Indianapolis stands out among other Midwest hubs as great place for higher education and an excellent job market, not to mention being named the most neighborly city in the nation. Therefore, it’s no surprise to see that you might be among the many people who have joined the ranks of Hoosier City residents. It has plenty of entertainment, a love of sports and excellent food.

Settling here means you’re thinking about your housing options, but also consider self storage — a less obvious part of the moving process — which can help make your transition to Indy much smoother. You can send your belongings ahead of moving day to a storage facility close to your new home. Besides, renting an Indianapolis storage unit is quite inexpensive, at $85/month.

As you get settled into your new home, you might discover that self storage can help you beyond moving and can serve several purposes. Let’s take a look at who can benefit from self storage in Indianapolis and how they can make the most of it.

1. Indianapolis residents

If you’re an Indianapolis resident, here’s how self storage can help you:

  • Homeowners

Most Indianapolis residents are homeowners, and if you’re among them, you’re likely to find self storage useful. Moving is one of the most common instances when people turn to self storage, but the service can come in handy in other situations too. You can put seasonal items such as decorations, outdoor gear and bulky clothing in storage to avoid cluttering your home. That’s especially helpful given that at an average 1,510 square feet, Indianapolis homes are much smaller than the national average, which stands at around 2,200 square feet. Moreover, if you’re working remotely and need to set up a home office, you can also reap the benefits of self storage. Furniture and other items that were originally sitting in your new home office can stay in storage until you can use them again.

Classic blue house with red trim in suburban Indianapolis
Classic blue house with red trim in suburban Indianapolis
  • Apartment dwellers

If you’re living in an Indianapolis apartment, self storage can help you make the most of the living space. That’s because you typically enjoy less space than those living in single family homes, and every inch of space matters. You can rent self storage for seasonal and bulky items, allowing your apartment to be tidy and uncluttered. Visit your storage unit to retrieve items as you need them while keeping a handle on home organization.

2. Companies headquartered in Indy

Indianapolis has a vibrant economy, with trade, transportation, professional and business services, health care and hospitality among the most active sectors locally.
For businesses that have offices in Indianapolis, self storage can prove very useful. A storage unit can hold anything from furniture to paper-based records and office supplies.

3. Health care institutions

Indianapolis is a medical research hub, playing home to several institutions such as the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute and Indiana University Schools of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing. You can also find the Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine and the American College of Sports Medicine here.

Medical institutions handle a lot of equipment and records that might need a temporary home. Hospitals and research facilities can place them in storage until they can be used again, thus freeing up their building space to be used more effectively.

4. Local tourism industry

The tourism industry is a vital part of the local economy. In 2021 alone, visitor spending added $8.5B to the city’s GDP and helped to support about 180K full-time jobs. Indianapolis also relies on conventions to attract visitors. The Indiana Convention Center and Lucas Oil Stadium are mega locations that offer a combined 750K square feet of exhibition space. Annually, the city plays host to the FDIC International, National FFA Organization Convention, Gen Con and Performance Racing Industry Trade Show.

Both the conventions and the hotels associated with these events can benefit from self storage. Equipment, furniture and linen can sit temporarily in storage as they wait to be used again instead of cluttering the usual business space. Convention centers and hotels can retrieve their items when they need to use them again.

Indianapolis Morning - Market Street
Indianapolis Morning – Market Street

5. Construction companies and contractors

For the past decade, Indianapolis enjoyed particularly active construction activity, with the real estate sector registering new deliveries. Industrial has seen the most activity, with 15.7M square feet of new space. Self storage has also seen a considerable amount of new construction, with over 1.9M square feet of new space delivered for the same period. Both the multifamily and single-family sectors registered over 9K permits for the 2013–2022 decade.

Construction companies and contractors in Indianapolis could also turn to self storage to make their daily operations run smoother. They can keep construction materials, tools and more in a storage unit close to the construction site to avoid making longer trips each day. This way, they can streamline their construction process and increase productivity.

6. Local restaurants

Indianapolis deserves its special place in the restaurant industry. It is the birthplace of the pork tenderloin sandwich, sugar cream pie and the beef Manhattan. The city also benefits from an active urban agriculture with a vibrant farmers market scene, which helps to support the farm-to-table movement. Indianapolis has been garnering media attention in recent years, earning high praise for its restaurant scene in particular.

Local restaurants can also turn to self storage to keep dishes, furniture and even nonperishables when their premises are tight on space. For instance, outdoor furniture can be placed in storage during wintertime, when there’s no outdoor dining. This can free up indoor space that can be put to better use.

7. Sports teams

If you go to Indy, you might find that the city is not short on professional sports teams. In fact, Indianapolis is home to the Indianapolis Colts and the Indiana Pacers — two major league teams. The Indianapolis Indians are one of the oldest minor league baseball teams, hailing back to 1902. The Indy Eleven USL soccer team and the Indy Fuel hockey team are two other local minor league franchises representing Indy.

When they’re not playing, sports teams also need to find a way to manage their game-related items. Uniforms, sports gear and more can comfortably sit in a storage unit until the new season resumes. This way, they can stay safe and ready to be used without taking up players’ personal space at home.

Aerial View of IUPUI Jaguars Stadium and Indianapolis Skyline
Aerial View of IUPUI Jaguars Stadium and Indianapolis Skyline

8. Museums

Indianapolis is home to many museums, with the Indianapolis Museum of Art being its primary art repository and one of the oldest museums in the country. Other art institutions include the Indianapolis Art Center and the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art. What’s more, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is one of the largest in the world, with over five floors of exhibits and galleries. Similar cultural centers also include the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, Indiana Medical History Museum and Indiana War Memorial Museum.

Art institutions in Indianapolis can use self storage for displays not in use. Given that museums typically do a rotation of their exhibits, most exhibits will not get continuous floor time. Museums can keep overflow items in storage, as it is a safe and space-saving solution. A lot of facilities offer climate-controlled units in Indianapolis, which are ideal for keeping the integrity of stored items, as museums often contain valuable art and artifacts.

9. Performing arts venues

The downtown area is where most performing art venues are concentrated, with the Hilbert Circle Theatre and the Indiana Theatre among the more prominent ones. You can also head out to The Cabaret, Phoenix Theatre, Artsgarden or TCU Amphitheater at White River State Park, the largest outdoor venue in Indianapolis.

You can enjoy other kinds of culture at the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra, Indianapolis Men’s Course, Indianapolis Opera and Indianapolis Youth Orchestra. Still in the musical realm, the city is home to a couple of musical organizations, including the American Pianists Association, Bands of America, the Percussive Arts Society and Drum Corps International.

Both theaters and music venues are likely to make use of self storage. The service can come in handy during the off-season, helping arts institutions to better manage their costumes, props, musical instruments, furniture and more. These items can sit in a storage unit until they’re needed again.

10. Local entertainment industry

Even though it isn’t Hollywood, Indianapolis claims a slice of America’s movie industry right from the first half of the 20th century. Two Indianapolis natives received Academy Honorary Awards in the 1940s. However, Academy Award nominee Steve McQueen is the most famous Indianapolis local.

The city was a backdrop for several movies and TV shows in recent years including “Antiques Roadshow,” “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” “Parks and Recreation,” and others.

The local entertainment industry can also see the advantages of using self storage — camera equipment, movie sets, costumes and more can sit in storage when they’re not used. This can help production staffs better manage their operating space as these items can usually take up a lot of room.


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