Looking for outstanding makeover ideas to update your boring patio? We have you covered from dream makeovers to DIY ideas and small space solutions.

How much time do you spend on your patio? If you and your family barely ever spend time on the patio, it is a big sign that something needs to change. Boring patios can mean you aren’t using your outdoor space well.

Don’t let your patio go to waste. Most people don’t even have that kind of space outside their house. Patio makeovers may look expensive but add value to your home. Some changes are cheap, and you can DIY them.

Take inspiration from these six outstanding makeover ideas to update your boring patio.

1. Bring flair with a firepit

So, you have a dull patio; what to do now? Add a firepit, of course! They are exciting, they are fun, and they are super functional.

When guests walk into your patio, a firepit will immediately catch their eye. They add a glow to your outdoor space, giving it a central piece to focus on.

Firepits are one of those things you can make with a lot of money, or you can make one for yourself using DIY ideas.

Due to their booming popularity, many furnishing companies are making patio furniture for fire pits, including a fire table or pit. This makes adding a fire pit to your patio a piece of cake.

You can also DIY and make your own firepit. Some people add benches and a detachable grill feature to use the pit for barbecuing.

2. Add a pergola or a pavilion

If your patio looks unattractive, you won’t want to spend time there. A great way to add value to your patio is by adding a pergola or a pavilion. They provide structure to your patio and enhance its looks. You can add chairs, tables, recliners or other seating arrangements to create an outdoor hangout space.


If you have a patio deck, a pavilion can add more functionality. Pavilions are great for places that get plenty of sunshine or rain. You can create a shaded area that protects your wooden outdoor furniture from rain or gives you shade from the burning sun during summer.


With a pergola, it is more about beauty than shade. A pergola provides some shade from sunlight, but the rain will pass right through. You can also add a cover to the roof to make a temporary shade. People also grow flowering vines on their pergola to beautify their patio.

The wooden structure of a pergola can change the look of your patio and boost your home’s value. Some people get a vinyl pergola, which lasts longer than the wooden ones and has a lower maintenance cost.

3. Include a water feature

If you want to give a proper makeover, add a water feature to your patio. Imagine walking onto your patio and hearing the tranquil sound of trickling water. You might feel that you have your own personal oasis.

Water features can make your patio look fancy. They are not only visually pleasing, but they can also add an auditory element to your patio.

Popular home designs have specific retreat spaces for relaxation. With a water feature, you can make one on your patio, where you can relax, read a book, meditate or even do yoga!

Whether you decide to add an expensive fountain or plan on creating a DIY water feature, it will be a fabulous makeover for your patio.

4. Make seating arrangements

Adding seating arrangements to your patio is a no-brainer. Whether you want to add simple benches or fancy recliners is entirely up to you. Even the simplest or cheapest patio makeover ideas will suggest adding seats.

Outdoor furniture can make your patio more functional. Remember that while you make seating arrangements, you must consider the environment.

If your patio gets heavy sunshine, you should add seats somewhere shaded. You can add benches under the shade of a tree or add a patio umbrella over your recliners.

You might also be using the patio at night, so consider adding patio lights. You can also add string lights, which won’t just illuminate but will also decorate the patio.

5. Create a garden

If you want to beautify your patio, you must consider doing some landscaping work around it. Plenty of landscaping ideas revolve around a deck or patio, so take inspiration from them.

You can simply plant some flower beds around the patio without spending a hefty amount on expensive landscaping jobs. You can also plant grass to create a more organized look. This makeover idea is cheap, and you can do it yourself.

Some people create stone pathways, which work well to enhance the area surrounding your patio. You can also put decorative planters on the deck.

People often hang planting pots from the walls or columns. Consider using trailing flowering plants for these to add a splash of color to your patio.

If you have a small patio, vertical gardens can be a great space solution. You can easily modify an old wooden ladder or create your own wooden frame for your vertical garden.

6. Relax on a swing

Patio swings are always a hit. After all, who can resist the idea of swaying on the swing on a sultry summer day, sipping iced lemon tea?

Some patio makeover ideas use wooden pergolas or pavilions and attach swings to them. If the structure is strong enough, it can easily support swings.

Freestanding porch swings also work great, especially when you don’t have any ceiling or wooden arches that can support one. A great thing about swings is that they come in all shapes, sizes and prices. So find one that works for your patio.

Try a hammock if swings feel too expensive for you but you still want something to sway on. They are a must if you enjoy outdoor afternoon naps! These are much cheaper, and you can even create a DIY one at home.

Final thoughts

We hope you can use these outstanding makeover tips to update your boring patio. Consider simple DIY ideas if you are on a budget or add fancy seating arrangements if you want a more expensive makeover. And you can always keep your patio furniture in a self storage unit during seasons when they are not needed and the weather might damage them.

If you can add a fire pit in the middle of your patio, even better! Water features can also enhance the aesthetics, and consider adding a swing to make an intimate relaxation space for you and your family. Enjoy!



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