Hats are a stylish way to complete any outfit, be it formal or casual, and over time they’ve gained themselves a reputation as one of the most versatile and functional additions to any look. Whether you want to keep your hair from flying around on a windy autumn day, shade the sun during summer or dodge the sleet in the winter, a good-looking hat can come in handy at any time. But since they come is so many different shapes and sizes, they appear to be a bit more difficult to store than other accessories. However, with some patience and a sprinkle of creativity, you can find ingenious methods to keep your hats neat and organized. For some inspiration, take the following tips into consideration and apply them to match your own style:

1. Show Them Off

We all know that space saving is a prime consideration nowadays, and that is why this storage hack is the easiest and most practical one if you want to have all your hat options readily available at any moment. Hang your hats on hooks and turn a safe resting spot into an artsy wall decoration. Empty walls can often be overlooked for extra hanging space, but all it takes is a couple of nails and you’ll have your favorite pieces of millinery up in no time.

There are plenty of fun spaces around your home you never would have considered but which can be easily turned into stunning, unique corners. For instance, display some hats like artworks right above your bed or over the window. If you want extra security, you can use some beautiful clothespins instead of hooks, as long as they’re gentle and won’t leave marks on your hats.

For the extra special pieces that you absolutely love, you can opt for delicate hat stands that will give them their own well-deserved focus of attention.

All in all, have fun by leaving your hats in plain sight and create cool and unique collage looks on your walls, while maximizing your space.

2. Use Hat Boxes

This method does not involve as much creativity as the first one, but it can still be turned into a beautiful display, all the while being the most effective method. If you have a bit more space to dedicate to your collection, try storing your hats in boxes, as this is certainly the best way to keep their shape intact and avoid dust. If your hats didn’t come in their own boxes, you can purchase hat containers in various shapes, colors and with delightful patterns. For even more satisfaction, you could attempt to make your own as part of a DIY project and use them creatively as part of your home’s décor.

When it comes to using a hat box, if it has a circular cut-out in it make sure to place the crown of the hat upside down through that so it won’t flatten over time. While fragile hats are best stored alone in their own box, sturdier ones could be put together in a bigger box, with the heaviest ones at the bottom. Label the boxes so you can quickly identify what’s inside and arrange them tastefully in any area of your home.

3. Put Them in a Closet

While placing your beautiful hats along the walls for aesthetic reasons may be a good idea temporarily, if you want to fully protect them you need to store them inside a closet. One of the most notorious hat enemies is the sun (quite ironically, since one of their main purposes is to protect us from the sun). If you’ve already spent a substantial amount of money on your exquisite hat collection, don’t risk your investment, get an appropriate closet to keep them safe and reduce moisture that may damage them over time. One of the best options is a cedar closet or a regular closet lined with cedar panels, which will also do the trick. Choose a stylish, Victorian-looking design to keep the classy vibe alive and take the best care of your precious hats.

Contrary to popular opinion, there is no limit to hat-storing options, and, as long as you pay attention to key elements such as sun, moisture and loss of shape, you can get as creative as you want with your hats. If your collection is getting too big and your space at home is too limited for your liking, consider storing your seasonal hats in a storage unit until you’re ready to use them again.



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