We are all guilty of having old pieces of furniture collecting dust in our storage. It may be their sentimental value or their extravagant price point that are preventing you from getting rid of them. Whatever the case may be, instead of neglecting or disposing of these items, Zoocasa, a Canadian real estate website, has come up with a few ways you can redesign and repurpose old furniture.

Giving Dressers New Life

If you are currently undertaking a closet remodel and are looking to replace your current dresser, or if you simply have an old dresser laying around, try these DIYs for a fresh new look.

1. For the wine lovers: Start by removing one or all the rows of drawers. Place wine bottle rests from an old wine rack or create them by using a wood router to create a wine rack. You may also choose to repaint or stain it to have it match the rest of your furniture.

2. For those with a green thumb: Planters are an easy way to give your garden a unique design. You can take the drawers and add legs, then simply repaint them if you prefer.

3. For the pet parents: Perhaps your furry friend is in need of a new bed. Like the planters, this DIY can be achieved by simply taking the drawers, adding short legs to each corner, and placing a comfy pillow or cushion inside. Remember to remove any sharp metal pieces on the side that could harm your pets.

repurposed vintage dresser We’re Bringing Vintage Back

Passed down furniture often holds a lot of sentimental value which makes it difficult to give it away. However, these pieces seldom match your interior design. Here are a few ideas to help incorporate a vintage hutch into any home.

1. In the bathroom: While looking at condos for sale, you will notice that they tend to have limited space so a repurposed hutch is a good way to add storage in the bathroom. To do this, take the top half – usually containing shelves – and drill it to the wall above your bathtub or toilet to add extra shelving.

2. Children’s dresser: Repainting your hutch a fun color and adding closet rods in place of the shelves at the top is an easy way to create a child’s wardrobe.

3. In the mud room: For this DIY, you’re going to need to separate the top and the bottom halves. After drilling the top half to the wall, drill hooks right underneath it for a place to hang jackets and sweaters. Depending on the height of the bottom half, you can choose to leave it as it is or consider adding a cushion to provide a bench in the mud room.

Flipping a Bookshelf

The possibilities for repurposing a bookshelf are endless due to the variety of shapes and sizes they come in.

1. Kitchen Upgrade: As you look at homes for sale, a kitchen island might be on your checklist. For homes you’ve fallen in love with that don’t happen to have an island, consider turning a wider and mid height bookshelf into one! To do this, you can simply add a countertop or take it even further by removing the backs and drawers for a more open storage island.

2. Easy seating: For tall and narrow bookshelves, you could lay the bookshelf on its side and you could add a longer cushion on top to create a bench with extra storage beneath it.

3. Desk remodel: For students and those who work from home, a desk may be an attractive DIY project. Keeping the bookshelf as it is, simply attach a wooden plank to one of the shelves and add legs to be left with a practical desk with storage.

Before you think about getting rid of furniture you haven’t used in a while, consider the DIY projects above and enjoy your “new” piece of furniture!


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