If you’re like many people and have a collection of items you truly adore, you want to keep it safe. Whether it’s comic books, stamps, video games or anything in between, we all want to protect and treasure the items that have taken us so long to acquire. Regardless of your collection’s value, keeping it protected is essential, either when displaying it or moving it to another location.

We discuss not only how to show off and store your collection but also the benefits collecting could have for both your pocketbook and your health.

Why you should start a collection

There are countless ways to improve your well-being as you consider your regular everyday life. In addition to getting enough sleep and avoiding drugs and alcohol, one of the best ways to practice self-care is to take up a hobby, and collecting is one of them. It’s easy to get tied up in the issues of the day and become stressed about work and family. However, by starting a collection, shopping for it and adding to it, and then organizing it well, you can keep your mind occupied so you don’t focus too much on anxieties.

Collecting can benefit your well-being in other ways too, like helping to develop a routine that keeps your mind active and involved. When you need to buy items from other collectors, or you bring yours to trade shows, you are able to socialize with like-minded people, and those positive social interactions are very good for your health.

Another benefit of collecting is the potential to make money in the process. If you collect rare items that gain value over time and you keep them in pristine condition, you could sell them on sometime down the road. Until then, you can keep your collectibles safe for years by storing and displaying them properly.

Tips for displaying your treasures

How you display your collection will depend on what is in it. If you have items that can be lain flat, strong shelves may be all you need to keep them safe and out of the reach of children and pets. Some collectibles, like antique plates, can be hung on the wall. Comic books, movie posters and record collections can often be framed and displayed as art.

When planning your display method, you must also ensure that your items stay safe, and how you do so will depend on what you collect. For instance, things made of wood, paper or leather can incur damage if regularly exposed to sunlight or humidity. So, display them proudly in a case, but keep them out of the direct sun and ensure that the space is climate controlled, and then you will have fewer worries.

While you’re collecting, it’s also wise not to go overboard, so you can maintain the integrity of your collection without letting it become a cluttered mess. Start by instituting some limits so you aren’t just acquiring everything you see. So, if you collect comic books, instead of getting every issue of every genre, stick with a particular superhero or topic and see where the collection goes. Expand your scope later if you feel that it won’t get out of hand.

Moving and storing collections

If you need to relocate your collection into a storage unit, it’s important to be prepared. Research your storage options and choose a unit that is climate controlled and large enough to hold your collection without causing any damage. Also, be sure to get suitable insurance either from your storage company or a third-party provider just in case your storage unit gets damaged and your belongings are harmed in any way.

Be careful when moving your collection from place to place, and take the process step by step. Start by inventorying what you have so nothing is mislaid during the journey. If items are stored in several boxes, write down what is in them and where they should be put in storage.

Pack your items carefully, using bubble wrap, towels and other protective padding. Properly secure the items in your vehicle and obviously drive carefully when transporting them to the storage facility. Make more than one trip if this would be the safest way to transport your precious collection.

While some legwork is associated with building, storing and transporting a collection, the effort is worth the rewards. Consider these tips, and you can proudly display your lifetime’s work for all to see.


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