Experiences might be the new cool thing to gift and collect. But still — what’s wrong with gathering a few items that have a special value for you? Collectibles are a huge part of our lives and for good reason. We hold onto old family rings, our grandpa’s antique clock or vinyl records, for example. The same cam be said for coins, stamps, trading cards, comic books, sports memorabilia and even classic cars. Whether family heirlooms or unique antique finds, collectibles trigger nostalgia and positive feelings we need more of in our lives.

Besides the fact that collectibles represent a fun hobby, let’s not forget that most of these items have both an emotional value and a significant financial worth for the owner as well as for potential, future buyers.

As an integral part of the Midwest, Oklahoma stays true to the traditional values and legacy of America’s Heartland. Moreover, with its rich indigenous heritage and cowboy culture, the Sooner State is the ideal place for collectibles. Where to find them? We’ve managed to round up a list of the 12 most popular collectible stores in and around Oklahoma City to get you started on your journey to enjoying a fun hobby or a small business that can have a good return on investment.

The Warehouse

This place was voted Best Antique Store in 2020, and it is Oklahoma’s favorite place for antiques, re-purposed furniture, collectibles and other great items. Customers are sure to find something they love here, with over 4K square feet and over 80 vendors. Take a peek at what they have to offer here. You won’t be disappointed by the very wide variety of collectibles.

Flying Eagle Coins

If you’re into buying and selling coins, then this is the place to be in OKC. With an experienced and honest staff, you can get started on your collecting journey with silver, gold, jewelry and all kinds of coins that you can (and cannot) imagine. Apart from gold and silver bullion, you can also find rare pieces that will be worth your while.

Rink Antique Gallery

Just 15 minutes away from downtown Oklahoma City, you can find one of the largest vintage and antique malls in the area, with more than 80 vendors. Shopping at the Rink will provide you with a high chance to find unique and eclectic little treasures. The snack bar and the weekend BBQ also draw customers to the Rink.

Stranger Games

Funko Pops are fun, cute and, indeed, highly collectable. The well-known store Stranger Games, located close to downtown Oklahoma City specializes in buying, selling and trading not just Funko Pops, but a wide variety of video games and other collectibles. Visit their Facebook page to stay up to date with all the fun stuff they have to offer.


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New World Comics

Besides being highly collectible — occasionally going for insane amounts of cash — comic books are a fun hobby for an increasing number of people. Unlike other retro stuff, comics are not a dying art. New World Comics is more than your friendly neighborhood comic book store. Relying on a passionate and knowledgeable staff, and located in the heart of OKC, New World Comics is, according to several reviews, the best place to buy comic books in the area.

Toy Base 10

In the realm of games, Toy Base 10 has an incredible variety of toys and comics. Action figures might be one of the store’s primary points of focus, along with all sorts of vintage and rare figurines, but this business is much more than that. Visit their Facebook page to convince yourself and pay them a visit in case you’re around.

Al’s Sports Cards and Gaming

Sports memorabilia has long been one of the most valuable and sought-after collectibles. However, that’s not all that this store is about. Al’s carries both sports and non-sports collectibles, they hold weekly card tournaments and have monthly in-store sports card shows. You can take a look at their website here.

Antique Avenue Market

Oklahoma’s premiere antique specialty boutique hosts more than 20 dealers and offers highly sought-after collectibles, including décor items, furniture, art, glassware and lighting. Antique Avenue Market has been providing customers with one-of-a-kind antiques and collectibles for more than two decades, making it a local favorite.

Antique House

Dealing with art glass, antique furniture, silver and jewelry, among other products, Antique House is a family-owned antique shop established more than 50 years ago. Estate sales and auction services are also part of what the store has to offer. Make sure to check out their Facebook page.

Vintage Stables

Our next picks may not be located in OKC, but they are absolutely worth mentioning and visiting. Located near Tulsa, the Vintage Stables store specializes in all things vintage. With a friendly and knowledgeable staff, a cozy atmosphere and high-quality products, Vintage Stables is a hidden gem full of little treasures in the Sand Springs area. If you can make the drive here, you’re almost sure to find some unique and affordable furniture and décor.

Bird’s Eye Treasures Antiques and More

A little to the south of Tulsa, you can find one of the largest antique shops in the area. Replete with interesting vintage items, you’ll need a solid couple of hours in order to browse through everything they have. Additionally, the friendly staff will help you find items that match your budget. It’s worth paying a visit to Bird’s Eye Treasures, even if you don’t live close by. You’re sure to return with a few things!

Col. Dick’s Flea Market

We couldn’t end our list without a flea market, but that’s not the only reason we included Col Dick’s market in this list. Treasure hunters, this is the place for you! This flea market is open the second Friday and Saturday of each month and will provide you with a fascinating shopping experience, thanks to the multitude of goods sold at Cleveland County Fairgrounds. Check out the flea market’s Facebook page.

How and where should you store collectibles?

When it comes to storing collectibles, you need to follow three important guidelines. First of all, a consistent storing temperature is absolutely necessary. Fluctuations in temperature can seriously damage your goods. Secondly, humidity levels must also be moderate and consistent. Thirdly, direct sunlight is to be avoided at all costs. The good news is that a climate controlled self storage unit meets all these criteria, so you don’t have to worry about your valued possessions anymore.

Self storage is an essential part of gathering collectibles, as many people who enjoy this hobby tend to store their valued possessions in climate controlled units, ensuring their items will remain in mint condition. This way, you are not constantly worried about the state they are in, and you can keep them well-preserved over a long time span.

If you’re looking for self storage in Oklahoma City or around the state, StorageCafe can help you find the perfect home for your collectibles.


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