10'x30' Storage Units

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How big is a 10'x30' storage unit?

Probably the most common extra-large size is the 10'x30' unit. It's almost as big as a two-car garage, with the caveat that it's deeper and less wide. With an 8' roof, such a space would offer you 2,400 cubic feet, but due to the fact that these spaces are often used for specialist purposes, the height may be higher than that. Some large units come with electricity sockets and plumbing, so are more than just simple storage and could be used for a variety of activities — with the facility owner's permission.

What can you fit in a 10'x30' storage unit?

This size unit can accommodate the contents of a loaded semi-truck, in other words all the furniture and the rest of the items from a large house. Alternatively, these units can hold a car or two plus tools and so forth. Boats and RVs are quite commonly put into units of this size. This type of unit is also a smart choice for businesses that need extra storage for tools, machinery and vehicles they don't employ on daily basis. You can fit two pickup trucks plus various other tools and equipment in such a unit.

Is a 10'x30' storage unit big enough for a car?

A 10'x30' is definitely big enough for a car. In fact, you can easily store two cars in a unit this size, and still have plenty of space left for other large items, such as couches, wardrobes, large beds with their mattresses, kitchen appliances and boxes of stuff.

Can you fit an RV in a 10'x30' storage unit?

Yes, you can fit many types of RV in a 10'x30' unit, but you must pay attention to the height of the unit and the height of your RV. Smaller, Class B motorhomes usually fit in a 10'x30' storage unit with the standard 8' height, and there will even be some extra space left for other belongings.

However, Class A motorhomes are higher — some of them can be 13 or 14 feet tall. Many storage facilities offer extra-large units with tall ceilings for this very purpose, so make sure you inquire about unit heights if you are planning to store an RV. Also, you can find open storage spaces that are the same size (10'x30') where you can park your RV. These spaces might have a high roof or no roof at all, which means you don't have to worry about your RV's height. Some RVs are longer than 30', so the owners of such vehicles must inquire at storage facilities about oversized RV storage spaces.

How much does a 10'x30' storage unit cost?

We reckon that a 10'x30' unit could cost you between $150 and $400 monthly, approximately, or from $250 maybe up to $1,000 for one with climate control.

The 10'x30' storage unit is the largest standard size you can usually find in storage facilities, and it's a great option for people who are moving out of a large family home or for those who plan to store RVs, boats, and other large vehicles. If you are planning to use such a unit for the long-term storage of your household possessions (in situations like moving abroad, for example), make sure everything is packed, boxed, and labeled properly to avoid any risk of damage to your goods. If you need more space, contact storage facilities in your area to see if they provide something bigger. Some facilities do have units, or covered parking spaces, that are larger than 10'x30'.