Americans are more and more interested in revamping their outdoor spaces, and for very good reasons. Making sure that your backyard is more than some boring lawn and a couple of lawn chairs will stimulate you to spend more time outdoors, relaxing and having fun with your entire family. On top of that, it could even save you time and money in the long run. You’re less likely to go out for dinner if you have a nice outdoor cooking and dining area at home, and you can skip a gym membership if you have a sports-focused corner in your backyard.

A nicely fitted backyard pays off even more in a city such as San Antonio, Texas, where the weather allows residents to spend time outdoors throughout most of the year. So, if you’re looking to create an enviable backyard in San Antonio, here are some of the things you should focus on:

  • Smart space usage

Most people don’t have huge backyards — and, even if they do, it would still be a shame not to use them to their full potential. Start your backyard revamping project by decluttering the space from items such as old toys your children no longer use, broken pots or various tools and equipment. Get rid of everything that is no longer useful and rent self storage for those items you still need but don’t use on daily basis.

A 10’x10’ self storage unit in San Antonio rents for around $112 per month and is big enough for things like gardening tools and other lawn equipment you have at home (so that you don’t waste precious garden space for a storage shed), extra furniture (whether outdoor or indoor furniture), outdoor toys and other baby items you are saving from one child to the next, sports and camping equipment and so on.

  • Shade structures

Create shade structures like pergolas, arbors or shade sails to provide relief from the intense sun during the hottest parts of the day. Set up the main seating area and/or the outdoor kitchen and dining zone nestled against the side of your home to make the most of the nice shade your home provides.

  • Drought-tolerant plants

Choose plants that are well adapted to the hot and dry conditions of San Antonio. Some good options include succulents, cacti, and native plants like yucca and agave.

  • Mulch

Use a layer of mulch around plants and in garden beds to help retain moisture in the soil and reduce water evaporation. Organic mulches like bark or wood chips can also help improve soil health over time.

  • Watering system

Install a drip irrigation system or soaker hoses to deliver water directly to the roots of plants. This can help reduce water waste and ensure that plants receive the right amount of moisture, which is paramount in San Antonio’s dry, hot climate.

  • Hardscaping

Incorporate hardscaping elements like gravel paths, stone walls or patio areas to help reduce the amount of water needed for upkeep.

  • Edible plants

Consider incorporating edible plants like herbs, vegetables and fruit trees that are well suited to San Antonio’s climate. Some of your best bets include sage, rosemary, prickly pear cacti, pomegranate, fig trees and veggies that love the sun and the heat, like tomatoes and peppers. These plants can provide fresh produce and reduce the need for water-intensive landscaping.

Here are some great resources for getting your dream backyard in San Antonio, Texas

If you are planning to turn your neglected San Antonio backyard into an enviable, relaxing and practical space, you’ll need some ideas and inspiration, as well as contractors and suppliers. That’s why we selected a list of valuable local resources that can help you turn your vision into reality:

This San Antonio plant nursery offers a wide selection of flowers, shrubs and trees, available year-round. Should you want to include some water features in your garden, you can also find fish, aquatic plants and other necessary supplies. Its website contains many informative and interesting articles about gardening and plants that will help you plan and maintain your garden properly.

Rainbow Gardens is a locally owned nursery and garden center that has been serving San Antonio for over 35 years. It offers a wide selection of plants, flowers and gardening supplies, as well as expert advice on how to create the perfect backyard oasis.

If you’re not sure about the best layout for your backyard, or what features would really make a difference, professionals at Saylee Greer can definitely help. The company does everything related to outdoor space, assisting you from the planning stage through the actual execution of said plan.

This landscape installation company will help you with everything from planning your backyard to turning your dreams into reality. Whether you need a cozy patio, some stairs and walkaways to make access to your garden better and easier, water features, an outdoor kitchen — or simply need help setting up greenery and maintaining the plants, trees and shrubbery in your garden, VHS Outdoor Living can help you.

Any question you might have about plants and gardening in San Antonio, you’ll certainly find an answer on horticulturist Dr. Jerry Parsons’s website. A treasure trove of information, the website has topics indexed alphabetically to help you find answers to your particular issue fast and easy. You can find a gardening calendar as well, detailing what needs to be done each month of the year so that your garden is in tip-top shape.

San Antonio Water System came up with this project that offers a variety of resources to help residents create water-efficient landscapes. From free water conservation consultations to rebates on water-saving devices and educational resources on how to create beautiful and sustainable outdoor spaces, Garden Style San Antonio is a valuable guide for the city’s residents.

Gardening can be a lot easier, and more environmentally friendly, if you choose native plants, which are equipped for San Antonio’s climate and can withstand local pests and plant diseases. This is the message that Haeley Giambalvo, a San Antonio gardener, is spreading around. Find out more on how native plants are helping the environment by providing food and shelter for pollinators and birds, and what flowers, shrubs and trees are ideal for your San Antonio garden.

The Garden Center has been supplying San Antonio’s residents with plants and other gardening products for over 30 years. The gardening supply center is open seven days a week, allowing even the busiest of locals to go shopping for veggie and flower seedlings, trees, shrubs, roses and so on. The Garden Center also hosts events and seminars dedicated, obviously, to gardening in San Antonio.

One of the oldest garden centers in San Antonio, Fanick’s Garden Center welcomes its patrons with a huge variety of herb and veggie seedlings, fruit and berry plants, season bulbs, roses and more. Its website also contains helpful gardening guides and calendars. On top of that, the garden center organizes talks and seminars where you can learn about gardening from experts.

What are your favorite features in your ideal San Antonio garden? Let us know in the comments!


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