How Much Does Self Storage Cost Across the US's Top 100 Cities?

Self storage has grown in popularity in recent times, largely driven by moving and lack of space at home. In an effort to respond to the solid demand, the industry has seen amplified construction efforts, with most of country's major urban hotspots now providing ample options for residents in need of self storage. However, self storage prices can vary significantly among those cities. Several factors, including local self storage stock, unit amenities and overall market conditions, are shaping how much a storage unit costs in any given location.

Among the 100 biggest US cities, the most expensive city for self storage is San Francisco, where a 10'x10' self storage unit costs about $269. The same type of unit in Oklahoma City hovers around $78.

Ranking Self Storage: Lowest to Highest Costs in Major US Cities

# City State Avg Rent
(10'x10' NON CC)
Avg Rent
(10'x10' CC)
Avg Rent
All Unit Types
1 Las Cruces New Mexico $76 $106 $108
2 Durham North Carolina $95 $104 $111
3 Amarillo Texas $76 $87 $112
4 Greenville South Carolina $76 $93 $112
5 Omaha Nebraska $82 $97 $112
6 Oklahoma City Oklahoma $78 $92 $113
7 Augusta Georgia $87 $99 $114
8 Cincinnati Ohio $96 $106 $114
9 Indianapolis Indiana $81 $98 $114
10 Pensacola Florida $79 $97 $116
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Data Source: StorageCafe analysis of Yardi Matrix data as of March, 2024

Residents of Oklahoma City, Aurora and Jackson enjoy the least expensive storage unit prices among the country's major cities. The price for renting a self storage unit here falls well below the national average, allowing residents to store their extra belongings without breaking the bank.

San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City emerge as the most expensive cities for self storage, with street rates considerably above the national average. Self storage prices are often driven by a mix of high occupancy rates and strong demand, in addition to local market supply. However, even with above-average street rates, self storage can prove a cost-efficient way to maximize space at home wherever you may live, as housing costs per square foot are much higher than storage costs.

Zooming in on state-level price information New York is the most expensive for self storage, followed by Massachusetts and California. At the other end of the spectrum, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Indiana offer the most affordable self storage prices.

Find out how much self storage costs in every US state in the heatmap below.

Self Storage Street Rates by State

NB: Darker shades denote higher costs; gray denotes no data

Data source: StorageCafe analysis of Yardi Matrix data as of March, 2024

How Self Storage Costs Compare to Other Common Expenses

Self storage allows users to optimize the use of space at home while also being able to hold on to their possessions. Thus, self storage provides a valuable service, one that has a big impact on how comfortably people live at home. To put things into perspective, the national average for a 10'x10' storage unit stands at around $125 per month — which is about the same amount of money one would pay per month for a daily Venti Caffe Mocha from Starbucks.

Self storage helps renters enjoy a neat and uncluttered interior — or rent a smaller apartment and make up for the loss of space by using a storage unit. This can be a smart move financially, as the national average price for a square foot of self storage space hovers around $1.40 — while, in the case of apartments, the average cost for a square foot of space is closer to $1.91.

When looking at self storage costs vs. parking costs in big urban hotspots across the nation, the advantages that people who don't use their vehicles on daily basis get by renting self storage are obvious. The national average cost of a parking spot is around $150 monthly, while renting a car storage unit hovers at $162. Not only are vehicle costs reasonable, but vehicles are also better protected in a storage unit. On top of that, there's extra space available for storing other belongings as well.

Self Storage Costs vs. Common Expenses
Average Monthly Self Storage Street Rate (All Unit Sizes)
Monthly Average Cost of a Daily Cup of Premium Coffee
Average Cost of Self Storage per Square Foot
Average Asking Rents of U.S. Apartments per Square Foot
Average Monthly Rent for Car Units
Average Monthly Parking Rates
Average Monthly Rent for Climate-Controlled Units (All Sizes)
Dinner and a Movie for 2 Persons
Average Monthly Street Rate for a 10'x10' Unit
Starting at $200
Average Hourly Cost of a Professional Organizer

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