PropertyPulse.AI announces exclusive partnership with Florida’s leading real estate agency Fairlead Realty.

MIAMI, Fl. PropertyPulse.AI, a pioneer in AI technology for the real estate industry, launches a new strategic collaboration that is set to transform the way the real estate market is evolving in Florida. By unlocking the power of artificial intelligence, real estate professionals can gain a competitive edge in generating leads for their company.

“Our collaboration with Fairlead Realty will truly push the boundaries of what’s possible in the real estate industry. The power of our AI tools coupled with the industry expertise of Fairlead Realty will enable a new level of personalized assistance for potential property leads, revolutionizing the way agents generate off-market leads,” added Gregory Ardbelava, founder of PropertyPulse.AI.

Through this collaboration, Fairlead Realty members are granted the right to use PropertyPulse.AI’s extensive range of solutions, crafted to augment the capacity to generate specific, off-market leads. These solutions employ a diverse array of customizable elements, tailored to the preferences of agents looking to target specific clienteles and neighborhoods.

The AI tool will use a predictive system to identify the properties that are most likely to be listed within the next 120 days. This will give real estate professionals an edge in strategically planning their efforts and meeting their clients’ needs. PropertyPulse.AI has embedded co-pilot features to increase engagement, nurture existing contacts, and make the data do the demanding work for realtors across Florida.

“It’s more than just ChatGPT for your lead generation,” says Thomas Ladd, head of Business Development for Fairlead Realty. “It’s the engine that powers it.”

The partnership between Fairlead Realty and PropertyPulse.AI sets a new standard for real estate transactions in Florida, combining expertise, personalized service and advanced technology.


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