Are you thinking of moving to Seattle? You’ve heard all about the top employers in this city, about the exciting outdoor activities you can do in the area, and about the coffee. The Emerald City currently counts around three quarters of a million residents who add to its cool yet hard-working image. And there is a diverse variety of both neighborhoods and housing here, so you are sure to find something that suits you.

Maybe you are now asking yourself the question “Should I move to Seattle?” Have a look at the following key points about why Emerald City could be your next home.

1. How big is Seattle?

Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest region — if you are moving to Washington State you will be seeing a lot of the Emerald City. Seattle sprawls across 142 square miles and serves as the county seat of King County. The Seattle Metropolitan Area stretches into Snohomish and Pierce counties as well, and more than half of Washington’s population calls the metro area home, making it the 15th largest in the country.

Seattle has been among the nation’s fastest-growing major cities, yet it is described as a city of neighborhoods. Although no official boundaries have existed in well over a hundred years, residents and officials alike have managed to agree on 127 districts and neighborhoods that make up the city. With some good advice, you can find the ideal one for you as you weigh up the pros and cons of moving to Washington State.

2. What is the weather like in Seattle?

The weather might be on your mind if you are still asking the question “Should I move to Washington State?” Enjoying a temperate marine climate, Seattle experiences cool, wet winters and mild, relatively dry summers. Extremes at either end of the thermometer are uncommon. But although the city boasts more rainy days than any other major U.S. city, it may come as a surprise to many that cities such as New York City, Houston and Miami actually see more rainfall annually.

Proximity to the ocean results in some salt in the air, which can quickly cause damage to a wealth of items, including vehicles, outdoor furniture and most things made of metal. To prolong the lifespan of such items, it’s well worth renting some climate-controlled space outside the home in a Seattle self storage locker. You can then be sure that your belongings will stay in top shape no matter the weather.

Two Young Women at Table Looking Out at Seattle Harbor
View of Seattle Harbor and Ferris Wheel

3. What is the job market like in Seattle?

Seattle is recognized as a major trade gateway with Asia, and its port is ranked as the 4th largest in North America by the number of containers handled annually. However, the city enjoys a diverse and healthy economy, driven by a mix of traditional and more modern industries. Tech has become an important sector, with major global companies headquartered in the city.

Indeed, Seattle is home to a huge number of large corporations including numerous Fortune 500 firms. The city is also a fantastic environment for smaller start-ups, with a particular focus on cleantech and green building. Some of Seattle’s businesses grew from garage hustles into global corporations. Future entrepreneurs should consider self storage in Seattle — a storage unit can be an ideal birthplace for the next big thing, or simply a deposit for stock before it’s shipped out.

4. Universities and college life in Seattle

The University of Washington is the largest public university in Seattle, but there are also several private colleges in the city. Seattle Pacific University and Seattle University are chief among these, while both the Antioch and City Universities focus on providing relevant qualifications for working adults.

Seattle’s student population is as large as it is diverse. As a result, student accommodation can feel a little crowded at times, especially in dorms. Fortunately, students who need more space can rent a storage unit in Seattle, helping to keep their digs clutter free.

5. Outdoor recreation in Seattle — fishing, kayaking and skiing

Street fairs and parades are popular attractions in Seattle. Offering a chance for the community to get together, more than 20 neighborhoods have their own events. If you’re a fan of floats and costumes and like to make your own, a self storage unit in Seattle can be a great place to keep your designs while you work on them.

Sports and exercise are also important in the city, and Seattle ranks among the fittest cities in the U.S. Areas such as the Olympic and Cascade Mountains are popular getaways for skiing and snowboarding, while the Puget sound provides plenty of opportunities for kayaking and sailing. Rock climbing, hiking, cycling and fishing are also popular. Once again, a storage unit can be a superb place to keep your bulky gear while you’re not using it, freeing up lots of space at home.

Kayaking at Lake Union in Seattle, WA
Kayaking at Lake Union in Seattle, WA

6. How self storage helps you move to Seattle

It’s not difficult to answer the question “Why are people moving to Seattle?” The Emerald City’s culture and laid-back vibe are key attractions. More people from California choose to relocate to Washington State than from any other state. A professional moving company will you help you with the move and is particularly useful when transporting large items. Or you can save money by doing it yourself, but this can be time-consuming and stressful.

Either way, renting a storage unit can make a move to Seattle flow more smoothly. It offers flexibility, so you can move into your new home when it suits you, rather than trying to match schedules with the seller. Once you’ve moved in, you can also use it to keep your home clutter-free.

7. Housing options in Seattle

Seattle has an iconic skyline, dominated by skyscrapers and high-rise blocks, but is also has many neighborhoods and suburbs. Apartment living has been boosted by an official relaxation of height restrictions on tower blocks in the city center in a program to boost the city’s population without compromising the single-family neighborhoods.

Single family living

Seattle’s lot sizes may not be the nation’s largest, but you can find a good mix of single-family homes, both modern and historic, in the city’s neighborhoods. The timbering and gabled roofs of Victorian and Tudor architecture can be seen in historic neighborhoods such as Magnolia and Queen Anne, for example, while a range of more modern styles can be found in West Seattle. Medina is probably the city’s most expensive neighborhood, and even floating houses can be found in Portage Bay and Lake Union.

Apartment living

A relatively high proportion of Seattle’s population are single people living alone, perhaps as a result of the high wages that can be earned here. Apartments of all sizes can be found in neighborhoods such as Downtown, International District, Denny Triangle and Belltown. If finding a spacious apartment in the center of town is proving tricky, consider Seattle self storage, where you can store bulky extras and things you do not use frequently, freeing up valuable space at home.

Residential Neighborhood in Fall Seattle, WA
Residential Neighborhood Seattle, WA

8. Is Seattle a good place to live?

Seattle has so much to offer in terms of employment and recreational opportunities that it attracts people from all over the country and beyond. Maybe people enjoy the vibe here, with the city’s reputation for music, water sports and business innovation.

Moving to Seattle from San Francisco

A move from San Francisco to the Emerald City would let you reduce your expenditures somewhat, and this is especially true for housing costs. The weather might come as a shock to some, as Seattle’s rain is famous and snow is not unheard of, but San Franciscans get used to it!

Moving to Seattle from Houston

Houstonians might appreciate the sea breezes and great water sports in Seattle and the surrounding area, including kayaking, great salmon fishing and even the exciting new sport of flyboarding. While they may need to pack some warmer clothes, one advantage they might appreciate is the absence of tornadoes in the area.

9. What are the storage options in Seattle, Washington?

Self storage in Seattle comprises several dozen self storage facilities, both throughout the city and beyond its borders in the wider metropolitan area. There are 5’x5’ storage units that can be rented for just a few dollars a month, and would hold seasonal items and archived paperwork, for example, so a small apartment doesn’t get cluttered.

A 5’x10’ storage unit could be used to hold sports gear, such as equipment for waterskiing and kiteboarding, and a 10’x10’ storage unit would hold furniture as well when there is currently no room for it in the home. Unit sizes in Seattle go up to larger than 500 square feet, with the 10’x20’ storage unit size being one of the most popular larger sizes. There are also many facilities which have spaces for parking cars and large recreational vehicles.

Check out more information about Seattle self storage statistics, and search on to find the Emerald City storage space that is perfect for you.


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