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What is boat storage and how can it assist you

Boat storage refers to the space you rent at a self storage facility where boats can be kept, whether that means indoor boat storage or an outdoor option. This service is especially useful during the off-season when you need a space to keep your boat safe.

Boat storage is the best option to temporarily house your boat as it is well protected and safe inside a storage unit. This is a great option if your garage space doesn't allow the storage of your boat there.

Types of boat storage

Boats can be stored either indoors or outdoors, depending on your needs and the type of storage available in your local area. Dry boat storage is often preferred to keeping your boat in water all year round, even when we're talking about milder climates. Dry boat storage is much more convenient and can be less expensive compared to other options.

Outdoor boat storage

To keep your boat protected, you can opt for outdoor boat storage, which comes with a canopy for your boat, keeping it safe from weather-related damage. Additionally, some facilities also offer uncovered outdoor storage options for your boat. In this case, your boat is fully exposed, which means you should consider a waterproof boat cover if you're going with this option.

Your boat is safe thanks to most self storage facilities having a security system in place and keypad-based access. However, keep in mind that lack of enclosure still leaves your boat somewhat exposed to the elements. You can turn to this option if you live in an area where winters are mild.

Indoor boat storage

If you're looking to make sure you protect your boat during the rough wintertime, indoor boat storage is the best option. Some indoor boat storage units also come with climate control. This means your boat is kept at optimal temperature and humidity levels to avoid any potential damage. Additionally, drive-up access makes drop-off and pickup much easier.

Boat storage unit size

To determine the unit size you will need for your boat, you need to start by knowing the length and width of your watercraft. A lot of boats can be quite long, reaching close to 42 feet or more. You would need a 10'x40' or a 10'x45' unit for a large boat. If your boat is shorter — about 20 ft. in length — you could probably fit it inside a 10'x20' or a 10'x30' unit.

Take into account the rig that you use to connect your boat to the back of your car. This way, you'll be ready to go when you come and pick up your boat from storage.

Boat storage prices

On average, the cost of storing your boat in a designated facility costs $177 per month.

However, the cost of boat self storage can vary depending on location, desired unit size, seasonality and duration of storage. Generally, larger units and climate-controlled ones cost more. Also, indoor storage usually costs more than the outdoor option. Moreover, the more amenities a facility offers, the higher the price.

In March, 2024, the average self storage cost for a 10'x20' unit — which can accommodate a small to average boat — was $196. If your boat is slightly larger, a 10'x30' is a better option — and it will cost you around $260 on average.

How to find boat storage units near you

If you're looking for a storage facility that offers boat storage near you, there are probably plenty that offer this type of service. Make sure to get your boat prepped for storage first and start looking for the best fit for you. Browse StorageCafe's search portal for a storage facility near you.

Narrow down your selection to city, ZIP code and neighborhood and select the “Large” option in the drop-down menu of sizes to check availability and see which facilities offer boat storage. Once you have found a facility that matches your needs, you can contact them to inquire about their self storage rates and unit availability.

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