Storytelling is a useful and exciting tool for marketers, including for promoting self storage. The reasons you should use storytelling for your brand include making it unforgettable, targeting its audience more effectively, and giving it a personal touch. The result of using storytelling to market your self storage business is the creation of a narrative that wins out in the marketplace.

Storytelling: the new tool for self storage marketers

Today’s world is a rapidly changing place that increasingly features automated processes. Thanks to the Internet, communicating, searching for information, and purchasing products or services becomes easier and easier. Consequently, brands can no longer remain in the shadows. The algorithms of the Internet force business owners to keep in touch with their audience, speaking to their heart and emotions, and thereby hopefully staying afloat and occupying the top positions in search results.

‘Brand storytelling’ would be a way to achieve this. One definition of this marketing technique would be “the creation of a narrative essay that combines emotions, facts and examples, allowing you to generate audience interest in your brand.” The skills of an online essay writer would be particularly useful. In addition to saying why people should buy your services or products, you also need to tell the story of how the company was built, why you love the business, and how you see the brand’s future. You are not just offering a product but also communicating with people.

The operators of the US’s more than 50,000 self-storage facilities may find that if people know the story of their self-storage businesses, they’ll attract new clients more easily. Storytelling increases loyalty and customer’s trust. You can use paid ads on social media to increase brand awareness, and so on, but in 2021 you might not be able to build a successful self storage brand without storytelling.

Three reasons why storytelling is important for marketing

Brand storytelling has become an marketing strategy that may ultimately generate more revenue than advertising. If you’re just getting started with storytelling and are in doubt about its effectiveness, here are three reasons why the future of your business may depend on it.

Storytelling makes your brand unforgettable

The market for services and products is overcrowded. Big brands spend millions of dollars on advertising and storytelling to attract society’s attention, even for just a couple of seconds. Yes, the Internet has helped many companies to start businesses without large investments, but by doing so, it does not necessarily allow brands to stand out — even if you offer quality services or products.

The level of competition is constantly increasing and it is very hard for a company to position itself as unique long term. A lot of competition is forcing business owners to learn not only how to sell products. You must learn to speak about the product and the brand so that the audience will want to come back to you many times. It is storytelling that allows you to fight the strict algorithms of the Internet and successfully promote your business.

Today it is no longer relevant to provide statistics or customer reviews — focus on making your business memorable, recognizable and real to the current world. Storytelling helps turn a simple product overview into a compelling story that makes information easier to read and evokes emotions in a person. Note that no other company can steal the story of your brand.

To understand how to make your company stand out with storytelling, answer these questions:

  • What do you want to tell the audience to remember?
  • What message can you convey to an audience that other brands don’t have?
  • What emotions do you want to evoke in customers every time they visit your company?

These questions could open up new marketing horizons for your company. Customers can forget a detailed story, but they will never forget what you made them feel with your narrative essay. Emotions are of course a key factor that drives sales.

Storytelling helps you build a tribe

As you create a story about a company, think about what you can give your audience in addition to the advertised services. The IT company Apple can be used as an example. For many years it has been creating phones, laptops and computers, etc, but apart from sales, the owner wanted to show customers that it is okay to be different from others. In an era of large computer monitors, they proved that a flat screen was more convenient.

For your brand to be recognizable, you must make it more than just a place to sell services or products. It is the storytelling that allows you to find the purpose of the brand. To do this, try answering the following questions:

  • What values do you hold and want to convey to the audience?
  • How should customers feel when they buy your product?
  • What valuable ideas can you convey to people every time they interact with your brand?
  • What does your company mean to people besides selling goods?

By answering these questions, you can create a strong emotional bond between you and the clients. Involve people in what your company is doing outside of its core business: helping preserve nature and conserve natural resources, standing out from the crowd, etc.

This way, you can create a ‘tribe’ that will follow your success and goals and that will support your ideas. The more you tell about the company, the more the audience will trust you and the more likely it will buy your product. In addition, you will build a relationship with them — they will always support you, even if competitors or the media try to drown your business.

Storytelling can help emphasize the humane aspects of your brand

People no longer pay attention to marketing metrics. Clients increasingly demand that a company prove that their brand impacts society, supports a cause, implements ideas, and does not give empty promises. Many people like to see that profit is a lower priority and that helping humanity occupies the highest positions. The fact that the company cares about people encourages consumers to buy your product, helping them to develop and prosper more quickly.

The mission you bring to people is essential. “We want to change the world” is no longer a cliché but a reality. More and more companies want to pursue such goals, but only a small percentage adhere to their predetermined missions. Nevertheless, buyers relate to that 10% of companies better because they sense a more human attitude towards themselves. Such companies may not try to bombard customers with messages with tricky promotions but instead speak honestly about their product as an essential part of their life. The Global Empathy Index identifies the most responsive companies.

What needs to be done to make your company more human? The marketing tool of storytelling will help you. People are programmed to love impressive stories that evoke positive emotions. Telling a memorable story about your self storage company — maybe something about how it helped people during the pandemic or other challenging times. Describe what human factors are important to you and why you cannot break these boundaries, and try to give examples of how your product has changed people’s lives or what positive footprint you have left for humanity.

As a result of following the tips we have described, you should be able to develop storytelling as part of your self storage marketing strategy. In this way, you will create a brand image which will attract customers to your product. By gathering a base of loyal customers who appreciate what you do, your company’s position in the marketplace will have a better long-term future.


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