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Storage unit sizes vary from small units for those who just want to put aside a few boxes of extra stuff to medium and large storage units, which can be used in the process of moving house or for storing vehicles such as cars, boats and RVs. Essentially, there is a storage unit perfect for your every need.

If you're wondering “What size storage unit do I need?”, this storage unit size guide will help you to both identify the ideal unit size among the storage unit sizes available and to budget accordingly. It's important that you rent just the right unit size for your needs, to make the most of the space and your budget. Renting a storage unit that's too small can make it difficult to organize your belongings in the unit. Booking one that's too big for your needs, on the other hand, means you are paying for a service you are not actually using at full capacity.

How tall are storage units?

Storage units are usually 8' high, so multiply this by the square footage to get the cubic volume of the unit. For example, a 10'x10' storage unit, which is one of the most popular unit sizes, has a total volume of 800 cubic square feet. Calculating the total volume of a storage unit helps you better understand how much stuff you can actually store.

Small self storage units

The storage units at the lower end of the range that is available tend to have floor spaces of 5'x5' or 5'x10'. However, units as small as 4'x4' and even 2'x2' can also sometimes be found, especially in facilities in urban areas. A roll-up metal door is usually the means of access. These types of units are very useful for people who need to store a limited number of items, such as, for example, golfing or sports gear, a few boxes with holiday decorations or books, seasonal clothing, small pieces of furniture, and so on.

Medium self storage units

The storage unit sizes most often classed as 'medium' are the 10'x10' and 10'x15' types. Sometimes there are also 5'x15' units available, which provide extra depth and are useful for storing especially long items. Medium-sized units are among the most popular types of units and the most commonly used ones when moving house. Also, medium self storage units are very popular with homeowners that need to store various household goods long-term, such as extra furniture and appliances, tools, or small vehicles (ATVs, snowmobiles or compact cars).

Large self storage units

Storage units that are classified as 'large' can come in a variety of different sizes. The most common one is the 10'x20' — this is the lock-up garage size that is seen everywhere. But other sizes are available, some much larger, such as 20'x30' and 20'x50', and sometimes these are used for specialist purposes such as for storing boats, RVs or even helicopters.

Businesses can also make use of large self storage units, as they can hold plenty of items, including large pieces of equipment or machinery.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're new to using self storage, you probably have a lot of questions related to the service. We've tried to identify the most common self storage questions, and here are the answers to help you make informed decisions about renting self storage.

Before signing a self storage contract, calculate carefully how much space you will need. Remember, boxes of papers stack easily, but fragile things don't, and while a single bed could be stood vertically, other pieces of furniture can't. There are many guides to help you pack your things sensibly and efficiently, meaning that you can maybe choose a smaller unit size than you thought, saving you money. And be sure to declutter before you decide — maybe there are things you'll never need, so you can rent a smaller size. Taking all these tips into account, you should be able to find just the right size storage unit that fits everything you need to store and yet doesn't break the bank!

Self storage unit size chart

Whether you're renting self storage for the first time or you've used this service before, knowing the unit size you need is not always easy. The guide below will help you quickly decide which unit size is best suited for your current needs.

Storage Unit Size Guide Infographic
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