We all know changing residences can be both a challenge and an adventure, whether you’re moving within the area or heading out of state. If a decade ago people were fleeing Los Angeles for San Bernardino, they are now leaving San Bernardino for San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, NYC and Phoenix. To help you stay focused on the adventure part, we’ve put together a list of the best places to get moving supplies in San Bernardino.

First things first – best moving boxes in San Bernardino

In order to successfully carry out the move by yourself, you’ll need a good plan, excellent organizational skills and, most importantly, quality supplies. Knowing your items are safe is essential throughout the process and you should strive to achieve that peace of mind by investing in high-quality, sturdy moving boxes.

The safest option, in this case, is to go for the traditional places that sell moving boxes. In other words, you can always rely on Package Depo to help you with boxes of all sizes and for all purposes, as well as all kinds of related supplies. The local Package Depo is located at 2999 Kendall Dr. Ste 204. Here, you can find over 20 different box sizes and great prices. Just a few minutes away, a short drive down Kendall Dr, you will find San Bernardino’s UPS Store. They can help you with quality supplies and expert advice on moving valuable or fragile items.

TeamWork Packaging, Superior Packaging Solutions and OZ Packaging Service & Sales can also aid you with your moving supply needs. Ultimately, another easy way to wrangle moving boxes is to visit your local grocery stores and ask them for their extra boxes – they usually have more than they need and may be willing to help you out.


Other essentials – Finding paper, plastic wraps, tape, bubble cushioning and more in San Bernardino

You cannot successfully complete your moving process without these additional items and many more. Just think about how useful plastic baggies are, for instance, when it comes to safely storing, transporting and not losing small personal items and valuables. Ultimately, no list of moving supplies is thorough without plastic wrap, plenty of packing paper, tape and so on. It’s important to have enough of these around and at your disposal so there are no delays during the packing stage.

Durable tape is essential, and since it’s hard to know exactly how much you’ll need, it’s a good idea to buy more of it. You should also start thinking about transporting those sharp and fragile items that you need to move at some point. There’s no point in postponing that part of the move. In this case, bubble cushioning and wraps are vital and can eliminate a good deal of stress from the process. In the end, after everything is packed up and ready to go, remember to label your boxes – you won’t waste time trying to remember where things are.


Where can I get these moving supplies in San Bernardino?

It is advisable to skip the dollar-store products and invest a bit more in supplies that will keep your belongings safe. That being said, it is more convenient to choose shopping at the big chain stores, as there you can find a wide variety of brands and types of products and they’re all in one place. There are several home improvement chain stores in San Bernardino where you can do the shopping for your big move, and these include two Home Depots and two Lowe’s Outlet Stores.

If you’re looking for locally-run home improvement stores that offer great customer service and quality supplies, check out K&L Hardware and Cooley Hardware. If you don’t feel like leaving your home in search of the items that you need, you can rely on Moving Box Delivery for quick and professional delivery services.

Let the moving pros handle it – San Bernardino movers

It’s very difficult to move large furniture efficiently and without any damage. This process can also imply additional tools such as ramps, lifting straps, and even trucks and trailers. If your move is a large-scale one, it’s probably better to allow the pros to take care of it. You will be able to save some money if you take the DIY route, but for large-scale moves, it’s easier to have professionals handle it.

There is a wide array of professional moving companies in San Bernardino. Making use of their services will take a load off your mind when relocating. Some of the companies that can also help you with moving supplies include Starving Student Movers, Pro Movers Inc, J&R United Moving Solutions and Affordable Moving.


Moving and self storage go hand-in-hand

Wherever you’re moving to, we all know that it takes a while to really settle in. Renting a self storage unit is a great solution for making the moving process easier, regardless of whether you’re taking care of the move yourself or calling on the pros. You can move the bulk of your belongings into storage in the city, allowing you to take your time choosing a new home. Once you’ve moved in, it remains a valuable asset that can keep your home organized and free of clutter, as you can keep everything from sports equipment and books to furniture, bulky clothing and vehicles in your storage unit.

Finally, we know that the housing market in San Bernardino is mostly dominated by single-unit homes. Consequently, if your relocation involves downsizing to a smaller place, self storage becomes an investment that is even more important, as you won’t have to get rid of your stuff.


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