Granbury, the county seat of Hood County, Texas, is a cozy little town of about 10,000 residents. Located only 60 miles from Dallas and 30 miles south of Fort Worth, the town combines the advantages of a relaxed lifestyle and a tight knit community with the convenience of easy access to big cities.

Granbury is popular among retirees and has excellent retirement communities and quiet neighborhoods. Even better, you don’t need to travel anywhere for a great summer vacation. There are many opportunities for outdoor fun in the area: Lake Granbury, hike and bike trails, a wildlife center, several golf courses and more. Here are the top 10 outdoor attractions in Granbury:

1. The City Beach Park

Lake Granbury is one of the largest lakes in Texas, covering an area of more than 8,300 acres and offering about 100 miles of shoreline. On this shoreline is Granbury’s City Beach Park – a gorgeous, sandy beach that makes you feel like you’re on the seashore. There’s plenty you can do in the area, from sunbathing and fishing to swimming and practicing all kinds of watersports.

2. Moment in Time Hike & Bike Trail

This 3-mile hike and bike trail connects the Granbury Airport to local Hewlett Park. As its name suggests, the trail also acts as a memento to the city. The trail is fitted with memorial plaques celebrating people and events from Granbury’s history. Along the trail, you can also stop by the city’s skate park, the soccer field, the Jim Burks Firefighter Memorial Park and the Granbury Disk Golf Course.

3. Acton Nature Center

Acton Nature Center, located nearby Granbury, is a peaceful and quiet place perfect for nature lovers to observe local flora and fauna. A collection of trails leads visitors to a natural pond, wildflower fields and spectacular, ancient oak trees. Visit the butterfly garden or go bird watching at the nature center. For adventurous visitors, the Center provides geocaching programs.

4. Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

Granbury’s Fossil Rim Wildlife Center participates in the conservation efforts of animal species threatened or endangered in the wild. Driving tours allow visitors to admire, safely and up close, all kinds of animals, including: The addax, the African spurred tortoise, the Arabian oryx, the Great Roadrunner, emus, gazelles, giraffes, several species of wolves and even rhinoceros. The center is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

5. Cleburne State Park

This state park is situated about 30 miles from Granbury, but the drive is well worth it. The park provides quiet campsites, hiking trails through cool and shady forest areas, and the 120-acre Cedar Lake, a perfect place to swim, fish, and play. The Cleburne hiking trails range from easy to difficult, and mountain bikers can ride some spectacular and challenging routes here.

6. The Windmill Farm

The Windmill Farm is another outdoor attraction that’s especially safe during the current COVID-19 pandemic, because you’re visiting while inside the comfort of your own car. The farm is open every day for drive through tours which include a look at the fascinating history of windmills.

There are more than 30 windmills on the 26-acres property, representative of this part of Texas. Each windmill has been salvaged and restored to its original condition and functionality, and more are added and restored all the time.

7. The Brazos Drive-in

If you’re a Granbury resident, you’re in luck, as you can go see a movie safely during the coronavirus crisis. Granbury prides itself with one of the last remaining outdoor movie theaters in the country, the Brazos Drive-in! Like the driving tour at the Windmill Farm, a drive-in makes social distancing feel normal and fun. The Brazos is open every day of the week starting at dusk, and there are double features on Fridays and Saturdays. The drive-in also offers music concerts and other live events.

8. Shanley Park

The Shanley Park is a beautifully manicured park located downtown, behind City Hall. It features multiple fountains, and bridges and pathways that are accessible for strollers and wheelchairs. The tall trees and water installations help visitors cool off during the hot Texas summers. It’s a great place for picnics, and for watching different animals that populate the park, including geese, ducks, herons, turtles and squirrels.

9. Granbury’s historic downtown

The Historic Granbury Square hosts the impressive Hood County Courthouse, built around 1890 following the plans of architect W. C. Dodson. The three-story limestone building features French Second Empire style, pulled right out of history. The square is also home to Granbury’s Opera House, one of the first venues of its kind in Texas, and has recently been restored. In total, there are over 40 important historical landmarks in downtown Granbury and strolling through the area is both fun and a learning opportunity.

10. Dinosaur Valley State Park

Located about 24 miles outside of Granbury, Dinosaur Valley State Park is every bit as cool and impressive as it sounds. This is the area where sauropod trackways were first discovered: You can put your feet in actual dinosaur footprints embedded in the Paluxy riverbed! Apart from literally walking in dinosaurs’ shoes, the park provides opportunities for camping, hiking, biking, fishing, horseback riding and geocaching.

Find out where to store your sport equipment and camping gear

There are great opportunities for outdoor fun in and around Granbury, but how do you manage all that gear? Whether you’re into golfing, fishing, water sports, camping or biking you need somewhere to keep the equipment for your hobbies. Cluttering your home or garage is not a practical solution – fortunately, there are plenty of options for self storage in Granbury. The town has more than 20 storage facilities. Here are some of the best places for storing your outdoorsy gear:

This storage facility provides a wide assortment of unit sizes, from small, 5X10 units to huge, 25X20 storage units, both regular and climate-controlled. Amenities include drive-up access, an onsite manager and RV parking. The facility is fenced and gated and fitted with security cameras.

Prices start at $49 per month and go up $360 for a 20X25 unit, or $1,000 for the 25X50 climate-controlled units in Granbury. Customers benefit from access seven days a week, month to month rentals, and flexible payment options.

This self storage facility offers units and parking spaces of various sizes – 5X10, 10X10, 10X20 or 10X30 units. Customers enjoy 24-hour access, and an onsite manager for information and help. There are drive-up accessible spaces, making it easy to pull up your car for loading and unloading your belongings.

The facility is fenced, gated and fitted with security cameras. Prices start at $45 for the small units and go up to $125 for a larger unit of 300 square feet.

This facility excels when it comes to a variety of unit sizes. Whether you want to store just your golf clubs and fishing poles, an RV or every piece of furniture from your home, you’ll find the suitable unit size for your needs here. Many units are climate-controlled and drive-up accessible.

The facility is fenced, gated and fitted with security cameras. An onsite manager is available for more information and help. Prices start at $29 per month for small units and go up to $145 for a 10X25 one.

Pick the right storage solution in Granbury for your needs– if those listed above aren’t right for you, check out the many other facilities in the area.


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