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What is RV storage and when can it help?

RV storage is space rented out by self storage facilities where recreational vehicles can be kept and cared for, either indoors or outdoors.

Whether your vehicle is a motorhome, a campervan, a caravan or a towed trailer, you need a home for it when you're not on the road. RV storage is your best option for storage away from home as you know your recreational vehicle will be well protected in a safe and secure location. RV self storage also steps in when your garage has limited space or when your homeowners' association doesn't allow parking of RVs on streets or driveways.

With specially designed places for trailer storage, RV storage facilities may offer useful options such as electrical hookups, areas where vehicles can be washed and waste disposal services.

The best ways to store an RV

As RVs differ in size and configuration, storage solutions differ too. There are outdoor spaces, with or without roofs, and indoor units for maximum protection. Outdoor parking spaces range from 20' to 50' in length — big enough for any motorhome. This option is suitable when the weather is not so severe and the storage facility can be visited regularly to maintain the RV in good condition. Many outdoor RV storage lots have protective roofs to keep off rain, hail, snow and the sun, which is a big advantage during long-term storage.

Indoor RV storage units, meanwhile, give RVs full protection from the elements. They may even feature climate control, which gives top protection for high-value models. If you decide on renting an indoor storage unit, you need to determine which is the right size for your RV storage needs.

Understand storage unit sizes and get the RV storage unit size you need

Indoor units suitable for RVs come in many different shapes and sizes. You will need one that has enough space so you can move around your RV easily to load it up and carry out any necessary maintenance. In order not to waste money on something that is too large, you should know which is the ideal size for your vehicle.

Some compact towed trailers and campervans can squeeze into a regular garage. But most RVs are between 10' and 15' high, and don't forget any solar panels and other accessories mounted on the roof. Class A motorhomes tend to be between 21' and 45' long, while Class C vehicles can range from 20' to 32' and 'fifth-wheels' are often much longer than regular towed trailers. RVs tend to be between 7' and 10' wide.

As small trailers and campervans — such as those having 'pop-tops' — may be lower than the usual storage unit ceiling of 8', they might fit into a standard 10'x20' storage unit.

Larger indoor storage units often have the necessary extra height for most RVs, and you will need your unit to have the right width as well. Units suitable for RVs have floorspaces such as 10'x30', 12'x40', 14'x30', 20'x35' and so on.

The average costs of storing an RV

RV storage costs $171 on average, including all unit types and sizes designated for RV use. But prices for RV storage spaces vary across the country, and they can also change depending on the season as well as other factors including space types and amenities.

Generally speaking, the larger and more unusual the size of the unit is, the more it will cost. Climate control adds further to the rent, and a facility with extra amenities may charge more than others.

In March, 2024, the average cost nationwide of a non-climate-controlled 10'x20' unit, which can often accommodate a small towed trailer or a campervan, was $196.

For larger recreational vehicles, a 10'x30' unit may be suitable if the ceiling is sufficiently high, and these rented for a nationwide average of $260 in March, 2024. Lower prices can be found for outdoor spaces, while indoor climate-controlled RV storage will usually incur greater expense.

How to find RV storage units

If you have now decided to keep your RV at a self storage facility, you're probably wondering “how can I find RV storage near me?” Fortunately, many facilities across the country offer RV storage units and parking spaces, including covered RV storage. So, get your motorhome or trailer prepped and look for the storage space that is ideal for you.

You can easily find what you need by using the filters in StorageCafe's search portal. Choose the location you want in the Search box — you can narrow down your selection to a neighborhood or a ZIP Code in the 'Search Mode' box. Choose 'Vehicle Storage' and the 'Large' option in the drop-down lists to find storage units big enough for your motorhome and browse through your local listings to see which ones offer RV storage.

Alternatively, maybe your question is “where can I find outdoor RV storage near me?” You can browse through your local facilities to see which ones offer outdoor RV parking, and then you can contact the storage facility directly. They will give you details about availability and prices, so you can book the RV storage space you need. Very easy! As we here at StorageCafe like to say: sort it, pack it, store it!

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