Chicago is a city famous for its beautiful residential architecture, from its historic bungalows and greystone homes to innovative, modern homes and apartment complexes. New homes being built in Chicago are getting bigger, and the real estate market is getting hotter – the median home price in the metro area, at almost $350,000 in the second quarter of 2021, represents a 23% year-over-year growth.

In other words, Chicago is a dynamic real estate market, which also means home redesign is on the agenda for many. Home remodels are closely related to the self storage industry – most people put some of their belongings in storage for the duration of the renovation project. The good news in this respect is that Chicago offers plenty of self storage opportunities – there are around 120 facilities in the area, with the average street rate for a 10×10 self storage unit in Chicago at $117 per month.

Seeing as these two industries are highly connected, we decided to take a look at Chicago’s home design market and select the top interior designers for people considering a home remodel. The ranking is based on the types and complexity of services provided, accessibility of information on the website, and reviews from customers.  Whether you prefer a minimalist, modern décor in your home, or you want to draw your inspiration from Chicago’s classic architecture, here are the local interior designers that can help you refine your vision and turn it into reality:

1. Summer Thornton Design

Summer Thornton is an acclaimed Chicago-based designer with a personalized approach in all her projects – she believes that each project should reflect the passions, particularities and quirks of the customer. That’s why her projects never look the same. From classic historical interiors to colorful homes or crisp and modern ones, Summer Thornton and her transitional style will help you touch just the right note with your remodel.

2. Inspired Interiors

Inspired Interiors is a full-service design agency founded over 16 years ago by Emily Mackie, a Texas native and an Illinois Institute of Art graduate. The design agency manages both residential and commercial projects. Each project starts with getting to know the clients and understanding their needs and lifestyle. Emily’s team deals with everything, from the initial sketches to coordinating the contractors, juggling the budget and the timeframe and finally furnishing and decorating the space.

3. Green Home Chicago

The driving force behind Green Home Chicago interior design company is the idea that living spaces must respect the principles of form and function – in other words, be beautiful, practical and adjusted to the customer’s wants and needs. However, the agency also thinks that designing living spaces should also be done responsibly toward the environment. Co-founded by Karen Kalmek and Bill Homer, Green Home Chicago commits to sustainability in all aspects of their work and the final results are not only unique and sophisticated but also environmentally friendly.

4. Donna Mondi Interior Design

Donna Mondi founded her interior design company, located in Chicago’s trendy West Town neighborhood, 20 years ago. Since then, it has become one of the most prominent interior design firms in the city, one that prides itself on creating living spaces with a soul. Balancing architecture with artistry and capturing the personality of the customer through interior design are the main pillars behind Donna Mondi’s work.

5. Marshall Erb Design

Marshall Erb Design prides itself on creating unique, personalized interiors for the customers – luxury is the product of a job well done is their philosophy. The design firm has won multiple accolades throughout the years, including the 2018 Design Excellence Award from the Illinois Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers. Marshall Erb, the agency’s founder, is a graduate of the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, but it’s also an expert in art, antiques and textiles, which allows him to bring both an architect’s eye and an artist’s vision to his projects.

6. Anthony Michael Interior Ingenuity

Anthony Michael’s Chicago-based interior design company specializes in classical, contemporary and eclectic interiors – and not only for homes but also restaurants, luxury yachts and even private aircrafts. After over 35 years of continuous presence in Chicago’s design community, Anthony Michael prides himself on having about 1,000 design projects completed, making him one of the most influential designers in Windy City.

7. Design Inside

Design Inside was founded by Chicago interior designers Kathryn and Bill Cherne, and their mission is to help clients live in spaces they love. The designer duo strongly believes that interior design should be approachable and fun. The creative process starts with narrowing down design ideas until the final, unique plan for the home emerges. Then, they supervise the project and bring it to life – turning an usually daunting task for most homeowners into a stress-free experience.

8. Brianne Bishop Design

Brianne Bishop founded her company in 2009, and her expertise goes beyond interior design – she’s also well versed in architecture, construction management and building systems. Her company manages high-end residential and commercial projects and focuses on a modern yet timeless aesthetic.

9. Habitar Design

Habitar Design had its work recognized internationally and featured in design magazines, but, at its heart, remains a small Chicago-based firm that focuses primarily on customer satisfaction. From contemporary to traditional and transitional design, Habitar helps people create the right interiors for their needs. Sister company Stratagem Construction means they have the capacity to manage complex projects seamlessly and hassle-free.

10. Paula Interiors

Paula Interiors is a boutique firm founded by Paula Rodriguez, a seasoned interior designer with over 12 years of experience under her belt. Her belief is that an interior designer shouldn’t rely on a specific style, but rather strive to create a unique aesthetic for each project, one that reflects the personality of the house and of the homeowner but it’s also efficient, beautiful, and mood-heightening.

Hopefully, our top will help you select the most suitable designer for your project – happy remodeling!


Maria Gatea is a real estate and lifestyle editor for Yardi with a background in Journalism and Communication. After covering business and finance-related topics as a freelance writer for 15 years, she is now focusing on researching and writing about the real estate industry. You may contact Maria via email.

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