If there’s one thing we all try to create at home, it’s that feeling of warmth and familiarity. Cozy is something beyond just comfort. While there are design philosophies out there that pursue comfort above anything else, there’s a certain unpretentiousness about styles like country-chic that proves very charming and indeed cozy!

If you want to make your house look like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting – and who doesn’t? – there are many ways to do it, even on a budget. Country-chic encourages you to reuse old items in new creative ways that won’t break the bank. To create that comfy and inviting atmosphere, here’s a room-by-room guide on how to decorate your house, country-chic style!

cabin interior with chest with green vintage country chic style chest of drawers and bed

While you can certainly make some of your current furnishings work with this aesthetic, you may still find that some pieces of furniture are too modernistic or clash with the rest of the decorations. This can be a real bummer since getting rid of them means they’re gone forever. You can keep furniture in storage, however, as storage units are cheaper than the equivalent square footage in your home, and can fit tons of items, depending on the unit size.

Ready to create a warm and inviting home? Here’s how to create a lovely country-chic atmosphere in your home, room by room!

The living room – a place to disconnect and relax

In the country chic home, the living room is a place for quiet relaxation and hobbies. Reading a book, knitting, putting together a puzzle – anything that helps you unwind.
Use warm earthy colors and tones for your decorations – shades like burnt sienna and olive green if you want a less bright but more intimate atmosphere, or honey beige if you want more light and the feeling of a larger space.

colorful and sunny country chic living room with mix of modern and vintage style furniture piano and vintage old clock

Use furniture made of natural wood – pine, oak or even reclaimed wood. Distressed furniture also goes great with the country-chic look, and it’s something anyone can do with a few layers of paint and some sandpaper. Feel free to add pillows with floral patterns and cozy throw blankets with warm textured fabrics like cable knit wool.

Stylish lampshades also help bring an old timey spirit to your living room, as do a few well-placed plants. Don’t overdo it with the vegetation, however – this isn’t jungle-chic. Rather, use just a few plants in strategic places, like corners, to fill in some of the blank areas of the room.

There are many decoration styles and materials you can use to add the finishing touches. Macrame and other needlework can adorn tables and framed botanical prints can create little areas of interest on walls.

Keep glass decorations simple – repurposed jars, jugs and bells are your best bet. Stoneware should be kept for outside decorations.

Barn doors go a long way toward creating the country-chic look, even if you only use them as a wall decoration! You might not even have to splurge on new custom-made barn doors because you can find actual barn doors that can be refurbished – that’s the beauty of country-chic!

The kitchen – the heart of a home

This may sound counterintuitive, but a cozy kitchen is often visually “busy” with a lot of open storage spaces and cooking tools at the ready. This is not to say that the space isn’t organized, but rather that the country-chic kitchen is where you can take advantage of techniques that wouldn’t fly with other styles.

vintage country chic retro style kitchen interior with wooden furniture


This applies especially well to tableware – open shelving instead of cupboards can do a lot to give off a cozy vibe. Do you have mismatched dishes, pans and bowls? Perfect! These will create visual interest on shelves, breaking up monotonous spaces. Pots and pans can even be hung on the wall from wrought iron bars and hooks to make the kitchen look lively and utilitarian.

Don’t forget about some of the focal points of the kitchen! Installing a farmhouse sink or a vintage refrigerator makes the entire space come together.

Another easy modification you can make is to replace your hardware fixtures, like handles and faucets with vintage versions. Brass fixtures are especially well-suited for this purpose.
Once you’re done with the furniture and appliances, it’s time to add the finishing touches. Hang herbs out to dry – they will look and smell amazing – and use tier curtains on the windows.

The bedroom – your secret nest on Pillow Mountain

While country house bedrooms were historically not very comfort oriented, that doesn’t mean a country-chic bedroom can’t or shouldn’t be the most comfortable, warm and restful place in your home.

The centerpiece of the bedroom is, of course, the bed. You’ll find many styles that fit the country-chic aesthetic, but those with wooden headboards work best. Wrought iron beds with floral decorations also work well and can be easily painted to fit the tones of the room.

A simple trick to give your bedroom that cozy vintage vibe is to have a trunk at the foot of the bed. This can be used to keep linen, pajamas, slippers or really anything you need to keep close. A large wicker chest also looks great, and you can use various wicker baskets and containers throughout the house.

The bedding should be made of natural fibers like linen or cotton. This isn’t just for looks, as these fabrics allow the skin to breathe and offer a much more comfortable sleep. As far as pillows are concerned, this is where the “chic” part of the style really comes into play – use as many pillows as you like! Use all of them!

sunny country chic style bedroom with wicker chair pillows stuffed toys and wall decorations

Don’t forget about finishing touches like an old alarm clock on a distressed nightstand or a vintage candle holder placed strategically on the dresser!

The bathroom – start the day off right!

There are some serious modifications that you can make in your bathroom, like installing beadboard on the walls or mosaic tiles on the floor, but if you want to achieve the country-chic look without doing a serious remodel, there are plenty of other ways.

vintage country chic style bathroom sink with beadboard

Installing a clawfoot tub will go a long way toward providing that vintage look, as will a pedestal sink. Don’t forget about a lovely flower-patterned shower curtain and brass fixtures. Wooden towel racks and shelves will give the bathroom a more natural vibe, just make sure they’re properly lacquered and sealed against humidity.

If your bathroom is sunny, there are certain varieties of jasmine and begonia that love humidity and can thrive in the bathroom while also giving off a wonderful fragrance. Mint is also a great candidate, but don’t use the leaves in the kitchen if they’ve been in the bathroom. Mint and other edible plants can be kept on your balcony or windowsill.

Pros and cons of country-chic

Every style has its advantages and disadvantages. In the case of country-chic, a major pro is the fact that you can reuse old furniture or materials, keeping expenses down. It is also one of the styles that focuses more on creating a calm, almost nostalgic atmosphere, which improves your mood and provides inspiration.

living room with comfortable stylish sofa and wicker baskets with dried flowers

However, country-chic doesn’t focus as much on efficiency and strict organization – it’s a more organic style. You may even rethink some of the details several times before you feel the look has “settled in.” All this remodeling can be stressful, especially if you’re going to work on things like wallpaper, flooring and windows. In the end you might be left with furniture, decorations and textiles that don’t fit the style.

Many people choose to keep them in a storage unit for future use, especially something like a climate-controlled unit which can prevent damage from sudden temperature changes or humidity. After all, you never know when that funky 70s sofa might come back in style! Until then however, it’s time for heavy blankets, wicker baskets and a pair of barn doors for good measure!


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