New York City is renowned for its vibrant energy, diverse culture and iconic landmarks. Obviously, the city’s interior design scene is equally impressive: From cozy apartments in the West Village to luxurious penthouses overlooking Central Park, NYC’s interior designers are responsible for creating some of the most stunning and unique living spaces in the world.

But New York City living poses unique challenges that are not found in other cities. One of the most significant challenges is the limited space available in apartments, which can make it difficult to create a comfortable and functional living environment. With the average size of a NYC apartment being around 750 square feet, it’s no surprise that space-saving design solutions have become a crucial aspect of interior design in the city. A designer can help maximize the available space in a New York City apartment, creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing living environment that is tailored to the client’s specific needs and lifestyle. If you’re moving to a new apartment in Manhattan or another of NYC’s boroughs, retaining the services of an interior design moving service will help you contain the stress of moving and live in a home beautifully organized and decorated right from the start.

Sometimes, the space challenge is most easily solved by getting extra space — away from home. In this case, the city’s self storage sector is an invaluable resource. Renting a 10’x10’ self storage unit in New York City hovers around $250, but naturally prices can vary depending on location. A storage unit in the Upper East Side calls for $410, whereas a locker in Fort Green rents for around $350. Windsor Terrace and Rosebank have the cheapest street rates for self storage, $118 and $164, respectively.

An educated, experienced and creative eye can be a great help if you are space challenged. Whether you’re looking to transform your living space or you simply appreciate beautiful design, check out some of the most talented NYC interior designers below.

1. Kati Curtis Design

Kati Curtis Design was founded in 2005, after Kati spent 12 years working with big architecture and engineering firms. She focuses on making sure that the personality of her clients shines through in each completed project. The design firm manages all sorts of projects, from historic restorations to new construction interiors. Sustainable interior design is also front and center at Kati Curtis Design, as they hold the Leadership of Energy Efficient Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP) credentials. Chemical-free, energy-efficient designs that minimize waste are a guarantee at Kati Curtis Design.

2. Pembrooke & Ives

At Pembrooke & Ives, people believe that great design has the power of changing lives, and that comfort is the ultimate luxury. With those principles in mind, the design team at Pembrooke & Ives manages complex design projects, carrying through from first concepts until the design vision is translated into practice.

3. ALine Studio

Amanda Thompson and Lisa Patch, two experienced interior designers with impressive projects under their belts, are leading ALine Studio, and their mantra is that great design should be easily attainable. Both Amanda and Lisa say that one of the most fulfilling experiences is seeing their concepts and designs turn into tangible spaces that people enjoy using.

4. Darci Hether

With her warm and down-to-earth approach, it’s no wonder that Darci Hether is one of the most popular interior designers in NYC. She compares great interior design with creating the perfect cocktail: It takes top-shelf ingredients, time to develop the perfect concoction, a beautiful container (architectural canvas) and pretty garnishes. This interesting approach helps Darci come up with creative, unique designs for her clients, from conception to completion.

5. Anastasios Interiors

Full-service interior design company Anastasios Interiors was founded by Anastasios Gliatis, an architecture graduate at the New York Institute of Technology. The firm manages both residential and commercial projects, providing full concierge experience due to a dedicated team of professionals that includes interior designers, artisans, craftsmen and contractors. Gliatis appreciates practical design solutions with a focus on luxury and attention to details as a way of creating spaces that reflect the personality of clients.

6. Redd Kaihoi

An NYU graduate, Miles Redd opened his own design firm in the city in 1998, and his unique aesthetics that encompass glamour with a cozy, whimsical touch makes him a highly sought-after designer in NYC. David Kaihoi, the other half of the design firm and an art alumnus, brings his unique touch to the mix, playing with materials and spaces from the perspective of a visual artist.

7. Tara Benet

Tara Benet’s foray into classical painting is reflected in her designs, which balance colors and proportions in a way that creates refined yet inviting living spaces. Her firm provides both interior design and staging services to homeowners, new developments and commercial spaces.

8. Sygrove Associates Design Group

Specializing in the design of common areas in residential and commercial buildings, Sygrove Associates Design Group has been bringing touches of beauty and elegance to the NYC area since 1982, when Marilyn Sygrove founded the firm. With over 350 successfully completed projects so far, Marylin says that listening and working closely with clients is the secret to success.

9. New York Interior Design

Evelyn Benatar and her New York Interior Design firm have been working for 25 years to transform people’s lives by enhancing their interiors. With a keen eye for details, Evelyn’s style can be best described as understated luxury, and her trademarks are contemporary interiors balanced by touches of vintage and avant-garde elements.

10. InSite Interior Design

Founded in 2004 by Elizabeth Sanchez Vaughan, an interior design graduate of the famous Parsons School of Design in NYC, InSite Interior Design manages residential and commercial interiors throughout the tri-state area. Elizabeth believes that listening to her clients’ needs, wants and aspirations is the foundation of successful interior design projects, and her impeccable style and taste help her deliver perfect results each and every time.


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