Birmingham, AL, is known as the birthplace of the Veterans Day celebration and a place with a low cost of living, incredible natural landscape and so much more. If you’re moving here, there is a lot to consider, from finding housing and a job to getting to know the city. However, an aspect that might fly under the radar when making the transition to Birmingham living is what to do with your belongings until you get settled into your new home. As it happens, self storage is a great service that can help make that transition easier. You can move your household items and more in a storage unit until you move to make moving day more manageable. Renting a self storage unit in Birmingham, AL, costs $96/month.

Self storage can be a useful service whether you’re a resident, a business or another type of entity in Birmingham. Let’s take a look at who can make the most of self storage locally:

1. Residents

Here’s how self storage can help based on your living situation:

  • If you’re a homeowner

If you’re a Birmingham homeowner, you typically get more living space than apartment dwellers. However, when you have a larger living space, you tend to fill it with more belongings. To make the most of your home, you can keep some of the household items in storage. Think furniture, appliances and seasonal clothing and décor. You can retrieve them when you’re ready to use them again. This way, you can keep your home uncluttered and tidy.

If you’re a homeowner, you’re likely to take on a home improvement project at some point. To keep clutter at bay, you can put the contents of the area under construction in a storage unit for the duration of the project. Home improvement can take at least several months, so it’s worth to not have furniture, appliances and décor from the room being renovated spread across the rest of the house.

  • If you’re a renter

Renters make up a considerable share of population in Birmingham, based on U.S. Census Reporter data. If you’re one of them, chances are you’re enjoying less living space than a homeowner. To make the most of your living situation, you can keep some of your household items in a storage unit. Think seasonal clothing, décor, and hobby gear can sit in a storage unit until they can be used again. This way, you can enjoy a clutter-free and breezy apartment.

inside of a Birmingham, AL apartment

2. Students

Birmingham is home to reputable institutions of higher education, including the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Miles College, Birmingham School of Law and Samford University. Other options include Birmingham-Southern College, Virginia College and Lawson State Community College.

If you’re a student here, you can probably use extra space to keep all your things. Turning to self storage can help, whether you live in a dorm or you’re sharing an apartment with roommates. You can keep seasonal and bulky items in storage until you can use them again. Moreover, you can also put all your belongings in storage during summer break to avoid moving everything back home if you’re from out of town. You can easily retrieve them when the new term resumes.

3. Biotech companies

Thanks to the investments in biotech and medical research at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the city has turned into a research hub. The UAB Hospital is a Level I trauma center, with a focus on health care services and research. It is also one of the largest employers in the area. Moreover, HealthSouth, Surgical Care Affiliates and Diagnostic Health Corporation are also headquartered in the city.

Health care companies can also turn to self storage to aid in their everyday business operations. Medical and other type of business records can sit in storage instead of cluttering their premises with these types of records. Additionally, the UAB hospital can keep medical devices and other kinds of medical equipment in a storage unit whenever the hospital can’t accommodate them.

Birmingham, Alabama, downtown city skyline

4. Construction companies and contractors

With a solid presence of construction and engineering companies such as Be&K, Brasfield & Gorries, B.L. Harbert International and others, Birmingham is primed to respond to the local demand for new construction. Within the last decade, the city has seen construction on all real estate fronts, with the industrial sector (5.5M sq. ft.) registering the highest activity. Additionally, 1.7M square feet of self storage space was added to the local pipeline for the same time period. Based on permitting records, over 26K single family homes were built locally.

Both construction companies and contractors can see the benefits of using self storage. The service is useful as you can store construction materials and larger tools at a storage unit near a construction site. This can make day-to-day operations more efficient and can cut tool and building material transportation time.

5. Museums

Birmingham boasts a rich cultural life and museums are a great part of that. The Birmingham Museum of Art is one of the largest art museums in the Southeast. Other venues include the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, the Southern Museum of Flights, the Alabama Museum of Health Sciences and others.

Museums in Birmingham can also benefit from self storage. They can turn to the service to keep exhibits that aren’t on display away from the museum premises, as it’s sometimes difficult to house them there under the right conditions. Most times, museum exhibits require particular temperature and humidity settings, which a climate-controlled unit can offer.

6. Performing venues

Besides museums, you can discover other cultural venues if you’re looking to find some local entertainment in Birmingham. You can find here the state’s ballet, opera and symphony orchestra. You can also head out to the Alabama Theatre for film screenings and concerts. The Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex is home to a theater, exhibition hall and a sports and concert arena.

Whether it’s the opera, theater or other performance venues, costumes and props also need a home where they can stay without getting damaged during the off season. Self storage is the ideal place for them as climate control offers the ideal temperature and humidity conditions to help preserve their qualities.

Classical ballet performed by a couple of ballet dancers on the stage of the opera house

7. Festival organizers

Whether it’s music, film or regional heritage, Birmingham locals know how to celebrate with festivals. The Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival brings international films to the city, and screenings are usually held at the Alabama Theatre. At the same time, the Taste of the 4th Avenue Jazz Festival also takes place, featuring local and national jazz acts.

Since festivals have become an annual tradition in Birmingham, much of the festival paraphernalia also needs a place to call home until the following year’s event. That’s why it’s easier to put tents, tables, chairs and more in storage instead of cluttering other venues. This way, these items can stay safe and dry until they’re ready to be used again.

8. Sports teams

Just because Birmingham doesn’t have professional sports teams, it doesn’t mean locals don’t partake in sports. The Birmingham Barons, an AA minor league affiliate of the Chicago White Sox, plays at Regions Field in the Southside. Moreover, the University of Alabama at Birmingham also has its own football and basketball teams, as does Samford University.

9. Outdoor activities

With a mild climate, Birmingham is a great place to get out and about to enjoy the outdoors. You can hike in various spots around Birmingham, including Oak Mountain State Park, Red Mountain Park or Ruffner Mountain or Rotary Trail, the latest outdoor trail in the city.

You can also go golfing in Birmingham, thanks to the 17 public golf courses in the city. Moreover, if you enjoy mountain biking, you can find a specialized trail at Coldwater Mountain in Anniston, a city close to Birmingham. If you enjoy getting out on the water, you can take your kayak and go whitewater rafting on Mulberry Fork.

When you’re taking a break from enjoying the outdoors, you can put your bike, kayak and all the other sports gear in a storage unit. This way, you avoid cluttering your home with extra items. You can retrieve them when you’re ready to go out in nature again.


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