Once you’ve made the decision to move, you’ll likely be considering all the ways you can transport your belongings to your new home. Although you could lure friends into helping (with promises of pizza and ice cream), it’s often more beneficial to reach out to a local moving company with trained professionals.

When you decide to book with a moving company, there are few items you will want to consider as you figure out who to hire:

1. Make sure you hire a company with clear pricing

An accurate estimate is one of the major keys to a worry-free moving experience. You might often find moving companies provide a very low estimate with little to no evidence behind their figure. This only gives them the opportunity to add on extra charges to your bill which you did not plan for or anticipate while booking.

The best way to remedy this is by speaking with a move consultant from a reputable company so you can outline your inventory and moving route with a professional. They will then give you a very concise price given the date, time, inventory and route of your move. Many times, the final cost of your move with Gentle Giant comes up less than the original estimate.

2. Find out if there is a 100% crew guarantee for your movers

When a moving company truly cares about the service you receive and your experience with their business, they will do whatever they can to make you “a customer for life,” which is a motto at Gentle Giant. Your moving company should deliver exceptional service to every customer – no excuses.

The best way to see if this feature is offered at a moving company is to ask if there is a money-back guarantee for each member of your moving crew. On your moving day, you might have a crew of four movers, but only one didn’t meet your expectations. The moving company should then be able to refund you for the labor of that specific employee.

3. Ensure the company makes a commitment to customer satisfaction

Any company can preach about their excellent service, but you’ll want to make sure they are living up to their claims. A quick scan of online reviews by customers who have used the company can be helpful in deciding if they are worth working with. Some companies may even have their moving company reviews right on their website to make the process easier.

With nearly 40 years in the moving industry, Gentle Giant Moving Company has the expertise and skills to ensure your move is seamless and efficient. We have plenty of resources available as you prepare for your move, such as a moving checklist and packing videos.

If you’re transitioning from traditional methods or are looking to enhance your current operations, consider leveraging dispatch software for optimal efficiency in managing the logistics of moving and delivery services. This software can significantly streamline scheduling, routing, and customer communication, ensuring a smoother move for both your team and your clients.

Whether you only need help with a quick local move or want a full-service experience with storage and packing services in addition to moving, we are here to help with locations across the country.

About the author: Jen Flanagan is a PR and Marketing Specialist at Gentle Giant Moving Company, a full-service national moving company. Gentle Giant offers local and long-distance moving and storage services across 11 states.


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