Whether you’re planning a change of address in Newark, or you just scored the perfect job and apartment in New York City and heading to the Big Apple for good, one thing is for sure: you are going to need boxes. A lot of them. Plus other moving supplies.

You should estimate about 15 boxes for an average bedroom, and a bit more for the kitchen and the living room. Besides the assortment of small, medium and large boxes and specialty ones (wardrobe, mirror, cutlery boxes and so on), you will also need tape, markers, packing peanuts, furniture covers and more.

Moving is a complex process, but careful planning can make it a breeze and knowing where to get your supplies will help you jumpstart the process. Here’s a list of the best places to find moving boxes and other moving supplies in Newark, New Jersey:

1. Pronto Boxes

This company provides durable, easy to use, stackable plastic boxes you can use during your move – and you don’t have to buy them; you are only renting them. The boxes get delivered to your home (or place of business, if we’re talking about a commercial move). Then, you pack your stuff in those boxes, and transport everything to your new home. The company picks up the boxes from the new location, which is extremely convenient. No more problems with recycling dozens of cardboard boxes!

2. Self Storage facilities

One thing to keep in mind is that self storage can be a huge help during a move – rent a storage unit located as close as possible to your new home a few weeks prior to moving day, and it will make your moving days easier. As you pack your belongings, you can drop them off at the storage unit, thus expediting the entire process.

Renting a 10×20 self storage unit in Newark  – a unit type that’s very popular during moving – costs around $370 per month, and you can use the space to keep your belongings until the new home is all ready to accommodate your family and possessions. However, besides keeping your stuff safe, many self storage facilities also sell moving supplies. Check out some of the Newark facilities where you can both rent a unit for your belongings and purchase the supplies you need to pack up your home:

This Extra Space Storage facility offers a wide variety of unit sizes, and you can get climate-controlled or regular units. There’s also drive-up access to the units and elevator to access the indoor ones. On top of these amenities, you can also pick up all the moving supplies that you need from the facility.

From small lockers that can hold only a few boxes of extra stuff to large, climate-controlled units that can house everything you own, this facility has it all, including the moving and packing supplies you need. Plus, the facility is fenced, gated, and fitted with security cameras.

Budget Storage offers a huge assortment of unit sizes – so you’re covered in all situations, whether you need a large unit for moving or a small one to keep your extra stuff long-term. Of course, the facility also sells packing supplies – plus, the onsite manager can help if you have questions about storage or about boxes and other supplies you should purchase.

3. Moving companies

Hiring a moving company can make the entire process a lot easier. However, even if you are planning a DIY move, moving companies can still help, as many of them sell moving supplies. Take a look at some of the Newark moving companies where you can order your moving supplies:

You can truly cherry pick when it comes to the services provided by New Jersey Transport – from full service to labor only, packing and crating or simply purchasing the packing supplies, depending on your needs and preferences. The company deals with residential and commercial moves, both local and long distance. Also, they are qualified for art and antiques moving, piano moving, and other specialty moves.

This company deals with all sorts of moves, from residential to commercial and from local to long-distance. They also provide specialty packing services, ensuring that your most delicate and valuable items will survive the move. However, if packing supplies are all that you are looking for, you can definitely buy them here.

Apart from their residential and commercial moving services and storage space, Harrington Moving & Storage also provide interesting options for people in the process of relocating – large moving containers that you can keep at your location for as long as you need to. On top of that, you can pick a wide variety of traditional packing supplies.

4. Less4Boxes

This company is all about moving supplies – you can order everything here, from boxes of various sizes and shapes to box kits to things like tape, bubble wrap, moving blankets and so on. You will also find the specialty boxes that you need to ensure your belongings will travel first-class: wardrobe boxes, China boxes, book boxes and more. Should you order too many of them, don’t worry: you can return the unused ones for a refund.

5. Affordable Box Co.

Affordable Box sells a complete line of moving boxes and moving supplies that can be delivered directly to your door. Most of their boxes have handles, which is a plus. You can also order tape, tape guns, stretch wrap, box cutters, markers, corner protectors and more. In other words, everything you knew you needed, plus a bunch of stuff you didn’t even know you could get!

What other sources do you have for purchasing moving supplies? Let us know in the comments!


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