas and Ohio.

Black and white Christmas tree

Americans are dreaming of a white Christmas

We also wanted to see which Christmas tree color people are most interested in. Looking at Google searches, it appears that going for a white Christmas tree is this season’s main trend, with more than 40 states where people strongly favor this choice.

Going for white celebratory boughs is the most prevalent in the Midwest (13 states), but the Northeast (11 states) and the West (7 states) also have solid representation for this preference. On the other hand, Texas is the only Southwestern state where people would pick a white Christmas tree over any other color.

white Christmas tree

Searches for “pink Christmas tree” indicate Americans in 10 states have their sights set on this type of tree for the holiday season. Four Western states, followed by the Southwest, have people interested in black Christmas trees. As far as the Northeast is concerned, the soft elegance of a pink Christmas is widely appreciated only in Maine.

Alternative Christmas trees start to pick up steam

Besides the classical natural or artificial tree, going for an alternative one – perhaps one you have made yourself – is a welcome break from convention and a nod to sustainability. A lot of alternative trees rely on used, recycled materials – decorations included – in an effort to help reduce our carbon footprint.

alternative Christmas tree

Based on Google searches, Californians (3,620 searches) are the most eager to go for an alternative tree this year, followed by Texans (2,490 searches) and Floridians (2,380 searches).


This analysis was done by StorageCafe, an online platform that provides storage unit listings across the nation.

Our findings are based on Google search results for color combinations for Christmas tree decorations and also Christmas tree colors. We turned to the Keyword Planner tool from Google Ads to provide this information. The top states for each category were determined based on Google search volumes for the selected keywords.


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