Colorado Springs has many cards up its sleeve – it provides all the opportunities and the amenities of the urban lifestyle, while also granting access to a relaxed lifestyle and to the great outdoors. The city scores points on various chapters, ranking high among the best places to live in the US.

Colorado Springs also offers solid employment opportunities, particularly in aerospace, military, engineering, tourism and IT industries. However, what truly sets the city apart from many others is its unique location, one that facilitates the practice of various sports throughout the entire year. From skiing in the winter to camping, biking or rafting in the summer, there’s plenty you can choose from.

Whether you are planning to move to the area, or you’re already enjoying its many opportunities, there’s one common need that arises – the need for extra storage space. Self storage can help while you’re in the process of moving and can also keep your sporting equipment and other household items safe. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy both your passions and an uncluttered, tidy home.

The median price for a 10×10 self storage unit in Colorado Springs hovers around $116 per month – however, the price varies depending on your neighborhood. We looked at self storage rates across the entire metro area and came up with the top 10 of the cheapest self storage ZIP codes:

1. ZIP Code 80903 – Downtown Colorado Springs

Living downtown in Colorado Springs comes with plenty of perks – you’re in the middle of a fun and entertainment area, with high class restaurants, indie boutiques, a lively nightlife scene, but also peaceful parks and walkable streets. On top of that, you also have access to very affordable self storage – the average street rate for a 10×10 unit in the area stands at $53.

2. ZIP Code 80924 – Wolf Ranch, Black Forest, Pine Creek, Briargate

Located close to the Black Forest Regional Park, the area is ideal for people who want privacy and a tranquil lifestyle. It’s also perfect for families who love spending time outdoors, hiking, birdwatching and so on. The average monthly rent for a 10×10 storage unit stands at $60.

3. ZIP Code 80938 – Stetson Hills, Springs Ranch, Ridgeview, and Cimarron Hills

This quiet area is recommended for families – you get plenty of peace and quiet, but you’re still located pretty close to the busier part of the city. The median rate for a 10×10 unit hovers around $77 per month.

4. ZIP Code 80916 – Southborough, Deerfield Hills, Gateway Park

This area is dynamic, with mixed neighborhoods, offering both single family and multifamily residences. It is conveniently located close to the airport – so it could be a great choice for people who travel often for work. The area also hosts a golf course, several parks, restaurants and entertainment areas suitable for the entire family. The monthly cost with self storage in this zip code hovers around $90.

5. ZIP Code 80920 – Briargate, Pine Creek, Columbine, Falcon, Anderosa

This up-an-coming area is popular with young families and boasts many green open spaces, amazing views of the Rocky Mountains, but you’ll also find shopping malls, markets and restaurants. A 10×10 storage unit rents for about $91 on average.

6. ZIP Code 80913 – Fort Carson, Fountain, Security-Widefield, Stratmoor

This ZIP code hosts the Fort Carson military base, plus some unincorporated communities forming the so-called Fountain Valley community. It’s located close to the Cheyenne Mountain State Park, a former NORAD site. Herkimer, the world’s largest beetle, is in the same neighborhood – so you’ll live close to a celebrity, should you decide to move here. The average street rate for a 10×10 unit is about $94.

7. ZIP Code 80907 – Venetian Village

A busy neighborhood with both single family homes and rental apartments, Venetian Village, is located close to the Garden of Gods Visitor and Nature Center. There’s also the large Palmer Park in the area, plus two golf courses. Self storage costs hover around $95 for a 10×10 storage unit.

8. ZIP Code 80915 – Rustic Hills, Springs Ranch, Village Seven

This large neighborhood offers a peaceful lifestyle and great amenities. Heather Crest Park, Wilson Park and Henry Park are all located here, providing the residents with access to playgrounds, trails, baseball fields and basketball courts. There’s also easy access to Powers Corridor and its myriad of shops, restaurants and entertainment opportunities. The monthly rate for a 10×10 unit is also around $95 per month.

9. ZIP Code 80919 – Rockrimmon

A small neighborhood located about eight miles north of downtown Colorado Springs, Rockrimmon contains both single family homes and apartments for rent. The area is famous for its bluffs and cliffs and offers breathtaking views of the city. The Ute Valley Park is also in its vicinity. Renting a 10×10 self storage unit will cost you about $110.

10. ZIP Code 80910 – Pikes Peak Park, Southeast

This neighborhood is great for raising a family, containing multiple parks and schools within its boundaries. The Leon Young Complex offers baseball and softball fields, and you can also use Monterey Park and Adams Park, in the same area. Valley Hi Golf Course, restaurants and shopping areas complete the profile of the neighborhood. The monthly rate for a 10×10 storage unit stands at $112.

If you’re not actually living in any of these ZIP codes, don’t worry – there are almost 90 self storage facilities in the area to choose from, so you’ll definitely find something close to your home that can suit your storage needs.


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