5x10 Storage Units

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How Big Is a 5x10 Storage Unit?

This is a popular size of unit with students and other people who are on the move but who are not yet old enough to have accumulated much stuff. Because a mattress could fit on the floor in one of these you might be wondering if you could sleep here—be warned that you can’t, under no circumstances!

5x10 Storage Unit

The second-smallest unit size generally available is 5′ x 10′, which has the dimensions of a regular walk-in closet or perhaps a small utility room. With the regular ceiling height you would get a total of 400 cubic feet of space.

What Fits in a 5x10 Storage Unit?

Larger items of furniture can be put into a unit of this size. The contents of an average-sized bedroom—chairs, lamps, a dresser and a queen-size bed— can be put in here if they are stacked carefully. Or it could hold 10-15 medium-sized boxes, and the space is also good for bicycles.

How Much Does a 5x10 Storage Unit Cost?

The rent on such a unit might cost between $45 and $124, depending on where it is located, while a climate-controlled unit could set you back from $70 to $132. According to Yardi Matrix, the average monthly street rate across the US for a storage unit of this type would be around $70.

Before signing a self storage contract, calculate carefully how much space you will need. Remember, boxes of papers stack easily, but fragile things don’t, and while a single bed could be stood vertically, other pieces of furniture can’t. There are many guides to help you pack your things sensibly and efficiently, meaning that you can maybe choose a smaller unit size than you thought, saving you money. And declutter before you decide—maybe there are things you’ll never need, so you can rent a smaller size. Taking all these tips into account, you should be able to find just the right size storage unit that fits everything you need to store and yet doesn’t break the bank!