5'x10' Storage Units

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How big is a 5'x10' storage unit?

The second-smallest unit size generally available is 5'x10', which has the dimensions of a small utility room. With the regular ceiling height, you would get a total of 400 cubic feet of space.

This is a popular size of unit with students and other people who are on the move but who are not yet old enough to have accumulated so much stuff. It is also a good size for homeowners who need to store seasonal items, like garden furniture or a lawn mower, while they are not in use.

Because a mattress could fit on the floor in one of these, you might be wondering if you could sleep here — be warned that you can't, under no circumstances!

What fits in a 5'x10' storage unit?

Larger items of furniture can be put into a unit of this size. The contents of an average-sized bedroom — chairs, lamps, a dresser and a queen-size bed — can be stored in such a unit if they are stacked carefully. Or it could hold 10-15 medium-sized boxes, and the space is also good for bicycles, sports equipment, appliances and tools.

What is the difference between 5'x10' and 10'x5'? 

Both these unit sizes have the same square footage, of 50 square feet, and volume — 400 cubic feet. However, the 10'x5' storage unit has a wider door and a shallower depth, which makes it a better choice when storing tall, rectangular items. For example, if you are planning to store a queen-size bed and mattress, the 10'x5' unit is preferable.

Can a queen-size mattress fit in a 5'x10' storage unit?

Yes, both a queen-size and a king-size mattress can fit in a 5'x10' storage unit. However, it will occupy the entire depth of the unit if you store it lying flat, as is recommended. The best way to organize your unit, if you also want to store a queen-size mattress, is to arrange furniture and other big or heavy items on the floor and to put the mattress on top.

Can you fit a washer and dryer in a 5'x10' storage unit? 

Yes, a 5'x10' storage unit is large enough to allow you to store a washer and dryer set until you need them again. Make sure you raise the washer and dryer (and any other appliances you put in storage) on wooden pallets, or something similar, to avoid any potential damages from excessive humidity. Also, make sure that you leave a small space between the unit's wall and your washer and dryer, to allow for better air circulation. Don't stack heavy items on top of your appliances — a few boxes with clothing, for example, might be OK, but avoid adding boxes with heavy items like books, particularly in the case of long-term storage.

Can a motorcycle fit in a 5'x10' storage unit?

A 5'x10' storage unit is large enough to accommodate most types of motorcycle, and you'll also have some space left for tools, accessories and other belongings. If you are planning to store your motorcycle for an extended period of time — over winter, for example — you should first perform some maintenance operations. Clean your bike, removing dirt and debris, lubricate the moving parts, and top off the fuel. Also, you should disconnect the battery and ideally put the bike on a stand so the tires are elevated off the ground.

How much does a 5'x10' storage unit cost?

The rent on a 5'x10' storage unit hovers around $79 at a national level, according to Yardi Matrix. However, the street rate can vary significantly depending on location or on whether you get a climate-controlled unit, as opposed to a regular one.

The 5'x10' storage unit allows you to store a decent amount of items, including some small furniture or small vehicles like bikes and ATVs. To make the most out of your unit, it's important to properly organize your belongings. Arrange larger items near the walls of the unit, then add the smaller belongings and boxes of stuff, making sure that you leave a small access space from the door of the unit to the middle so you can reach all your belongings without difficulty. It's a good idea to place all the small items (books, clothing, and so on) in lidded and labeled boxes. If you are planning to store valuables like artwork or antiques, you should get a climate-controlled unit.